A Summer of Fun: How to Make Your Balcony Summer-Ready


As a condo dweller, you have probably spent a considerable amount of time trying to spruce your space up. But like many others, you may have forgotten one important spot: your condo balcony.

It’s not always easy to have a balcony, and it can be even tougher to think of ways to maximize it. Brad Lamb, President and CEO of the Brad J. Lamb Realty Inc. and Lamb Development Corp. in Toronto, saysmost people who live in condos are insistent about having balconies, but don’t even utilize them. For a condo in Philippines, however, a balcony can be difficult to use because of the weather—it is sometimes unbearably hot and the rainy season makes it less than pleasurable to sit outside in the balcony. Still, all is not lost: more than just the place with the view, your balcony is the perfect venue for casual chitchats with friends, a nook for reading, or a romantic rendezvous—all in all, it’s the ideal place for you to really step up your decorating skills!

The way you design and maximize your balcony can do wonders for condo living. In fact, knowing just what to do with your balcony is an essential lesson on classic DIY trends in interior home design.

Here are the 10 best ideas about how to maximize your condo balcony that double as easy tips to make your condo summer-ready:

1. Refresh your condo balcony by using a new kind of flooring

You might not think much about it, but flooring is essential in evoking mood wherever you are. Helen Marshall, Marketing Manager of Floors Direct, an importer and retailer of wood and laminate flooring, stresses that there are three things to consider when selecting the right flooring.

  • Functionality: Decide what kind of activities you want to have on your condo balcony this summer to determine what kind of flooring would suit it best.

  • Installation: Before you purchase the materials, you need to think about how you’re going to install your new floor. Will you be doing it yourself, or will you need to hire someone to do it? Which would be more convenient for you?

  • Style: Condo living is all about comfort and style. Choose designs, patterns, and colors that match the overall feel you want for your home.

As such, it’s important to pick out the right kind of flooring that matches your personality and lifestyle. Here are four possible ways to reinvent your balcony flooring:

  • Decking: Decking squares are suitable for balconies of all sizes. This is also convenient if you want to keep the original material underneath intact, as decking is raised off the actual balcony floor. Decking can give your balcony a clean, cozy feeling.

  • Fake grass: This is particularly more convenient for condo living. You don’t have to mow fake grass, which also decreases carbon emission and lessens water runoff that may contain chemicals. Using fake grass on your balcony gives it a more natural look, without extra maintenance.

  • Paint: After making sure that your management has no problem with you painting your balcony floor, select some bright colors to enhance the space. Such a lively palette is also an easy way to make your balcony summer-ready. Also, read up on which kinds of paint would withstand the outdoors since you’re using such on your condo balcony. This way, the space will look great all year round.

  • Outdoor rugs: An outdoor rug is great for integrating your balcony with the rest of your home. What’s more, picking outdoor rugs and laying them down helps you realize that you can make great use of your condo balcony.

For your outdoor rug to keep spicing up your space, make sure to keep it as clean as possible all the time. Draw up a regular schedule for vacuuming, and never procrastinate cleaning up any spills. Always check the tag of your outdoor rug for cleaning instructions, and prevent mildew by being certain to clean both sides of the rug. You can also use different outdoor rugs to suit your mood and to keep up with the vibrant summer mood.


2. Add a charming bistro set and enjoy eating out in the comfort of your own condo

A bistro set is a great way for you to start using your balcony more often, especially on warm summer evenings when you want to enjoy a meal with your loved ones without leaving the comfort of your condo. A wooden bistro set can give your balcony a cozy vibe, while a white design coupled with a trimmed boxwood can give the space a distinct, French look.


3. Let there be light—and see the wonders it can do for your balcony

The perfect lighting can create just the right mood and can go hand-in-hand with tip no. 2. With just a string of yellow fairy lights on your balcony, you can hold intimate summer dinners and appreciate your balcony better.

Another way to innovate your balcony’s lighting is by using seashell lights. These are great for your condo balcony as they give an entirely new ambiance perfect for summer nights when you want to just sit back and relax.


4. Use your balcony as an accessible place for useful items

Forget about making your balcony into just another storage space.Get creative by using wall hooks for hanging extra deck chairs. This is perfect for when you have company over for that fresh meal overlooking the city; why pull out dusty, unused chairs for guests when you can just grab one from the strategically placed hooks? This also helps tidying up less difficult, which is a great example of how to maximize your condo balcony.

In addition, you can also add a small shelf that can hold items like your sun hat, reading material like magazines, or tanning lotion for when you feel like soaking up the sun this summer. What’s more, it helps you stay organized!


5. Use your balcony to integrate the idea of indoor and outdoor space

The best way to do this is by selecting pieces for your condo balcony that reflect an indoor vibe without completely copying the typical furniture you see inside a condo. Nicholas Rosaci, an award-winning Designer Decorator, Principal Designer, Interior Decorator, and Stylist for Nicholas Rosaci Interiors, suggests using clear pieces like ghost chairs for a more spacious look. Rosaci also suggests a pop of color with gold or aluminum ottomans.

6. Dare to dress it up with a daybed

This summer, reinvent condo balcony with a daybed and then pair it up with a bunch of fun, patterned pillows. Play around with prints and colors to really brighten it up.

By reinventing your balcony into a place that successfully combines your interior theme and an outdoor nook, you truly make it part of your home, enticing you to use it more often. You can even hold barbecue parties or invite some friends over to enjoy some beer every now and then to enjoy your summer-ready balcony.


7. Go green: install a vertical garden and make some terrariums

It’s always rejuvenating to see some green, especially when it comes to condo living in the Philippines. A great way to maximize your balcony horizontally is by drawing attention to the vertical planes. Use hanging plants and make your balcony feel more refreshing.

Another way to make your condo summer-ready is to assemble bottle terrariums to accentuate your vertical garden. It’s also an easy and fun project that you and your family can work on together. You can choose from a wide variety of themes for your terrariums, too—anything from a tabletop jungle, to a moss mound or even a wallflower can make your balcony summer-ready.


8. Decorate with a vibrant table run

Another cheap and fun way to cheer your balcony up this summer is by using a vibrant runner. You can hang one or two on a balcony table or over the chairs. Use the season as your inspiration: choose prints that remind you of a picturesque shoreline or clear blue skies. You can even use bandannas! Simply sew a few pieces together and get yourself a table runner.


9. Add a touch of the beach to your condo balcony with a shell vase and shell koalas

There’s no need to leave the beach behind even after your swimming trip. Make use of those shells and clams that have become essential souvenirs and turn them into vases. Make sure to choose shells that are stable and that can be laid flat on your surface.

For your shell koala, make sure to experiment first before gluing all the pieces together, depending on how big you want each koala to be and what shades of color you want to use. Make koalas of different sizes, distribute them around your balcony, and feel the fun beach vibes kicking in.


10. Hang up your own swing chair

This is an innovative way to enjoy your condo balcony and it won’t even take up as much space as other pieces you may add, like chairs or stools. You can also incorporate your theme of prints and patterns on a swing chair so that it fits the other pieces you choose for this space.

After using these classic DIY trends for your balcony, you’ll never take this space for granted again. With just a splash of color and carefully-selected pieces that are reminiscent of a day at the beach, you can make your condo balcony an integral part of your home this summer.


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