7 Benefits of Lumiventt Technology To Your Condo Home

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You keep hearing about it a lot — the Lumiventt Technology that makes your DMCI Homes condo a prime space to live in. But what exactly is it and how is it beneficial for you?

Combining the words lumen (meaning light) and ventus (meaning wind), the Lumiventt Design Technology is a smart engineering feature that enables natural light and fresh air to diffuse through the condo building and all its unit spaces, which also gives you positive effect on your health. This is made possible by sky patios, breezeways and vents at both sides of the building, and 3-storey high openings at the front and back — all working together to create cross-ventilation using basic principles of airflow. There are also the central garden atriums and single-loaded hallways to further enhance the open feel of the interiors.

Benefits of Lumiventt Technology

  1. Brings fresh air indoors
  2. Exposes you to sunshine vitamin
  3. Gives you the happy feels
  4. Helps you get better sleep at night
  5. Keeps stress at bay
  6. Helps you lose weight
  7. Gives you a sense of clarity

Lumiventt Technology benefit # 1: Brings fresh air indoors

People are often conditioned to think that outdoor air has its many risks, from seasonal allergies to pollution. What many do not realize is that there is such a thing as indoor air pollution and that it can be 10 times worse than what you get outdoors. The primary culprits are inadequate ventilation, mold, personal products, and household chemicals. All these can be remedied by adequate ventilation.

For one, proper ventilation can help control the concentration of volatile organic compounds indoors. VOCs are emissions from household chemicals that can get toxic when in high concentrations. Dust, pollen, and other irritants can also be filtered out by adequate ventilation.

Proper ventilation also ensures your body gets enough oxygen to function properly. Your white blood cells will be able to do a better job fighting and killing germs and bacteria. Your lungs’ airways will be able to dilate more fully and do optimal cleansing of the organ. In a dirty environment, your body will be forced to work harder for the oxygen it needs, which can be detrimental if you have high blood pressure.


Lumiventt Technology benefit # 2: Exposes you to sunshine vitamin

Exposure to natural light lets you soak up some vitamin D. Your body converts sunshine into chemicals that transform into vitamin D, which has many important functions. For one, it fosters the absorption of calcium, allowing for better development of bones and teeth. It also improves your immune system, strengthening your resistance to certain diseases. Vitamin D deficiency could lead to the development of bone abnormalities, such as osteoporosis and osteomalacia. Some of the main causes of the deficiency are using sunscreen, having darker skin, and living in areas where buildings block sunlight.

More recent studies revealed that vitamin D reduces the risk of developing multiple sclerosis and heart disease. It also helps prevent certain types of cancers, and can contribute to the treatment of disorders like autism and chronic pain.

Exposure to natural light also reduces the risk of nearsightedness and improves the production of dopamine, which is essential to the development of the eyes.

How exactly does the ample supply of natural light and fresh air improve condo living for you? What are its benefits?


Lumiventt Technology benefit # 3: Gives you the happy feels

Couple in DMCI Homes balcony

Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

Natural light has enormous benefits for people’s mood. An Australian study found that people have higher levels of serotonin on sunny days than they do on cloudy days, regardless of whether the weather is cold or hot. Increased levels of this brain chemical leads to feelings of calmness and satisfaction. It also helps ward off depression and anxiety. As a matter of fact, many antidepressants target this brain chemical.

A research conducted at the Northwestern University in Chicago further revealed that working in a windowless environment has a detrimental effect on workers. This is mainly because of the lack of exposure to natural light. Those who worked in windowless rooms had lower scores on measures of quality of life.


Lumiventt Technology benefit # 4: Helps you get better sleep at night

Ample supply of natural light also helps aid nighttime sleep at night. Studies show that people who are not exposed to daylight produce less melatonin, a hormone that helps you catch some snooze at night. This hormone is responsive to light, with more produced toward the evening as you are getting ready to sleep. As light creeps in your bedroom in the morning, your body’s level of melatonin drops.

Abnormally low levels of the hormone can also result to moodiness, as well as decreased levels of the chemicals that help your body repair its DNA. The mutated cells can lead to cancer.

Lumiventt Design Technology plays the important role of making sure you still have access to natural light even as you live in a concrete structure.


Lumiventt Technology benefit # 5: Keeps stress at bay

Kids holding pinwheels

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Exposure to fresh air helps lower your cortisol levels. Your body releases Cortisol when you are stressed. This stress hormone has crucial functions for your body, such as regulating blood sugar and energy levels. But it has negative effects when sustained at elevated levels for extended periods. Some of these effects are insomnia, mood swings, excess body fats, and muscle breakdown. Alongside decreasing the levels of cortisol in your body, fresh air also helps release your happy hormones.


Lumiventt Technology benefit # 6: Helps you lose weight

Your metabolism increases as you get more supply of oxygen. This means you lose more weight. This is especially true when you are engaged in a rigorous activity. As your muscle activity increases, your body requires more energy while it burns calories. The higher levels of oxygen helps you sustain the energy to keep burning calories. So beyond just taking advantage of the well-ventilated interiors of your condo, take the time to venture out further into your landscaped walking pathway and burn those fats by enjoying a jog or a brisk walk.


Lumiventt Technology benefit # 7: Gives you a sense of clarity

Lumiventt Technology terrace

Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

Your brain requires about 20% of your body’s oxygen supply to properly function. Inadequate supply of energy can result to clouded thoughts. You will find it difficult to focus. Ample supply of fresh air can help bring a sense of clarity to your thoughts and allow your brain to function better and think sharper. This makes adequate ventilation for your indoor space highly desirable.

These are just a couple more reasons for you and your DMCI neighbors to love your condo community. Go and make the most of what your condo has to offer!



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