7 Health-Positive Reasons to Embrace Lumiventt Technology

Condo Living.

There are many ways condo living have paved way for better health. Living in a condo community provides access to facilities and amenities that make it easier for people to stay fit and healthy. And no, we’re not just talking about an indoor gym but also open spaces where the whole family can stay active.

Condo Lumiventt Technology

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But DMCI Properties offers more. It promotes health by pioneering design technologies that give condo living in the Philippines an extra breathing space. The Lumiventt Design Technology is a signature of DMCI as it establishes its commitment to green architecture. Lumen means light and ventus means wind, which when put together essentially means that the design technology allows the natural flow of light and air throughout the building. This smart architectural design includes building sky patios or three storey-high openings at the front and back of every five floor levels. Hallways are also single-loaded, which means every unit would have an actual view of the outdoors instead of being wall-to-wall with other condos. Central garden atriums also enhance the aesthetic and improve air flow.

Residents of DMCI condos know how the Lumiventt advantage is promoting the resort vibe in condo living. Not only does the design look laidback and relaxing, the health benefits are also endless.


Healthy heart and lungs

Air is essential to sustain life. Fresh air provides the body with a steady supply of oxygen needed by every cell in your body. Indoor air could be stale and unhealthy; that is why health experts recommend going outdoors and breathing some fresh air.

Fresh air cleanses the lungs and helps the airways of the lungs dilate more fully to bring more oxygen to the cells. Increased oxygen means increased energy to be productive all day long. A study also revealed that employees working in natural light recorded increased productivity and higher levels of energy.

Natural air also improves blood pressure and heart rate, while a polluted environment forces the body to work harder to get the amount of oxygen it needs. This is why some people insist on “getting some air” when environments become tensed. Oxygen also makes white blood cells healthier, which are necessary in strengthening the immune system in fighting off diseases.


Bone and eye development

Condo Lumiventt Technology Bone and Eye Development

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Vitamin D is often called the “sunshine vitamin.” It is important in absorbing calcium and promoting bone growth. Vitamin D also helps prevent certain types of cancers and heart diseases as well as treating many other disorders such as autism, depression, and other chronic pain.

Exposure to natural light has also shown to lower the risk of nearsightedness in children and young adults. Natural light helps in the production of dopamine, a hormone that is essential in eye development.


Better sleep at night

Condo Lumiventt Technology Better Sleep at Night

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One of the benefits of Lumiventt technology, especially for professionals and adults who find getting zzz’s to be really difficult, is how access to natural light can help one get better sleep. A research showed that the amount of sunlight you get during the day has an impact on the amount and quality of sleep you get at night. Exposure to direct sunlight for at least half an hour in the early morning impacts your sleep-wake cycle or your body clock. Sunlight tells the brain that it is time to wake up, while darkness tells the brain that it is time to doze off. So it pays to relax in the balcony or in the sky patios and take in natural light.


Better digestion for weight loss

Condo Lumiventt Technology Better Digestion

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Who would have guessed that Lumiventt technology could aid in weight loss? Taking time to walk outside does not only keep you active or help shed off calories, the fresh air you breathe also improves your digestion. Again, fresh air supplies the oxygen needed for cells to break down food. In the morning or early evening, walk down the halls and breathe in fresh air through the high openings of your condo building.


Your happy pill

Condo Lumiventt Technology Happy Pill

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During the cold months, a type of depression called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) becomes more common. For some reason, people are more emotional during winter. One reason is said to be the decrease in production of serotonin or the “happy hormone.” Make condo living a happy experience by exposing yourself to natural light, which increases the production of the happy hormone. At the same time, the amount of serotonin is also affected by the amount of oxygen you inhale. This is why exposure to natural light and fresh air could lighten your mood, make you less grumpy, and promote happiness.


Ward off stress

Apart from depression, exposure to fresh air and natural light also fights off stress. These natural elements are known to reduce the production of cortisol or the stress hormone. This is complemented by the increase in the release of happy hormones. This is a helpful formula in warding off stress, giving your brain and body the chance to relax and slow down.


Sense of clarity

Condo Lumiventt Technology Sense of Clarity

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The brain needs about 20% of the body’s oxygen to function properly. Without this, our thoughts could be clouded and unclear. We are out of focus and we find it hard to concentrate. When you breathe fresh air, you bring a sense of clarity to your brain and you think sharper and better as opposed to when you are confined in a room for a long time.

There’s more to Lumiventt technology than just smart engineering. DMCI condo residents get to have all these health benefits brought about by exposure to fresh air and natural light. It sure is an easy and affordable way to be fit and healthy.


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