How Can Lumiventt Technology Help With Your Daily Dose Of Vitamin D

Health and Wellness.

Many perceive condo living as detrimental to a person’s physical and mental health due to the limited space and access to ‘fresh air’ when living in the middle of an urbanized city. But that’s not exactly the case.

Condo living has paved the way for having a healthier lifestyle as it provides facilities and amenities like open spaces where you and your housemates can stay active.

Apart from access to facilities, DMCI Homes has come up with an innovative way to provide a healthier living environment for its residents through a condo building design that’s not only aesthetically pleasing but can also greatly improve one’s overall lifestyle.

This is Lumiventt Technology. Derived from the words “lumen” which means light, and “ventus” which means wind, Lumiventt Technology is a design technology invented by DMCI Homes that allows the natural flow of light and air throughout the building.

Sounds experimental? Don’t worry because this technology has proven to be beneficial to your overall health as DMCI Homes cares about your well-being.

But exactly how does Lumiventt Technology help improve your health?

8 reasons why Lumiventt Technology has a positive impact on your health

Who would have thought that a building design would have a positive impact on your health? Lumiventt Technology has been a long-standing feature in DMCI Homes condos making its buildings stand out even from afar, and at the same time, making a great contribution to its residents’ health.

How can Lumiventt Technology positively impact your health? Here are some of its best effects.

1. Patented for DMCI Homes properties only

Since Lumiventt Technology is an innovation of DMCI Homes, you can only find this one-of-a-kind beneficial design in its properties. This smart architectural design allows natural light and air to naturally flow through the building with ease. This innovative design is something only DMCI Homes can offer. You can live in a condominium unit without worrying about your health.

2. Better sleep at night

Better sleep at nightPhoto courtesy of Minnie Zhou via Unsplash

Everyone wants to get a good night’s sleep after a long day at work. Studies have shown that lack of exposure to natural light may lead to low levels of melatonin, a hormone that helps you sleep. DMCI Homes offers sky patios and central garden atriums, giving its residents better access to natural light, which in turn allows them to sleep better at night.

3. More fresh air comes in through the development

More fresh air comes in through the developmentPhoto courtesy of Gading Ihsan via Unsplash

A common perception in condominium units is that it has limited access to fresh air as opposed to homes, apartments, and other homes. DMCI Homes’ Lumiventt technology has changed that.

DMCI Homes properties are engineered to have sky patios or three-story-high openings for every five-floor level. So, wherever you are in the building, you’ll have access to fresh air, which in turn helps improve your digestion, heart rate, and blood pressure, and strengthen your immune system.

4. Helps in increasing sense of clarity

Helps in increasing sense of clarityPhoto courtesy of Hannah Wei via Unsplash

Our brain needs around 20% of the body’s oxygen supply to function properly. Without this, you could lose focus and your blood flow would be drastically affected.

DMCI Homes Properties, thanks to Lumiventt Technology, are designed in a way that natural air flows through the halls and into your unit, allowing you to get the clean oxygen your brain needs. This, in turn, can help you focus better and become more productive with your day.

5. Outdoor feel in a modern home

Outdoor feel in a modern homePhoto courtesy of Mathis Jrdl via Unsplash

Gone are the days when condo buildings are just plain straight buildings with rooms. Now, more and more properties are upgrading their features for a more homey approach.

At DMCI Homes, it offers facilities like its garden atriums and sky patios that provide the outdoor experience in the middle of the city. So if you need a breather from the hustle and bustle of city life, then it’s only a few steps away from your condo unit.

6. Separate hallways per side

With Lumiventt Technology, DMCI Homes properties are designed in a way hallways are single-loaded, which means that hallways are separated on the opposite sides of the building.

This design prevents crowding of residents in the hallway, and at the same time, provides all condo units access to the actual view of the outdoors, allowing light and air to come to your home.

Separate hallways per sidePhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes

7. Lower monthly dues because of the natural air and light.

Lower monthly dues because of the natural air and light.Photo courtesy of Giorgio Tomassetti via Unsplash

Since the building is designed to allow natural light and fresh air to come indoors, residents no longer have to use the lights, air conditioners, and fans 24/7.

You can keep your windows and balconies open to allow fresh air to come in your unit. This can lower your electricity bill by the end of the month. This in turn will help reduce the stress you feel during due dates.

8. Atrium garden for every Lumiventt floor

Since the work from home scheme was introduced, almost everyone established a good relationship. In fact, studies have shown that plants can improve air quality and at the same time, improve mood and reduce stress and anxiety.

With Lumiventt Technology, DMCI Homes properties are equipped with atrium gardens on their floors where residents can spend time to enjoy and unwind, enhance the overall aesthetic of the building, and most importantly, help improve the airflow in the building.

Atrium garden for every Lumiventt floorPhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes


The importance of Lumiventt Technology

Lumiventt Technology has many features that could help in improving your overall health while living in DMCI Homes. Here are just some of the positive impacts smart architectural design could give on your health.

1. Healthier heart and lungs

Healthier heart and lungsPhoto courtesy of Andrew Tanglao via Unsplash

Fresh air provides us ample supply of oxygen we need daily. Natural air helps clean the lungs and allows the airways to dilate more fully, bringing more oxygen to the cells. With increased oxygen intake, you gain higher levels of energy allowing you to become more productive.

Enough oxygen also improves blood pressure and heart rate, it can also provide healthier white cells which are needed to strengthen the immune system.

2. Vitamin D sufficiency

Vitamin D sufficiencyPhoto courtesy of Diana Polekhina via Unsplash

Also known as the “sunshine vitamin”, Vitamin D can help prevent certain types of cancers and heart diseases, and help absorb calcium to help with bone growth. Get your daily dose of Vitamin D with Lumiventt Technology you can only find in DMCI Homes properties.

3. Improved mental health

Improved mental healthPhoto courtesy of Radu Florin via Unsplash

Living in small and cramped spaces can affect your mental health. A study said that people gain higher levels of serotonin when exposed to sunlight, and this is where Lumiventt Technology comes in. With natural light coming into your home, your serotonin levels go up, helping you fight off depression and anxiety.

Exposure to fresh air and the great outdoors, meanwhile, can help lower your cortisol levels, or the hormones released whenever you’re stressed. Excessive levels of cortisol can result in mood swings, excess body fat, and muscle breakdown.

Key Takeaways

Indeed, Lumiventt Technology poses great advantages to everyone’s health not only with the sky patios and garden atriums it offers, but also with the architectural design that provides natural light and fresh air into your home. When choosing a home, it’s important to consider the following factors.

  • Include “health” in your condo checklist. When choosing a condo unit to live in the city, always remember to put your health as one of the deciding factors. Does the property have facilities to exercise on? Does it have proper lighting and ventilation throughout the day? These things may be small but pose great impacts on your health, both physical and mental.
  • Inspect all aspects of the property. Many people choose a condo based on the unit alone, on how spacious it is, and how high it is from the ground. Now, it’s important to consider the facilities around you as these will help you manage your physical and mental health.
  • It’s all about convenience. And most certainly, when choosing a condo unit, it’s important that you have easy access to your necessities like groceries, malls, banks, and hospitals so you wouldn’t need to go far just to get your chores done. Furthermore, choose a condo that would help you relax after a long day of school or work, so you could re-energize for another full day ahead of you.

Live a happier and healthier life with DMCI Homes.


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