Make Your 2021 Fitness Comeback With These Home Workouts

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Even without a detailed account of all the things this year has been, anyone would agree that it was drab. Plus, if you were among those who entered 2020 with brand new fitness goals, then you may have also found the current situation to be demoralizing and ended up with unrealized plans.

After all, motivating yourself to do most things is difficult enough – what more, trying to check off fitness milestones, especially since gyms remain closed.

Even as gyms gradually reopen, they are still operating at limited capacity and the situation outside is still uncertain. Suddenly, the voice of that motivational coach in your head gets fainter.

How do you bounce back in a fitness routine?

Don’t be hard on yourself if, during the pandemic, you ended up neglecting your fitness goals. This 21st-century global phenomenon is anything but normal and has disrupted everyone’s lives. The best anyone can really do right now is try to come out of it as well as possible.

But if getting back on track in your fitness journey is something you’re raring to do,, the following steps will help you restart and maintain a routine.

Woman in gym outfit doing sit-upsPhoto courtesy of Jonathan Borba via Unsplash

1. Reset and realign your goals.

Do so in a way that doesn’t feel overwhelming. Start small, and optimize your home workouts for success to help you stay motivated while chasing after those small wins.

They may seem small now, but after a while, those tiny successes pile up; and before you know it, you’re ticking off much bigger goals. Remember that your priority at this moment is to simply start moving again; nothing fancy.

2. Adopt a practical schedule.

When structuring a schedule, keep in mind that it should be sustainable. A big key to bouncing back and seeing results is consistency which can only be attained with a schedule that’s easy to follow and doesn’t burn you out.

Schedule workouts on days and times when you’re most available and motivated to work out.

If you can, consult with a coach who can craft a routine that is doable at your current fitness level. Some workouts, as you will be able to read later in this article, are doable and sustainable for beginners and come with guided coaching, too.

It may sound elementary, but – if it helps – you can also set reminders on your phone when it’s time to work out.

3. Stick to your schedule, even in small ways.

There may be days when you’re not up to the task. If this is the case, don’t pressure yourself to complete the whole routine. Instead, refocus on small wins.

Can you go for a 10-minute jog instead of a 30-minute one? Do this and pick up the pace the next day. This way, you can stick to your schedule without risking burnout.

4. Add some variety and keep your routines flexible.

Mixing up your workouts helps make them fun; therefore, keeps the experience fresh. Not that doing just one exercise doesn’t feel good. This tip is more for if you get easily bored with one thing. If you know how to ride a bike or swim, mix this in with your daily bodyweight or strengthening exercises.

Or if you’re a parent, hit two birds with one stone. Involve your kids in the workout while you enjoy bonding with them and keeping fit together.

5. Remember that recovery is part of the training.

Doing too many workouts or doing them for a prolonged period of time with no rest days in between is a common mistake among beginners and long-time fitness enthusiasts, alike.

On the other hand, the real pros know that recovery is an essential part of the training. They follow this religiously as they would their workouts.

Apart from ensuring that they are in an optimal state for training, recovery is also strictly observed to prevent injuries that, to an athlete, could spell the end of their career. Though you may not be training as an athlete, avoiding potential injuries should be just as important to you.

6. Work out with a buddy or a community of enthusiasts

Even though you’re physically distancing from others, working out (virtually) with a friend or a group helps you keep to your routine too! Staying motivated is just one of the many reasons to work out with a buddy.

With a buddy or a group, your workouts can become a friendly competition, making it double the fun and impact. Gladly, all of the workouts you’ll be reading about below are done with a welcoming and fun community!


Local studios that you can bounce back with

Personal goals aside, it may also help motivate you to work out more, knowing that you’re doing it with others. In this case, as you restart the work on your fitness goals, consider signing up for coaching or home workouts with local studios.

Since closing their doors to fitness enthusiasts, these locally established fitness studios worked fast and hard to make their services available online. Plus, their workouts are really challenging and help you get back on track with your fitness journey. Read about them below.

Asian woman doing boxing with black gloves onPhoto courtesy of Thao Le Hoang via Unsplash

1. Rhythm boxing classes by Electric Studio

Among the pioneering brands that brought indoor cycling to the Philippines is Electric Studio. Co-founded locally by Kris Sy in 2015, this boutique studio has since expanded its workout offerings to include other fun exercises, like rhythm boxing.

Enjoy 45 minutes worth of throwing air punches in rhythm and pace to the beat of a killer music playlist. Do it live or at your convenience with on-demand mode. Their spinning classes are also available live or on-demand.

Man with prosthetic leg exercising on stationary bikePhoto courtesy of ShotPot via Pexels

2. Spinning classes with Ride Revolution

If you’ve picked up bike commuting during the lockdown, a good workout that can help you pedal stronger and sit more solidly while you ride your bike would definitely be a spinning class.

Ride Revolution’s spinning classes are good full-body workouts that train the muscles commonly used when riding bicycles.

They’re also intensive cardio workouts that can help you burn nearly as many calories as you would when running, but minus the impact on your knees.

If you’re looking to mix your workouts, attend the studio’s classes live, and access their on-demand yoga and weight-training classes right after.

3. HIIT it up with The Movement Studio (TMS)

When it comes to circuit training, no one does it quite like The Movement Studio. Where you’re usually left to your own devices with only a blaring alarm to remind you to move stations at the usual circuit floors, TMS gives you a more personal guided experience.

Despite having migrated to online platforms, their ‘movement coaches’ (MCs) double as fitness coaches and dancefloor DJs. This is because the studio curates a unique workout playlist for its students.

With their energetic MCs and playlists that keep you pumped up, some may even say it feels more like a party than a workout – which is intentional, as they set out to spread the practice of sustainable fitness.

Woman in gym clothes doing yogaPhoto courtesy of Carl Barcelo via Unsplash

4. Flow with Other Movement

Intense workouts don’t always have to mean fast movements and pumping massive weights. Sometimes a yoga practice where you’re flowing for 45 minutes in a hot room can leave you just as drenched in sweat as a circuit class.

At the Other Movement, you’ll flow through your practice guided by a teacher but with the fun twist of changing up the tunes.

Veering away from the traditional route for yoga wherein you usually hear the serene sound of bells, chimes, and wind instruments, Other Movement mixes up your meditation and flow with more modern melodies.


Bounce back on Fitness for 2021

“There is strength in stillness” is often heard in ashrams that should have reached more ears during the pandemic and the lockdown.

Simply put, it means that stopping or moving slowly to mind how your body is acclimating to and accepting your circumstances can make you just as physically and mentally strong. You and these fitness establishments that have remained resilient amid the challenges have proven that.

As you move to get through the rest of the year and your efforts to bounce back on your fitness journey, remember that “there is strength in stillness.”

Flow freely at your own pace, and – most importantly – enjoy your body and the workout. After all, that’s happened this year and how you’ve forged on in spite of it all, you deserve it.


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