The Pros and Cons of Designing Your Condo in Dark Shades

Condo Design.

There’s a certain charm to going to the dark side, literally, when it comes to designing condos. With shades that are rich and hues that are deep, the place can feel more warm and cozy. But such condo color schemes can also make you feel like the walls are closing in on you.

As in everything, designing your condo with dark shades has its ups and downs. Then again, it all boils down to preference. If you want to go dark and you completely see yourself in a navy blue or dark gray condo, go ahead. But if you do it, you have to do it right. How? You have to know what to expect from such a condo design idea. You have to know that there are pros and cons, and be able to see for yourself whether the good outweighs the bad as far as your preferences and priorities are concerned.

Who’s afraid of the dark? If you think you are not one of them, here are the pros and cons of designing a condo with dark shades. Can you handle it? Or do you think the “cons” are nothing but beautiful imperfections?



Drama is on point

Condo Dark Shade Drama is on Point

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Women need to have a go-to LBD, or little black dress. They can’t go wrong with it. It always looks classic and regal. When it comes to condos, you can expect black or dark colors to also give the space some drama, mystery, and a strong visual statement. Dark colors are bold, daring, and sexy. Using dark colors for your condo interior design adds architectural interest to the space where there is previously none.

Black is also a neutral or basic color that can contrast with so many other colors and textures, giving your space so much flexibility. A black wall, for example, will look beautiful alongside brick. Yellow, orange or anything neon would also be easier to pop against a dark blue surface. A dark wall or ceiling is a good way to echo other elements in the room such as light colored fixtures or a colorful artwork. Black is a good backdrop for creating an interesting color combination in your condominium. It can also sort of unify everything in the room.


Endless and expansive

The initial impression is that dark wall colors can make the place look smaller than it already is. They can feel like they are caving in on you. But the truth is that, if you do it right, bold hues can make for a good small condo design and even help the space look bigger. Dark colors blur edges of walls, creating the illusion that the walls are endless. By using light or bright accents in a dark room, the focus is shifted to the forefront, making the dark walls disappear.

Condo living is also not considered luxurious for nothing. Some units come with a balcony and a view of the city skyline. There’s something peaceful and beautiful about watching the city hustle from above. A dark ceiling can make the view look endless as it effortlessly draws everyone’s attention to the view. It is like unfolding a red carpet to lead your eyes on to the stage.


Good for shut-eye

Condo Dark Shade Good for Shut-eye

Photo courtesy of 99Architecture via Pinterest

If you work at nights and on shifting schedules, a dark room may work for you. Science tells us that light affects our sleep. Sunlight detected by the retina sends a message to the brain that it is time to wake up. As evening approaches, the body is signaled to be less alert. This is why a dark room can help stimulate faster and longer sleep. Black out shades plus dark-painted walls will make your body ready for a shut-eye.



It can fade away

One of the primary concerns when painting a room dark is that dark hues fade faster. Dark paint tend to blister and peel because, unlike light colors, they heat up and cool down causing them to expand and contract. Sunlight, which it absorbs more of, also causes dark colors to fade. Water that seeps through the surface is another problem. To prevent this, make sure to scrape and sand the surface thoroughly before painting.


Imperfections are highlighted

Condo Dark Shade Imperfections are Highlighted

Photo courtesy of Alissa Leedman via Pinterest

Have you ever seen a black car that has not been washed or waxed for weeks? A dark-painted room will tend to look like that too as blemishes are highlighted. Imperfections, chips, scratches, and blemishes are easily noticeable with a dark condo color scheme. This means you have to make sure that the surface is always clean and shiny.


Days feel hotter

Condo Dark Shade Days Feel Hotter

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In general, dark colors absorb more heat than lighter ones. The closer a color is to black, the more light energy it absorbs. This is why dark-painted walls and condos will likely feel warmer than white or beige-toned spaces.

Are you afraid of the dark? Dark colors are surely a bold design move but will pay off well if done right. You just need to have a vision of the space you like and work on it. Weigh the pros and cons, figure out how dark you want to get and if that fits your personality, before opening a can of paint and applying it recklessly on your walls. But if you’re not yet ready for dark shades, you can always try other color combinations that will reflect your style.


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