Childproofing Your Space for Your Growing Family at Alea Residences

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The resort-inspired lifestyle at Alea Residences is great for raising kids in a condo setting. The property’s design includes lush greenery, kiddie pool, play area, and activity lawn, among others. And while offering privacy and gracious suburban living, Alea Residences is still close to the city and establishments such as schools, hospitals, and commercial centers. These amenities and features are amazing indeed, but it’s also important to not lose sight of condo safety. Your condo unit, above all, should be a safe haven for your kids. How can you make your living space conducive to raising your kids? Learn the 7 ways to childproof your space at Alea Residences.


1. Windows as a danger zone and how to secure them

Childproofing Condo Space Secure Windows

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While windows can offer a relaxing view of the idyllic setting in Alea Residences, they require childproofing to prevent your kids from endangering themselves. Windows can be a danger zone, so they need securing. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, window falls are alarmingly rampant among families with children. Install double locks on your condo’s windows to prevent your kids from opening them. For units on a higher floor, install high locks to windows that open to balconies. Don’t use blinds with looped cords because they pose a strangulation risk. Move the furniture away from windows because children may use these as a ladder to open the windows.


2. Childproofing your electrical outlets

Childproofing Condo Space Eletrical Outlets

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There is something about electrical outlets that draw kids like moths are to flames. It is not enough to simply remind your child to stop playing with electrical outlets. Childproofing your condo’s electrical outlets prevents serious injury or death due to electrocution and burns. Cover outlets with childproof plugs or safety caps which you can easily purchase in a hardware store. Make sure the plugs fit in snugly and are secure enough from being pulled out. Avoid the mistake of securing the electrical outlets in your condo living room only. Don’t forget to childproof electrical outlets in risk-prone areas such as the condo bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. For outlets near water sources, install ground fault circuit interrupters that automatically shut off electricity once the outlet gets in contact with water.


3. Securing drawers and cabinets from inquisitive fingers

Childproofing Condo Space Securing Drawers and Cabinets

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Cabinets and drawers add character and storage to any condo living room design. They also inspire curiosity among kids, who may see these items as toys to play with. But the things inside your cabinets and drawers may not be safe for your children. From sharp objects to poisonous cleaning aids, cabinets and drawers contain hazards your kids should not have access to. Cabinets and drawers can also dangerously shut on your child’s fingers, resulting in serious injury. Installing child-proof locks will completely deter your kids from getting their hands into risky cabinets and drawers. Magnetic locks are a good option because they are effective and simple to use. Magnetic locks generally come in a set with the same magnetic key, allowing you to open each cabinet and drawer with ease. You can also momentarily deactivate magnetic locks for activities such as cooking when you need uninterrupted access.


4. What’s the best childproof measure for doors?

Childproofing Condo Space Measures for Doors

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When it comes to condo space planning, there are two general things to keep in mind when childproofing your doors. One is preventing your child from using the door on their own. And two, preventing injury when closing and opening a door. It is of absolute importance to childproof your doors based on what your space requires. For instance, a simple lock will keep door the closed while a door knob lock will keep your child from playing with the door knob. If you want to secure your door while maintaining ventilation, a door monkey lock can be ideal. This lock doesn’t completely seal the door but leaves a small gap, allowing air to circulate between rooms.


5. Softening edges with corner guards

Chilproofing Condo Space Softening Edges with Corner Guards (1)

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The living space in Alea Residences has a bigger floor area than other condo properties, making it perfect for families raising kids. Understandably, many children run around the condo out of sheer excitement. While this is a sign that your kids are healthy and energetic, it also serves as a reminder that they crash into a corner and hurt themselves. Placing soft corner guards on corners and table edges will protect your child from scratches and bruises. There are ready-made guards that you can buy from a hardware store. Parents who want to save can easily create their own DIY corner guards. After measuring the length of the corners you want to cover, cut the foam pipe insulation accordingly. Fit the the pipe on the corner and carefully peel off the tape. Press the foam carefully in place to secure it.


6. Making your kitchen a safe area for kids

Childproofing Condo Space Kitchen Safe Area

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Because of the open layout of the kitchen in most condos, it’s important to secure this area from children. Earlier, we have tackled the importance of putting safety latches on all cabinets and drawers including those in your condo kitchen. Further secure your kitchen by installing a guard to cover or lock the temperature knobs of your stove. Clearly label food items to avoid using the wrong ingredients when preparing food. It is also quite common to use high kitchen stools when feeding children. Prevent these stools from slipping by placing anti-skid stickers on each leg of the chair.


7. Ensuring your bathroom is kid-friendly

Childproofing Condo Space Kid-friendly Bathroom

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From hot curling irons to drowning hazards, your bathroom can be a very dangerous place for kids. Secure cabinets and drawers with safety latches. If you regularly use a hair dryer or flat iron, make sure you tuck them away when you’re done. Never leave these tools plugged or placed on the bathroom counter. Your toilet can be a drowning hazard, so it’s important to secure it with a toilet lock. Opt for a water heater with an anti-scalding feature to avoid accidental burns. Lastly, place a rubber mat on the shower and bathroom floor to avoid slips.

Living in DMCI Properties provides your family with an environment where everyone should feel comfortable and safe. Following these 7 tips on childproofing your space at Alea Residences ensures that your home is child-friendly and ideal for raising a family.


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