How Condo Living Can Help You Raise Well-Rounded Children

Health and Wellness.

Condo living in the Philippines accommodates a healthy lifestyle for young families. DMCI Properties are equipped with Lumiventt Technology, a design innovation for high-rise structures that allows ambient light and fresh air to circulate in buildings and all unit spaces. According to research, natural light helps people to be more productive, and be happier and healthier. Fresh air strengthens the immune system, cleans the lungs and increases the amount of happy hormones. The condo community also features amenities such as swimming pools and open spaces that promote an active lifestyle.

If you’re scouting for a healthful environment where you can build your family, consider a condo community. Here are the reasons why.


Raise sociable children

Condo Living Raise Sociable Children

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Dr. Kathleen Alfano, a child development and play specialist, said that letting your kids play outside allows them to gain self-confidence. Let your children socialize with their peers in the condo community. One of the ways to teach your kids social skills is to start with yourself. Make an acquaintance with your condo neighbors and be the bridge for your little ones to meet friends. Why not bake cookies and invite your neighbors for afternoon tea? What about a weekend picnic on the open lawn?


Fresh air for the family’s overall health

father teaching little kid how to ride bicycle

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Do you remember the good ol’ days when you would play patintero or tagu-taguan until your mom would call you back in? You may have noticed that fewer children go out to play these days. Technology is partly to be blamed. Today, kids and adults spend long hours on their smartphones, tablets and computers each day. The latest data suggest that a third of the global population is projected to use a smartphone by 2018. Limit your household’s screen time by setting a weekly family get-together outdoors. You can swim in the condo pools, chat in the Sky Lounge while munching on healthy snacks or bike around the community. The fresh air can help improve blood pressure, heart rate and the digestive system.


Get your daily dose of sunlight

Condo Living Daily Dose of Sunlight for Kids

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While computer games help develop their problem solving and analytical thinking skills, too much exposure to electronic devices can do more harm than good. Do you know that the blue light from the screen of TVs, computers and handheld devices can affect your body’s natural clock? The light tricks the brain to stay awake throughout the night, causing sleep deprivation and disorders. The sun can help reverse the adverse impact of blue light exposure. Each morning, jog around the condo community with your kids. Bring water to keep your bodies hydrated. You can cool down with chilled fruit shakes.


A safe and secure environment

Condo Living Safe and Secure Environment for Kids

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Raising your kids in a condo will help you raise physically active adults. “Children have a great need for physical exercise and activity and a chance to use their muscles to run, swing, jump, skate and ride a bike, and to be out in the fresh air and sunshine,” according to child development specialist Dr. Alfano. In a condo community, you don’t need to worry about your kids’ safety and security. The common areas are monitored 24/7 and all amenities are well-maintained. For your teens and young adults, there’s a gym, a lap pool and a biking path.


Burn the city’s stressors in your condo home

Condo Living Burn the City Stressors

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Life in the city can take a toll on your family’s mental health. A study published in the journal Nature suggests that urban living can generate mental illnesses including anxiety and depression. Researchers blame the hyper-social environments that cause too much stress. There’s also too much noise pollution, clutter and overcrowding. Condo living offers a reprieve from the toxic city life. DMCI’s communities are resort-inspired, complete with green spaces, water features and open spaces. After a stressful day in school, let your kids relax in the kiddie pool. You can also sweat your pressure away in the fitness center.


Outdoor playing for body strength

Condo Living Kids Outdoor Playing

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Why should you expose your kids in a condo community? The availability of child-friendly amenities will encourage your children to go outdoors more. The swing can help strengthen their muscles and promote their body rhythm. Dr. Alfano, play specialist, adds that swinging gives kids with “first-hand knowledge and experience of cause and effect and of understanding spatial learning, such as up and down and back and forth”. DMCI’s Zinnia Towers in Quezon City features a playground surrounded by greenery, perfect for your kids’ afternoon fun.


A remedy against the sedentary epidemic

Photo of Woman and Girl Stretching

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The world is facing a new epidemic: a sedentary lifestyle. Adults and kids alike are spending too much time sitting down, engrossed in their computer screens. This leads to various health problems including obesity, high blood pressure and heart problems. The Childhood Obesity Foundation reported that a staggering 42 million infants and young children are overweight or obese worldwide. If the current trends continue, the number will skyrocket to 70 million by 2025. An active lifestyle is your most effective remedy to childhood obesity. Set a certain number of hours for computer and smartphone usage to allow your kids to play outdoors.


Reduce ADHD symptoms with outdoor exposure

Condo Living Reduce ADHD symptoms of Kids

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Do you know that roughly 129 million children worldwide are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)? This brain disorder is characterized by hyperactivity, inattention, unfocused motor activity and impulsivity. If you child is suffering from ADHD, exposure to natural settings such as parks can reduce symptoms of the disorder. DMCI’s Tivoli Garden Residences in Mandaluyong City is equipped with a children’s playground, gazebo/cabana, picnic grove, jogging/biking path, kiddie pool and roof deck you and your child can frequent.


Protect your kids’ emotional development

Adults are not the only ones experiencing daily stress. School work, family issues and peer pressure can stress out your children. A study published by the American Academy of Pediatrics reported that play protects children’s emotional development. It’s advisable to allow your kids to play under the sun as often as possible. You can give them an hour or two after coming from school to have fun with their friends. This can help them decompress and relax their minds.

Many families are moving to the countryside because of concerns on pollution, overcrowding and the high-stress culture in the city. City life is taking a toll on residents regardless of age. Condo living is your best alternative to starting all over again in the province. Raise healthy kids in a condo community with this guide.


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