9 Community-Building Factors to Finally Start that Basketball League

Health and Wellness.

Why is condo living ideal for busy urban dwellers? Time is a scarce resource in a fast-paced society. People have a lot of things to do with too little time. This is attributed to the collective belief that success is attained by working harder than others. Whether this is true or not depends on each case. Nevertheless, living in a condo accommodates a busy lifestyle. The proximity of residential condos to business districts and commercial areas make traveling easier. The availability of lifestyle amenities help people engage more in fitness and relaxation activities. Time is maximized to its fullest.

The benefits of condo living in the Philippines extend beyond individual tenants. The Filipino concept of bayanihan, or the spirit of communal unity, is very much alive in a condo community through programs and activities. One of such endeavors is sports tournaments where camaraderie, teamwork and community building flourish.

What sport is more fitting to bring together fun-loving Filipinos? Organize a basketball tournament in your condo community. Here are 9 compelling reasons why.


Build solidarity

Basketball Builds Solidarity

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There’s a special type of relations forged between a coach and a player, and among players themselves. Community-building benefits revolve around the fellowship developed between individuals and families. Existing ties are strengthened and new bonds are created. The camaraderie built during basketball games will lay the groundwork for future community endeavors.


Boost motivation

Basketball Boosts Motivation

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Participating in a sports event is a relief from the daily grind. A community of stressed out and uninspired people will struggle to motivate action. Dr. Jeff Simons, professor of kinesiology and physical education at Cal State University-Hayward, said that league sports push motivation through the so-called social facilitation effect. “When people do something with other people and they’re watching what other people do, they tend to put out more effort on the field or court — and it’s not necessarily because they’re competitive,” he explained. Playing in a team makes people “think more in terms of the group, which can raise the level of play.”


Build a fit community

Basketball Builds a Fit Community

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Sporting activities are good for the body. Physically demanding sports like basketball are more varied functional fitness compared to running or jogging where you’ll only be moving forward and back. “During a game, you get spikes of activity, and you end up recruiting and training different muscle fibers at varying intensities, which can help with endurance, stamina, power and strength,” according to Dr. Eric Sternlicht, assistant professor of kinesiology at Occidental College. A healthy community is a happy and productive community.


Manage stress in the community level

Cities are generally high-stress environments that take a toll on people’s well-being. One of the benefits of community-building activities such as sports leagues is the reduction of stress levels. “When you play team sports, as long as you don’t become too competitive, it relieves stress and puts you back in a childlike mode,” noted Dr. Karen D. Cogan, a sports psychologist at the University of North Texas.


Inspire kids to do outdoor activities

Basketball Inspires Kids

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Have you noticed that kids barely go out and play under the sun like the good ol’ days? Children, like their parents, are too engrossed with their electronic gadgets. Overuse of smartphones, tablets and laptops affect a child’s well-being. “It really fractures our attention and depletes mental reserves in children,” warned Dr. Kim Knull, a psychologist and parenting columnist. Organizing a basketball league will inspire kids to disconnect from their gadgets and get involved in outdoor activities. Your community may also be encouraged to organize a Little League for children.


Encourage closer family ties

Basketball Encourages Close Family Ties

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The family is the basic unit of a society. The key towards community building is healthy relationships inside households. Sports activities such as basketball leagues involve families whether as organizers, players or cheerers. Outdoor events give parents the opportunity to spend quality time with their children.


Improve your social network

Basketball Improves Social Network

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It’s not only the players who benefit from a sports league. The organizers, the volunteers and even the audience expand their social connections by participating in community activities. The new bonds will help usher other pursuits in the future whether in the personal or professional level. The Department of Sports and Recreation in Western Australia adds that activities such as basketball games provide opportunities for social interaction and galvanize communities in times of need.


Expand business contacts

The new connections created from condo community building events can lead into fruitful relationships. Why is this beneficial for the community? Sports activities are not purely recreational. These can be instrumental to economic pursuits that benefit everyone. A new business idea may blossom and a struggling startup may be reenergized. The wonders of healthy social interactions are limitless.


Open opportunities to more activities

Basketball Opens Oppornities

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A basketball tournament is only the beginning of community building. Even during the games, people may already be talking about the next activity. Assess the basketball league to determine areas of improvement. Welcome feedback and suggestions from the entire community. These insights can help in planning upcoming sports and recreational activities. Take lessons from the recent DMCI Homes Communities Basketball tournament.

Sports and recreational activities benefit individuals, families and the community in general. The advantages range from a healthier body to possibilities of greater pursuits in the future. In planning community-building activities, there are several factors to consider. Schedule the events during favorable weather conditions. Although you may hold a game in a covered venue, people may get discouraged to go out in the middle of the rain. Coordinate with the condo administration for the booking of venues and other assistance you may need. Know the demographics of your community to determine appropriate activities. Discuss at length the financial aspect of the activities, including the funding for uniform, sports equipment and the need to hire professional referees. Designate tasks by creating committees. Most importantly, plan everything as a team. Community building starts from the brainstorming stage.


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