9 Reasons Why Siena Park is a Veritable Pet Paradise in Paranaque

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People go beyond location, square footage, and design when buying or renting homes or condos these days. Apart from parking space, a lot of homeowners and renters today also factor in their pets. A true winner is a condo in Parañaque that allows you to have dogs and designated spaces where you can walk them.

One such condo development is Siena Park Residences in Parañaque. It allows dogs, cats, birds, and aquarium fishes as pets. There are rules of course, but that doesn’t make Siena Park less of a pet paradise.

Siena Park is a medium-density condominium village perfect for young growing families. It redefines city living as it features landscaped exteriors divided into common spaces, and provides easy access to main roads and places of work. It’s perfect for you, your family, and your furry best friend.


Pets are safe

Pet Safe Paradise

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Condo residents are required to register their pets with the Property Management Office. This adds a layer of security for the pet, the owner, and the condo. Where applicable, pets must be vaccinated and the owners must submit a written certification to the condo manager. Pets must be confined inside the unit and must be attended to when roaming in common areas.


They can roam with you

Pet Paradise Roam with You

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Pets are allowed outside the condo unit. This means they can tag along if you want to go for a morning walk. Provided of course that when in transit, pets must be carried, restrained by a leash or placed in an animal carrier. Owners are responsible in cleaning up after their pets.


A wonderful world for pets

Pet Paradise Wonderful World

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You don’t have to confine your pet in your condo. There’s nothing like exploring the beauty of your community with your furry friend during a morning walk or evening run. Siena Park Residences has generous open spaces where you and your pet could roam. There’s an open lawn, picnic grove, landscaped gardens, and jogging paths. Just remember to restrain them on a leash and clean up after them.


Keep them healthy

Just like their humans, pets also need to have a healthy lifestyle. They can’t just cozy up on their beds or cushions all day long. At Siena Park, they can join their master on a walk or run in the community’s jogging and biking paths. With the vast outdoor spaces, pets will definitely enjoy their time under the sun. At the same time, since they can only be taken out of the building via the stairways, pets and their humans will surely get some much-needed exercise. It could actually be a fitness routine.


Their own friendly neighborhood

Pet Paradise Friendly Neighborhood

Photo courtesy of Katrinbechtel via Pixabay

If you’ve ever seen movies showing the world and life of pets, and if you love them dearly, you know that pets are capable of human emotions. They, too, need to have friends. And that is why Siena Park Residences is an absolute pet paradise. Since this condo for rent in Parañaque allows pets, expect most homeowners to have at least one. For all you know, your pet could be making friends while you are watching over your kid in the playground or while jogging. Best of all, you could be making friends with condo neighbors who also share your love of pets.


A space of their own

Pet Paradise Own Space

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Unlike other condominium buildings, units in Siena Park have a clear advantage in terms of size and square footage. Two-bedroom units in DMCI Community measures to up to 51 sqm, which is already the equivalent usable floor size for some townhouses. This means your dog or cat can actually have a corner of their own without disrupting the flow of traffic inside the house. As far as aquariums are concerned, you can go up to 40 gallons.


Grooming is hassle-free

You can’t find time to get a haircut, what more for your pet? Just the thought of getting stuck in traffic could keep you from giving your dog a much-needed grooming session. The advantage of living in Siena Park is that you live at the heart of everything that matters to you. Apart from your workplace and mass transportation, Siena Park is also near malls and establishments where you could get your pet groomed.


Need a vet? No problem.

Having a pet emergency? Again, given the condo’s location, it would be easier for you to drive to a veterinarian.

Pets truly make our lives a bit more colorful. Just by wagging their tails or by jumping on you when we come home after a long day is enough to make you feel more relaxed, more at ease, and more at home. They are the most loyal friends anyone can have and giving them an environment or a community that values them is a great way to return the favor.


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