The Best Christmas Gift for Your Loved Ones Based on Their Birth Month


For anyone who isn’t gifted in the art of gifting, finding the best Christmas gifts can be tricky, if not downright frustrating.

Getting the right presents for your family is easy if you know their preferences. But it can be really hard when your loved ones don’t drop any hint about what they would like to receive for the holidays.

Are you always challenged when it comes to gift ideas? Worry not because here’s a gift-giving hack that can help you score a lot of brownie points: choose a present based on the recipient’s birth month.

The month a person is born shapes one’s personality, according to studies. So the birth month is the key to getting unique and thoughtful gifts for your family and friends. Great! You won’t have to give away boring mugs ever again.

Check out these suggestions for holiday gifts according to birth month.


January: something for the aspiring leader

Christmas Gift January Based Aspiring Leader

Photo courtesy of MikesPhotos via Pixabay

Someone born in the first month of the year is likely to be ambitious, independent, and highly motivated. With a strong work ethic, this person could make an excellent leader.

Help your January-born loved one to succeed with any gift related to career, status or business. It could be something that will make the person look and feel more powerful, like a corporate clothing item or a grooming kit.

Because people born in January love to teach and learn, it’s also a great idea to give them self-development books, such as Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and John Maxwell’s leadership books.


February: something to satisfy the adrenaline junkie

Christmas Gift February Adrenaline Junkie

Photo courtesy of nastace5 via Pixabay

February babies are free-spirited. Adventures excite them, and they’ll surely be happy when you give them a present that matches their craving for the great outdoors.

Gifts don’t always have to be in wrapped packages. Give something out of the ordinary! Treat your February-born family or friends to an experience they’ll never forget, like paragliding, skydiving, zip lining or hot air balloon rides.


March: something that provides privacy

Christmas Gift March Based Provides Privacy

Photo courtesy of StockSnap via Pixabay

Most people born in March love spending their quiet time alone, away from noisy and crowded environments. In peaceful moments, they’re able to unleash their creativity and imagination.

You’ll be doing March babies a big favor by giving them presents that will satisfy their love for peace and quiet. Headphones, hooded travel pillows, and good books are foolproof Christmas gifts. If the recipient is living in a condo, a Bluetooth speaker could be heaven-sent.


April: something sporty

Christmas Gift April Based Something Sporty

Photo courtesy of pixelcreatures via Pexels

April babies find thrill in sports. Consider giving a fitness gadget, a sports accessory or gym equipment. Safety gear such as helmets, knee pads, and protective eyewear also make thoughtful holiday gifts for the sporty April born.


May: something for the creative soul

Christmas Gift May Based Creative Soul

Photo courtesy of a18947 via Pixabay

People born in May are talented musicians, writers, and artists. With that in mind, think of gifts that cater to their need for self-expression. For example, if your loved one is a huge rock music fan, the perfect gift could be a ticket to the concert of a favorite band he’s been dying to watch.

May babies are also warm-hearted people, so a gift basket of chocolates or gourmet food items will definitely make them feel good


June: something to keep them connected

Christmas Gift Something to get Connected

Photo courtesy of 3dman_eu via Pixabay

Chatty and curious, people born in June are great communicators. They love talking with their loved ones in person or online, so imagine how dreadful it can be for them if their phone runs out of juice. Be a thoughtful gift-giver by getting a June baby a high-quality portable charger or power bank.


July: something meaningful

Christmas Gift Something Meaningful

Photo courtesy of sk via Flickr, Creative Commons

July-born people are toughies on the outside yet softies on the inside. A Christmas gift with a personal meaning will certainly melt their heart.

July babies will love anything sentimental, more so if it shows captured moments on photographs compiled into a photo book. You can also have your favorite photo together printed on wood or canvas—it will make for a unique wall decor in any condo unit.

Home is very important to people born in July. Someone living in a condo, or has recently moved into one, will find home items (like kitchen gadgets, dinnerware, and pillows) extremely useful.


August: something related to health and beauty

Christmas Gift Health and Beauty

Photo courtesy of Elisabeth Smithard via Pexels

Loving and caring people were likely to be born in August. If you’re blessed to have one in your family or circle of friends, bring back the love by giving them thoughtful Christmas gifts.

Pamper your August baby with an at-home spa kit that includes everything needed for relaxation and rejuvenation: essential oils, body scrubs, scented candles, and massage tools.

For the fashionable August-borns, makeup products, hair accessories, jewelry, and other fashion items will satisfy their love for drama.


September: something for the neat freak

Christmas Gift Septembe Based Neat Freak

Photo courtesy of Alexas_Fotos via Pixabay

September borns always crave for cleanliness and orderliness, being the perfectionists that they are. For the neat freak in your life who’s enjoying independent living in a condo, share the gift of an organized space this holiday season.

Neat freaks can never have enough organizers and cleaning tools in their condo. You have a lot of gift ideas to choose from: storage bins, kitchen organizers, jewelry organizers, cable organizers, storage racks, mason jars, sticky note sets (for labeling items), and more. A gift basket of cleaning supplies also makes perfect Christmas gifts for September babies.


October: something pretty or comfy

Christmas Gift October Based Something Comfy

Photo courtesy of Tranmautritam via Pexels

People born in October love beauty and comfort. Give your October-born loved ones presents that will make their condo prettier and cozier. Home decors, scented candles, bean bags, throw pillows, and blankets will surely delight them. Another great

holiday gift idea for October babies is a charming quilt that you can create out of old stuff right in your condo.


November: something to make them look great

Christmas Gift November Based Look Great

Photo courtesy of Francesco Paggiaro via Pexels

Secretive and mysterious, November borns are conscious about the way they look. It’s part of their charm, so they make every effort to look their best. Christmas gifts such as shoes, sunglasses, and other fashionable items are a sure hit for those born in this month.


December: something for traveling

Christmas Gift December Based Something for Travelling

Photo courtesy of 1475431 via Pixabay

December babies love exploring places, so the best holiday gifts for them include travel essentials such as backpacks, dry bags, packing cubes, camping equipment, and luggage scale. If you’re feeling generous, buy your December-born loved ones an action camera for recording their travel adventures.

It’s simple to plan the perfect Christmas gifts for your loved ones if you do it based on their birth month. Good luck on your holiday gift hunting!


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