Amazing Christmas Gift Ideas For The Entire Family

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Gift giving is one of the highlights of the yuletide season. For many, it’s more about observing tradition than expressing one’s appreciation for another. How many past Christmas gifts you simply tucked away in the cupboard because you never found a use for them? How many of your own presents made their way to someone’s lonely drawers or re-gifted? You’re spending money and time on gifts, why not exert a little more effort? The best Christmas gifts are not necessarily the most expensive. You can’t splurge on Italian-brand leather shoes for your brother if he’s rarely in formal outfit. Why get your mom a top-of-the-line bag if she doesn’t even like going out? The key in best gift ideas is matching the right present to every recipient. Sure, you can save money in bulk purchases, but do people really want face towels for Christmas?

Here’s your Christmas gift guide for 2017 to help you get the right presents.


For tatay, get something functional

Chrismas Gift Somethinf Functional for Tatay

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

Looking for the perfect gifts for men is probably the most challenging. Asking them is no help at all. Your Dad will just likely tell you to choose“whatever you want” for him. It’s quite different with your younger sister who might hand you a list of her Christmas gift ideas.

Fathers generally go for the functionality of an item. They’re practical. Choose a present that’s high-quality and functional. Is he fond of taking morning walks outdoors? You can buy your dear Tatay a pair of comfortable walking shoes. You can also get him a stylish “man purse.” You can never go wrong with a leather satchel.


For nanay, a luxury fragrance that suits her style

Christmas Gift Luxury Fragrance for Nanay

Photo courtesy of Uva Rova via Pexels

Why do we keep on gifting mothers curtains, frying pans, and other household items? Do they automatically become one with her house? You can do better than that! If you know your mom’s fashion taste, you don’t need a Christmas gift guide. You can simply browse online for the latest line of bags, shoes or accessories. This is much better if you share the same brand – you might get a discount on the second item for yourself.

Don’t have any idea on what she may want? Buy her a luxury fragrance. Perfume can be worn by people of varying style, age, and gender. Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl and Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle are among the top perfume gift choices for 2017.


For kuya, high-quality gadget accessories

Christmas Gift High-quality Gadget for Kuya

Photo courtesy of Parag Deshmukh via Pexels

What to give your hardworking kuya? Something that he can truly use like gadget accessories or sports apparel. Noise-cancelling earphones are valued items for music and film lovers. You can also check out wireless headphones and earbuds that can come handy when enjoying tunes while engaged in outdoor activities. Is your older brother a fitness buff like many men his age? He’ll appreciate a new waterproof outdoor bag or a new sports gym bag.


For ate, custom-made formal suits

Christmas Gift Custom-made Formal Suits for Ate

Photo courtesy of nebulosagrafica via Pixabay

The main goal of planning for Christmas gifts for family is to break the tradition of poor gift choices. You can buy your ate a discounted suit for Php1,000, but if it doesn’t perfectly fit her, you just wasted your money. The perfect suit is always tailored. It doesn’t matter if you got it from a luxury shop, if it wasn’t made with your body measurements, it’ll just be another item in your closet. But you want the best for your ever-supportive and industrious sister, right? Don’t worry about the price. Visit Kamuning Market where you can get custom-made suits and dress shirts for Php1,000 to Php2,000. You can choose the fabric, request for add-ons (like monograms and french cuffs), and discuss specifics with the highly-skilled tailors.


For you little brother, new video games or rubber shoes

Christmas Gift New Video Games for your Little Brother

Photo courtesy of InspiredImages via Pixabay

There was a time when young boys will wish for a bike, basketball or remote-controlled toy cars. Today, nothing can make a boy (young and old) happier than computer games. Your little brother deserves a new PS4 game. For 2017, the top video games include Horizon Zero Dawn, Destiny 2, Call of Duty: WWII, and Star Wars Battlefront II. If your brother is not much of a video gamer, perhaps you can get him a nice pair of rubber shoes to encourage him get into physical activities outdoors.


For your little sister, a cool beads kit

Christmas Gift Cool Beads for your Little Sister

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

It’s not really hard to make little girls happy. They are generally appreciative souls and they tell you specifically what they want. Today’s kids barely play with the toys that used to entertain you. Your little sister may not have a barbie doll, but likely owns a nice collection of bracelets, sandals, and tote bags. What can you give a girl who has everything? An opportunity to create her own accessories. You can get her a beads kit complete with safety scissors, drafting beads, DIY accessories, and hair hoops. What’s amazing about this gift is that she can share it with her friends.


For your Lolo, coffee making equipment

Coffe Making Equipment for your Lolo

Photo courtesy of Burst via Pexels

What to give your loving Lolo for Christmas? Top gift ideas include a polo shirt, a stylish coat for the rainy season, and a comfy memory foam pillow. If your Lolo’s morning isn’t complete with fresh black coffee. Give him a coffee making set for Christmas. You can get a sturdy coffee grinder for Php500, a personal coffee maker for Php1,000, and a 3-month supply of Cordilleran coffee beans for Php300. You can have a kilo of Sagada Arabica, Kalinga Brew or Benguet Coffee for Php60 per kilo. He can bring his personal coffee maker to his study and out-of-town trips.


For your Lola, something comfy or chic

Christmas Gift Something Cofy for your Lola

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

Your Lola deserves nothing but the best for Christmas. She may have everything and will most likely decline your offer of a present. But simply greeting her on your family reunion isn’t acceptable. Let your Lola enjoy her afternoon siesta with a comfortable memory foam pillow. It gives good support for the head, neck and shoulders, guaranteeing a satisfying rest. A neckease pillow made of memory foam will give your Lola relief during long trips or even while lounging in the sala watching her soap operas. Another gift idea for the head matriarch is a custom-made jewelry. Check out the stunning collection by Filipino jeweller Elena Bautista.


For your besties, something edible, personalized and fun

Christmas Gift Something Edible for your Bestie

Photo courtesy of Kaboompics via Pexels

Your besties are your family. In fact, your relationship can be stronger than that with some of your blood relatives. Your Christmas list shouldn’t miss out your besties’ names, but what can you give them? Here’s an interesting idea: bake some pastries and package them especially for each recipient. Put a twist. You can write puns and “inside jokes” in the gift card for fun.

Gifting in Christmas can really hurt your finances. Most people spend all their bonuses and incentives to get people presents, including people they don’t even like. Make a change this year. If you’re going to spend your hard-earned money, spend it on those who really mean to you. Pamper your mom with a luxury perfume and your Lolo with top-of-the-line coffee maker. But save a portion of your 13th month pay and other bonuses. That’s the best gift you can give yourself.


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