20 Home-Improving Gifts Every Condo Owner Will Love


Each day is an opportunity to make someone happy with the perfect gift. Are you in search of the perfect gift for you condo-living friends and family?

Since condos are now considered great household spaces, some of the most practical presents for condo owners are those for home improvement. But what exactly are these gifts you should consider? We’ve narrowed down the list for you from countless options. Here are 20 practical gift ideas every condo owner will love.


Practical Gifts For Solo Living and Single Families

1. Smartphone Battery Case

Smartphone Battery Case

Photo courtesy of photos.oliur.com via Pexels

Smartphones are now considered practical and necessary items that are more used than landlines. With a compact battery case, never again will your condo-living friends and family have to worry about their phones dying from battery drain. The thin and lightweight design of the case may fool you, but the device can conveniently charge a phone when most needed.


2. Fancy Household Silverware

Fancy Household Silverware

Photo courtesy of stevepb via Pixabay

This is one of the best gifts to buy for single condo owners because it combines practicality and style. Household silverware adds sparkle to any home while maintaining daily functionality.


3. Sturdy DIY Table

Sturdy DIY Table

Photo courtesy of Jeff Sheldon via Unsplash

Do-it-yourself furniture has taken the home improvement industry by storm for being a practical alternative to more expensive home accessories. Single families will love a sturdy DIY table that they can assemble themselves. The table is useful for school, work, and leisure.


4. Non-stick Indoor/Outdoor Pans

Non-stick pans

Photo courtesy of Unsplash via Pixabay

Single families may be smaller, but it does not mean they are less busy. A non-stick indoor/outdoor pan is great for single parents who need to cook for their kids while dealing with other responsibilities. Since a non-stick pan does not require oil, cooking can be faster and healthier.


5. Quality Scented Candles

Quality Scented Candles

Photo courtesy of White77 via Pixabay

House pets can bring a joyful and happy atmosphere to family households. Many kids like having pets because it piques their curiosity and they feel more caring. If dogs or cats are pricey or hard to maintain for the family, low-maintenance house pets like hamsters and fish are great options as gifts for kids.


Gifts To Help Kids Stay Smart and Happy

6. Easy-to-Care House Pet

House Pet

Photo courtesy of Unsplash via Pixabay

House pets can bring a joyful and happy atmosphere to family households. Many kids like having pets because it piques their curiosity and they feel more caring. If dogs or cats are pricey or hard to maintain for the family, low-maintenance house pets like hamsters and fish are great options as gifts for kids.


7. Computer Gadgets

Computer Gadgets

Photo courtesy of Ana_J via Pixabay

No modern condo unit is complete without an electronic device like a computer. Giving computer gadgets or accessories to family households can help the kids (and the parents) enjoy new technology better. Kids benefit greatly from computer gadgets especially when they are of school age.


8. Baking Pans

Baking Pans

Photo courtesy of Jill111 via Pixabay

Making confections together using kitchen tools like baking pans will encourage family bonding moments. This gift is perfect because many kids enjoy creating easy-to-do treats with their parents.


9. Decorative Containers

Decorative Containers

Photo courtesy of kaboompics via Pixabay

Decorative containers are some of the best gifts to buy for family condo owners. A condo space needs lots of storage space, especially for family households. Choose containers that can store miscellaneous household items and can function as a decorative piece.


10. Toys That Double as Home Decor

Home Decor

Photo courtesy of Crew via Unsplash

You probably only think of kids when considering toys as presents. But why not make the parents happy as well by choosing toys that can double as decors? Decorative toy cars are great options because both the parents and the kids can be fans. They can also make any area look cool and interesting.


Loving and Security Gift Items for Elderly Families

11. Clear Flower Vase with Fresh Bouquet

A bouquet of seasonal flowers in a reusable vase can bring color and life to elderly households. If unsure about the type of vase, it’s always safe to opt for clear ones. Vases with no print design are more flexible to complement many flower varieties.


12. Pet-Resistant Upholstery

Pet-Resistant Upholstery

Photo courtesy of Nick Turner via Unsplash

Some elderly households have pets as their guardian or company. However, it’s trouble when pets ruin home furniture. Pet-resistant upholsteries can spare elderly households from being repair costs and the inconvenience.


13. Potted Herbs for Home-cooked Meals

Potted Herbs

Photo courtesy of Jill111 via Pixabay

Potted herbs are not only pleasing to the eyes, they are also great gift ideas for elderly households because of the health benefits they provide. Basil, for example, has been scientifically proven to have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. They are also great add-ons for easy-to-prepare dishes like pesto pasta and pizza.


14. Personalized Handmade Decor

Personalized Handmade Decor

Photo courtesy of lilmedia via Pixabay

Sometimes it’s the simple, out-of-the-box gifts that are the most meaningful. Giving your elderly parents or neighbors personalized handmade decor is a thoughtful gesture that can add a nice touch to their homes. It can also make them feel what gift-giving is all about: love.


15. Home Security Devices

Home Security Devices

Photo courtesy of turmfalke via Pixabay

Panic buttons and fire alarms are great gifts for home improvement especially for families with elderly people. With a home security device, the elderly can easily call for help during emergency situations. Give your elderly parents or neighbors the gift of peace of mind with the appropriate security device for their homes.


Fun and Organizing Gifts for Group of Friends/Housemates

16. Traditional and Modern Sound Players

Sound Players

Photo courtesy of Crew via Unsplash

 A nice home is hard to imagine without music and merrymaking. Condo dwellers can better enjoy living together with a musical instrument like the guitar. A modern sound system or speaker docks are also great options.


17. DIY Shoe Container/Rack

Shoe Container

Photo courtesy of wolffsfa via Pixabay

Condo living with friends can be quite messy with all the personal items like shoes. A shoe rack can be a perfect solution to help housemates keep things in order and maintain cleanliness. With plenty of DIY instructions, quality shoe racks can be inexpensive.


18. Handy Exercise Equipment

Handy Exercise Equipment

Photo courtesy of stevepb via Pixabay

Any gift that can make a condo household more healthy is always perfect. Exercise equipment like dumbbells are fantastic for friends who want to stay fit and healthy. Working out during weekends in the comfort of their own condo can be a fun group activity.


19. Colorful Dishware

Colorful Dishware

Photo courtesy of Security via Pixabay

To avoid giving boring practical gifts like mugs and plates, make sure you give something creative and based on the personality of the condo inhabitants. That way, the receiver will be happy to use it (and so will the housemates).


20. “Selfie” Photo Printer

Photo Printer

Photo courtesy of Nitish Meena via Unsplash

Since more millennials are sharing condos in the Philippines, it’s a great idea to gift them with a photo printer for their “selfies” and “groupies.” Even in this digital age, it’s still nice to have photos displayed and placed in a frame or pinned on a board.


With these practical gift ideas, any condo home will be a nicer and much-improved space. The varying price points of these gifts can help you to find the perfect item for your budget. With the practicality and home improvement benefits of these gift ideas, what you’re giving is something more than the items themselves.


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