11 Kitchen Crimes That You Should Prevent From Happening


In so many ways, the kitchen has become the heart of every home. People do more than cook and prepare food in there. Today, families cook, dine, and catch up in the kitchen. Some of us even do some office work or make important calls in the kitchen.

A survey found that the reason kitchen designs are getting bigger is because some families spend up to 90% of their time at home in the kitchen area. So today, kitchens have more than just pots and pans, but a TV set, seating areas, an island, and a bar. Even condo kitchen designs are getting more compact, if not bigger, to accommodate more people and also transform the kitchen into an all-around area where anything can happen.

People also have renewed appreciation for the kitchen, especially at a time when home cooking is seen as a cool trend, if not healthy. A Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health research found that home cooking is the main ingredient to a healthier life. The study said that people who cook their meals at home consume fewer carbohydrates, less sugar, and less fat. Basically, it’s because they are in control of what gets in their food.

Condo living means ordering takeout or having food delivered is super breezy. However, the benefits of cooking in your condo should not take a backseat. Thankfully, more and more people are cooking at home. But unlike eating from a box, cooking and eating in your condo means you would have to do the dishes and the cleaning afterwards. If you are among those who treat their condo kitchen as their sanctuary, here are the 11 things that you should prevent from happening.


No place for mess

“Clean as you go” is something that everyone in the condo should take really seriously. The kitchen is where you prepare your food and should be spotless all the time. While preparing food, you should have a “mess bag” where all the peelings, cans, and scraps go. While you are putting your food to a boil, start wiping off the sink and the counter, so that when everything’s cooked and ready, your family can enjoy eating in a mess-free kitchen. Cleaning your condo kitchen is a matter of habit that if you do it often, it would almost seem like your kitchen is cleaning itself.


Eeew! Are those roaches?

Keeping everything clean and inhabitable from roaches, ants, and other insects that frequent the kitchen is something you should always aim for. What you should do in your kitchen is to always make sure that no dirty plates or pans are left in the sink for a long time. Wash them immediately. Roaches love your leftovers and a dirty kitchen is their favorite place in the world. Among the condo kitchen hacks you can do is to rid of these roaches naturally. You may apply a baking soda and sugar mixture to areas frequented by roaches. You may also crush bay leaves and stick them in shelf corners. Its nice smell will crush the roaches.


Never forget the oven

Cooking in your condo means you will be using your oven and stove frequently. Most of the time, we bake and heat things in the oven and then forget about it. Clean your oven as often as necessary. You don’t want bacteria to inhabit it. Also, don’t forget to wipe off scraps and grime in your stove after you use it.


Don’t let groceries sit there overnight

Groceries sit overnight

Photo courtesy of Unsplash via Pixabay

We know, you just did the grocery shopping and had to line up and carry heavy bags. But your groceries will not unpack themselves and put themselves in the fridge. Never leave them sitting on your counter or sink if you don’t want to be throwing a whole rotten chicken in the trash the next morning.


Don’t let food rot

We’re all guilty of buying and cooking more food than we can consume. Most of us don’t normally know what to do to them so we let them rot in the fridge. How to keep food from rotting is among the challenges in the kitchen that can be resolved through easy condo kitchen hacks. Keep an eye on expiration dates and wipe vegetables and fruits dry before storing them to prevent moisture. Make sure the temperature of your refrigerator is kept between 38° and 40°F to keep your food fresh without freezing them.


Don’t be lazy with leftovers

If you have a box half-full with pizza, don’t put the entire box in the refrigerator. Have some really nice food containers with a lid. Condo living is for responsible adults, and packing your leftovers neatly should be something you can do really well. Don’t let boxes take over all of the space in your fridge.


No dirty storage will remain a secret

Are you one of those people who have a storage for all the “dirty secrets?” Clean it now and don’t use it again for the same purpose. Never give room for all your dirty habits. You are only fooling yourself. Throw out unused bottles, cans, plastic wares, etc.


Don’t turn the kitchen into an accident-prone area

A lot of emergencies happen in the kitchen such as burns and cuts. Don’t let accidents be synonymous with cooking. Make sure to always have a pot holder, a safe container for knives, and a non-slip chopping board. Cooking should be fun and in no way dangerous even for clumsy people.


A haven for bacteria

The kitchen is a place where bacteria and viruses thrive. Don’t let this happen to your condo kitchen by religiously keeping it clean. Also, change your kitchen sponge every week and disinfect the sink as frequently as necessary. Don’t just leave cleaning rugs anywhere. If you used your chopping board for meat, wash it first before using it to cut vegetables to prevent cross-contamination.


Ignoring items in the pantry

Never turn your kitchen into a big stock room. Not knowing what’s in your pantry will lead to this and letting it happen is among the list of “what not to do in your kitchen.” This will make the kitchen disorganized. You will find yourself spending for things that you don’t need or things that are already in your pantry in the first place.


Not having a meal plan

It is important to have a plan in the kitchen. This will save you time in preparing meals and money in grocery shopping. This will also let you use food and leftovers in the fridge and incorporate them into new meals. It would be nice if the plan or menu for the day or the week is easily visible like in a chalkboard or notes in a corkboard.

There is no such thing as a kitchen fairy. You have to break these bad kitchen habits yourself. If you love to cook and eat in your condo, it is important to turn your kitchen into a place that everyone loves and not some area in your house where dirty, bad kitchen crimes happen.


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