Out-of-the-box Gift Ideas For This Holiday Season

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Looking for unique Christmas gift ideas for someone who has made your year more colorful? Christmas in the Philippines has always been the best time of the year as it gives everyone the opportunity to show compassion and generosity to friends and relatives, even to strangers. In this gift giving season, finding gifts to make people around you happy is crucial and takes a lot of thinking. To help you deal with the pressure of finding perfect gifts for your loved ones, here is a list of Christmas gift ideas you can choose from:


1.    Get Personal

What’s more special and unique than a present you personally crafted? With home-made gifts, you don’t only save money, you also get the chance to showcase all your hidden creativity. You can give your sister a knitted purse, DIY mug; your brother a customized cover for his smart phone or tablet, or your partner a personalized story book of the reasons why you love him or her. You can also buy something from your loved one’s wish list and add a personal touch by accentuating it with something you made with your own hands.


2.    Vintage-inspired

This year, you can skip the mall and buy creative gifts with the unique charm of olden times. Get a vintage jar from an antique store and fill it with thoughtful surprises like chocolates and candies. If your friend loves tea, what can be more precious than time-worn teacups? If an aunt of yours loves gardening, why not give her a vintage-inspired pot?

In this digital era, you can give your loved ones an instant film camera or Polaroid which can bring back old memories of taking photos and having them instantly.


3.    Concert Craze

Is your best friend a fan of Ed Sheeran? Does your husband want to see Michael Buble sing live? Be part of their unforgettable experience and give them tickets to the concert they have been dying to see.

While the concert itself is a fun experience, you can add excitement to your gift by getting creative with how you give it. You can put it inside a balloon or a music-themed basket for that extra thrill.


4.            A Special Trip

This Christmas season, you can also book a flight for your special ones. Through this, you allow them to widen their horizons, explore different cultures, and meet new people. The lessons they will get from this experience is priceless and you made it happen.

If you have kids, you can give them a simple tour to the zoo or to science centers where they can have fun and learn something at the same time. You can arrange a hiking experience and immerse them with nature. This experience will also let you bond with them.


5.            Gift Certificates

Do you have some foodie relatives? Consider giving them gift cards to their favorite restaurants or to places they haven’t tried yet. This is a perfect gift for any cuisine lover or a very busy person who deserves a treat to a delicious night out.

Gift cards to your mother’s favorite malls also make an amazing gift. To make it more personal, you can accompany it with a card or letter bearing a special Christmas message. This gesture can turn ordinary gift card into unique gift that she will keep even after it’s been used.


6.            An Elusive Wallet

True, wallets are one of the most common gifts you can give to anyone. It is handy and useful. But there are wallets that are hard to find–like the wallet inspired by Philippine tourist spots and destinations. Aside from its unique design, it is also durable as it is water resistant. Plus, it is also environment-friendly as it is made up of recyclable materials.


7.            A Condo

condo as a gift

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If you’re planning to go big this Christmas, a condo is the way to go.

There are lots of advantages of living in a condo which makes it a perfect gift this Christmas. Owning a condominium gives them the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of a fine home, with the added benefits of amenities, security and easy maintenance. Simply put, giving condo this Christmas is a rewarding investment.

Condos in the Philippines are more affordable now with easier terms of payment. If you’re giving it to your child, you give him or her the responsibility to handle such investment, which will improve his or her character and sense of responsibility.  It will let him or her have a taste of what the “real world” is.

Of course, when you buy a condo, you can personally decorate it so when your recipient decides to settle down, it will be hassle-free. Giving a condo this Christmas may be costly– but security, saved time, and increased accessibility to a lot of services are priceless. Now is the perfect time to give the perfect gift to your loved one. Let them enjoy 2015 with a new home and a new life.

Many people in your life will get a tower of gifts this Christmas. Make sure yours stand out. After all, it is not every day that you make them feel special.



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