Condo Project: Turn Old Stuff Into A Charming Quilt


Do you know that doing crafts can significantly reduce stress levels? The act of creating places one’s consciousness to the present time, relieving her/him of unnecessary worries. The impact of sewing, carpentry, and other creative endeavors is similar to that of meditation. Psychologist Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi said that you can be so absorbed in a creative task that everything else around you seems to disappear. He refers to this phenomenon as “flow.” Whenever a person is absorbed in a flow, he “doesn’t have enough attention left over to monitor how his body feels, or his problems at home,” according to Dr. Csikszentmihalyi.

Condo living in the Philippines offers a relief from the daily stressors of urban living. DMCI Properties feature a resort-style architecture that stir feelings of relaxation. There are well-equipped amenities for fitness and leisure pursuits, as well as packets of nature that create an atmosphere of balance and tranquility. Moreover, condo living allows urbanites to pursue creative activities beneficial for their mental health.

Maximize your Christmas vacation by getting into arts and crafts projects in your condo. Explore the fun of quilting. Here are easy quilting ideas you need to try.


First thing’s first!

Charming Quilt First Things First

Photo courtesy of adonyig via Pixabay

A quilt is traditionally used as a blanket. But in this tropical country, this multi-layered textile can be used as a covering for the floor or table. You can also use it as a picnic mat. The possibilities are endless.

To create a professional-looking quilt, you need to choose the right materials. First, procure a quality pair of sharp scissors. Prolific crafters prefer rotary cutters which are easier to handle. Second, you need a self-healing cutting mat prevent cutting through your furniture. With its printed ruler, a mat can ensure that you’re cutting in perfectly straight lines. You will also need a plastic transparent ruler preferably 5×24 inches. For small quilts, a 5×12 inch ruler will do. Next, gather the sewing basics including straight pins, safety pins, a seam ripper, and threads in various materials and colors. You will also need a batting or filling that will add warmth to your quilt. Batting is available in cotton, polyester, bamboo, and fusible. The most important part of quilting is preparing the fabric. This is where you can be as creative as you want. You can upcycle old shirts, reuse tablecloths or dye fabrics in a myriad of shades. Finally, get your sewing machine and iron ready.


To use a pattern or not to use a pattern

Charming Quilt Use Pattern

Photo courtesy of Pixel1 via Pixabay

A pattern is not required in making a quilt, but it can differentiate your work from that of a kid’s school project. It can enhance the overall presentation of your quilt. Do you know that quilting used to have a deep cultural significance? In the olden times, women would choose patterns that symbolize important events in their lives. Margaret Atwood’s Alias Grace, which was recently adapted into a TV series, explored the main character’s thoughts and feelings as symbolized in her quilts. The quilts sewn during the US civil war used patterns that boosted pride among soldiers. For centuries, quilts have been considered as family heirloom, passed down from one generation to another.

Most crafting shops sell quilt patterns but you can also download free patterns online. Check out AccuQuilt and McCall’s Quilting for an amazing selection of free patterns. You can also create your own. Perhaps you can make a family heirloom. Try doing rough sketches first before starting with the work.


Upcycle your old shirts into lovely quilts

Charming Quilt Upcyle Old Shirts

Photo courtesy of Skitterphoto via Pexels

Quilting can be a way of upcycling the unwanted clothes piling in your closet. Don’t throw out those old shirts just yet! You can use them as fabric for your quilt. To make a framed shirts quilt, cut up squares of various sizes from your old shirts. Simply sew the largest blocks first in a pattern of your choice, then sew the mid-sized squares on top of the first blocks and so on.

Another quilting idea is to preserve the prints on your favorite t-shirts. First, decide whether your quilt will have a certain theme or a lovely chaos of colors. Wash, dry, and iron each shirt. Now, you’re ready to cut out a 14- to 16-inch square from every tee, allowing a 1 to 2 inches of blank space around the print. Sew the quilt top together.


Use old ties, hankies, and jeans into amazing quilt tops

Charming Quilt Use Old Ties

Photo courtesy of Mike via Pexels

Aside from t-shirts, you can also turn old ties, handkerchiefs, and jeans into quilt tops. Ties can make luxurious items. One crafter sew together silk ties with dupioni silk into a table runner. If you don’t have enough ties, you can cut open a few and cut out different shapes. You can also sew together half-square triangles from bandanas and hankies to create a fun pinwheel quilt.

Make a denim-and-flannel quilt by cutting out blocks from your old jeans. Keep the jeans pockets for a phone holder. This quilt is perfect for your weekend picnics and camping trips.


Remember a dearly departed with a quilt

Charming Quilt Remember a Dearly Departed

Photo courtesy of CandaceHunter via Pixabay

Many Filipinos burn the personal possessions of their departed loved ones. Others bury the items with the dead. But don’t you want to keep something owned by someone dear to you? Don’t just store your late lola’s dresses in your cabinet – turn them into a quilt. You can use it as a blanket in the upcoming colder months or as an outdoor mat. Perhaps you can make quilts out of clothes from dead relatives and give them as presents to your family.


Some tips for your quilting project

Charming Quilt Tips for Project

Photo courtesy of sewingdirectory via Pixabay

Basting is the process of layering and pinning the quilt before sewing. You can make your job easier by lightly applying a basting spray over each layer of the quilt. Then, pin the layers together using safety pins before sewing. Crafters advise using a washable sewing pen to mark the parts you want to sew. To keep the batting or filling in place, you can sew more seams throughout the entire quilt. Finally, sew a binding around the edge of the quilt to protect the seams. This can also give your quilt a more finished look.

Quilting is only one of the many crafting projects you can try in your condo. For the upcoming Christmas season, why not make your own decorative tree using unconventional materials? Ever heard of a Christmas tree made of your favorite books? Make the most of the long weekends ahead. Get busy with condo design ideas and creative projects.


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