Stylish and Creative Baby-proofing Hacks for New Parents

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The moment a couple learns they are pregnant, the urge to get a 4D sonogram, make a shortlist of baby names, go to the baby store or plan for a baby shower seem very much justified. After all, no one could ever really prepare for what is going to happen. You are going to raise another human being into this world — let that sink in.

But while shopping for adorable onesies and designing the cutest nursery are great moments especially for first-time parents, making sure your baby is safe and protected at all times is all the more important. Baby-proofing your condo is something new parents should take seriously. Condo living with kids will be so much more fun if parents can be assured that their crawling toddler wouldn’t just get her/his tiny fingers stuck on the door.

What about style? Does baby-proofing mean parents are gonna have to get used to living with the most spartan and at times inconvenient baby-proofing tools? Do you let go of everything that can fall down or everything that your tiny tot can climb or jump on? Look, your formerly all-adult home need not look like a cave or a prison. There are a lot of stylish ways to baby-proof your condo and finding the balance between style and practicality.


Adorable cover-ups

There are things in the house that should really be kept out of reach of children. But how about those that were designed to be placed somewhere within their reach, such as electrical outlets and plugs? There a wide array of outlet protectors to choose from. Some are transparent, some are colored, but definitely very nice-looking. You would also want to keep your stove knobs off-limits to children and a knob cover can help ensure your child’s safety. How about sharp edges and corners? Trusty cushy foam guards will do the trick for edges of tables or bed frames. They come in different colors so you won’t have to worry about an eye-sore.


Ditch the glass

Baby-proofing Condo Ditch the Glass

Photo courtesy of Aaron Headly via Flickr

Condo living in the Philippines is very popular among young professionals or couples who look forward to occasional hosting of get-togethers at home. It is the perfect place and perfect moment to bring out those fancy wine glasses. Here’s the thing: you can still host dinners and sip wine with friends even with a baby or toddler around. You can even keep the fancy glasses. But consider replacing your crystal wine glass to an acrylic wine glass. They look just as chic, but the risk of injuring anyone, especially your baby, with a broken glass is eliminated. They are even stackable, which means you get to save some space.

Apart from wine glasses, you might also want to consider replacing your dinnerware with acrylic glass. They are safer, but still look elegant.


Soften it up

Baby-proofing Condo Soften it up

Photo courtesy of ErikaWittlieb via Pixabay

Most homes have hardwood or tiled floors. But with a baby who trips and falls several times in a single hour, you can’t just risk it. Good thing there are many stylish baby-proofing hacks for your floor. The idea is to soften the floor a bit by adding a layer of protection. A nice soft rug or carpet cushions also serves as a play mat for your little one. Put a rug pad underneath to keep it from sliding around and go for darker colors to hide baby stains. Modular carpet tiles also give protection and are low-maintenance.


Oops, don’t go there

Baby-proofing Condo Dont Go There

Photo courtesy of Your Best Digs via Flickr

Has your baby started to walk and is the staircase his favorite play area now? Or maybe the kitchen? Or the bathroom where he could just slip? With baby gates, these areas should be off-limits to a child. Baby gates come in different colors and styles now, and finding the perfect one that fits your condo design shouldn’t be so hard.


Swap table with ottoman

Baby-proofing Condo Swap Table with Ottoman

Photo courtesy of ErikaWittlieb via Pixabay

Edgy center or coffee tables are often the first piece of furniture to go once the baby starts crawling or walking. But that doesn’t mean you will keep your living room bare. Swap the table with an upholstered ottoman that is sturdy enough to at least hold a tray of coffee or your child, should she/he want to sit on it. An upholstered ottoman has soft, cushiony feel that shouldn’t be a danger to your child. And with the right pattern and design, it could be very stylish too.


Worry-free bath time

Baby-proofing Condo Worry-free Bath Time

Photo courtesy of amyelizabethquinn via Pixabay

Bath time is one of the most common challenges for first-time parents. Babies cry, jump up and down, or climb out of their tub. The danger is when they accidentally hit their head against the bath spout. See, most parents bathe their little ones in a tub under or near the spouts and with your hands lathering in soap, it wouldn’t be as easy trying to stop such accident. The answer to baby-proofing bath time is to get a stylish bath spout cover. They are made of leather, normally fits a variety of spouts, and come in cute designs. Apart from the protection, they can also be your baby’s bath buddy.


Baby-friendly décor

Condo Baby-proofing Decor

Photo courtesy of MALCOLUMBUS via Pixabay

Even toys can be stylish. One of the creative ways to baby-proof your condo is to use some toys as décor. Take those wooden figures for example. They can even pass for a rustic-themed living room. Modern toys such as a cute rag doll or a stuffed animal can also be used as decorative pieces for colorful interiors. Storage baskets for toys may also be used as décor, but instead of colorful plastic boxes, go for handwoven baskets or patterned cloth-like boxes.

Easy, stylish baby-proofing is one of the perks of raising a child in a condo community. The layout and the size is just right. The products available today also fit the condo lifestyle. First-time parents also have the option to take their child to the condo’s gardens where their little one can freely walk around and enjoy the outdoors.


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