11 Worthwhile Things To Do This Holy Week In Your Condo

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The Holy Week or the Semana Santa is a significant holiday in Catholic Philippines. The four-day long weekend shall commence on Maundy Thursday and commemorate on Easter Sunday. Filipinos observe a long list of rituals during this religious observance including fasting, church visits and participation in Senakulo.

Whether you’re religious or not, you are bound to respect the traditional practices. Work and school are closed, so are most establishments. Your religious family and friends also expect you to breathe the solemn atmosphere during the entire Holy Week. In other words, you’re bound to stay at home until Easter Sunday.

If you live in a condominium, there are zero chances you’d run out of things to do. You have access to indoor and outdoor facilities that going out of town is unnecessary. Here are 11 worthwhile things to do during the Holy Week while you’re stuck at home.


Bond with Jane Austen, Ernest Hemingway, and Haruki Murakami

Bond with your books

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You know that you’ve never really had the time to revisit your reading backlog. Your life is just filled with activities that staying in your condo with a good book is an unaffordable luxury most of the year. The Holy Week is a grand opportunity for you to dust off your bookshelf and read. Reading books is good for your brain. According to a study by Sussex University researchers, reading can cut stress levels by as much as 68% (regardless if you’re engrossed in paperback or online books).


Channel your inner John Lennon

Inner John Lennon

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There are a lot of worthwhile holy week condo activities you can try alone or with your DMCI community neighbors. Get your guitar and write a song. To find inspiration, stroll around the condo community and relax by the pool deck or the sky lounge. Before you know it, the lyrics and music will start flowing from your brain.


Make a photo album

The condo community in the Philippines has everything you need—from high-end facilities to accessibility to commercial establishments. During the upcoming religious observance, you may be forced to remain indoors. Religious or not, you are expected to stay at home and pray. There’s a long list of Holy Week activities you can do in your condo. You can have a general cleaning (raid your closet for items that can be donated), organize your desk and laptop files or collect family photos and make an album. You can do these activities by yourself or with company.


Get your hands busy with arts and crafts

Arts and crafts

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Long holidays are perfect for tapping into your creative side. Instead of buying home ornaments, why not make them yourself? Glam up your scented candles, create decorative containers or sew your own summer dress. These can also be gifts for condo owners and neighbors within the DMCI community. You don’t need to incur unnecessary expenses on materials. Check your drawer and think of creative ways to turn these into lovely crafts. Have you heard of duct tape tote bags?


Experiment on new recipes

Experiment on new recipes

Photo Courtesy of jeshoots.com via Pexels

Ditch the instant ramen, canned meat and microwavable meals from the convenience store. Since you’d be stuck in your condo for days, start listing down ingredients for your home-cooked meals. Drop by the market days before the Holy Week to avoid the rush. You can experiment on new recipes found online. Get to know your condo neighbor by inviting her over for a food-tasting afternoon.


Burn some calories

If there’s one thing people neglect during their busy work days, it’s getting into fitness activities. This Holy Week, make the most of your condo privileges by exercising in the fitness center. Use the available gym equipment or do stretching routines. You can download online fitness videos or use mobile apps for exercise tips. Burn calories without leaving your condo premises.


Explore new music

Explore new music

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French writer Victor Hugo once said that “music expressed that which cannot be said and on which is it impossible to be silent.” Music is the single form of communication that can connect people of different races, beliefs and personalities. During the upcoming holiday, explore new music genres, songs, and artists. Check out Youtube, Spotify, and online fora.  Music can also be a good conversation starter with your introvert neighbor. Introverts may feel uneasy in big crowds, but they love engaging in cerebral discussions with a few people.


Capture beautiful moments with your camera

Capture beautiful moments

Photo courtesy of Pankaj Biswas via Pexels

DMCI Homes prides itself of its resort-type facilities that can be used as a backdrop for beautiful photos. The Holy Week is a great opportunity for you to bond with your DSLR camera. Spend the afternoon at the sky lounge and capture the magnificent Manila skyline under orange skies.


Plan a project

Plan a project

Photo courtesy of startupstockphotos.com via Pexels

Condo living in the Philippines allows you to be productive, thanks to indoor lifestyle amenities and proximity to schools and offices. You’re basically enjoying the comforts of life while building your career simultaneously. Downtime must be transformed into planning time. Think of a pending project or something you’ve always wanted to start. It may be your online art portfolio or the mini gallery you’ve always wanted in your living room.


Plan a trip abroad

Get a pen and paper. Close your eyes and imagine yourself somewhere beyond the archipelago. Can you see the beautiful cherry blossom trees or smell the Italian espresso? This Holy Week, plan your next trip abroad. Check out travel packages online as well as budget fares and discounted hotel accommodation.


Meditate and have some quiet time alone

Quiet time alone

Photo courtesy of Ovan via Pexels

The modern life can be stressful and overwhelming. There’s so much distraction. Take the time to shut all the noise in your surroundings and in your head. Spend quality time alone, disconnected from social media and the urgent attention of technology. Meditate and recharge.

The Holy Week is an essential part of the Filipino culture. Although the number of people observing the rituals has dropped over the years, everyone is still expected to keep a solemn mood. It’s a time for reflections, after all. Being stuck at home doesn’t mean you must waste this precious four-day holiday in bed. Make the most of condo living by doing something fun and delightful while at home. Use your imagination and plan Holy Week activities you can do in your condo.


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