11 Easy Nursery Room Ideas To Make Your Newborn Feel At Home


Parenthood is a beautiful thing, and one of the best ways to welcome the newest member of your family is with a comfy nursery. However, many parents are at loss when they start asking themselves, “How do I decorate a nursery in my condo?” Here are 11 awesome tips that will not only give your baby a gorgeous room, but will also make the most out of the space you have.


1. Have a Cool Baby Crib Mobile

Crib mobiles are essential when setting up a nursery. Not only do they enhance the overall look of the your baby’s crib, but they also have many benefits for your baby. Visual and sound stimulation are two important benefits of crib mobiles. Help in the development of your child’s vision with bold colors and fun shapes. A crib mobile that can also play music will be relaxing for your baby. Avoid loud and blaring music as this hinders your child from having a restful sleep.


2. Make Sure the Fabrics are Hypoallergenic

Making your condo allergy-proof is a valid concern of parents when welcoming their new child. You can go about this in various ways, from ensuring proper ventilation to avoiding strong odor. However, don’t forget about the fabric you use for your baby. A baby’s skin is sensitive, and using hypoallergenic fabrics will make sure your child is comfortable. Pure cotton is your best bet because it’s naturally hypoallergenic. Cotton is the suitable fabric to combat allergies and skin irritations. It’s also incredibly easy to maintain as it doesn’t attract lint easily and only require basic washing.


3. Splash the Walls with Color

Walls with Color

Photo courtesy of kaboompics via Pixabay

Optimize wall colors when preparing your condo for your baby. Remember that the nursery’s design is important to aid his physical, mental, and emotional capacities. Unlike adults, babies begin to see the world through sharp color contrasts. It’s for this reason that painting the room with striking colors serves an important purpose. Condo living in the Philippines has become great for this because you are at the center of commerce and culture, making the search for colorful inspiration fun and easy. It’s convenient to find combinations of light and dark colors, and to complement them with various prints.


4. Add Inspirational Art

Add Inspirational Art

Photo courtesy of ErikaWittlieb via Pixabay

One of the best nursery decorating tips to benefit both you and your baby is adding inspirational art. Doing so will make the space beautiful and lend an encouraging aura. Parenthood can be stressful—this is a fact that bears repeating—which makes it ever more vital to enhance your condo living space with artistic touches that can alleviate stress. Opt for an inspirational art you are naturally drawn into. This way, it won’t appear forced and unnatural. Having them in various design will add artistic variation to the nursery.


5. Purify the Air with Plants

Instead of investing in expensive air purifiers, consider bringing in potted plants to your nursery in the condo. Your leafy friends are fantastic because they add serenity to any space while acting as natural and hardworking air purifiers. Plants are great for any condo community in the Philippines because they are available everywhere and they exude a tropical vibe. There are many plants to choose from, but know that whatever you prefer will be a great choice because all plants can purify the air through photosynthetic processes.


6. Place a Dresser for Easy Storage

The need for storage space is a recurring concern when making a nursery for your baby. A baby dresser with lots of drawers will solve your dilemma. From diaper creams to washcloths, a dresser can accommodate a great number of your baby’s needs. Having a dresser with its own changing pad can also do wonders because it provides the surface on which you will do countless diaper changes. Dressers are also great because they do not take up much space, making it ideal for your condominium.


7. Include a Comfortable Chair

Include a Comfortable Chair

Photo courtesy of ErikaWittlieb via Pixabay

Chances are, you will spend a lot of time in your condo nursery. Waking up in wee hours to feed or cuddle the baby can take a toll on your back. Comfy chairs are great for moms in this regard, but dads will benefit a lot from them, too. It’s more common today for parents to share baby responsibilities. Both parents need a functional chair while doing their duties. Having a useful chair will make your space utilitarian and comfortable.


8. Widen the Space with No-Doors Closet

Consider a doorless baby closet as part of your condo nursery checklist. It’s great for storing all your baby’s clothes on a hanger and has ample space for other necessities like toys and books. The varied design possibilities in DMCI Homes allow you to think outside the box in creating your perfect space. At first, a doorless closet might seem counter-intuitive. However, it makes sense if you think about how it opens up the room. It also makes it convenient for your to reach for baby things and to store them afterwards.


9. Stimulate the Senses with Plush Toys

Plush Toys

Photo courtesy of stokpic via Pixabay

A creative way of babyproofing your condo is through plush toys. These toys add softness to any space. They also stimulate your baby’s senses, from sight to touch. Plus, they’re just really cute to look at that even parents can feel added joy with the mere presence of these functional objects. Plush toys need not be expensive. You can find good bargains in the Philippines or even online. Just make sure they’re of good quality and are age appropriate. Watch out for features like buttons, beads, and other small parts that could fall off.


10. Maximize Space with Shelves

You have a relatively small space? Here is a good nursery decorating guide: add shelves! Adding shelves is an awesome way to maximize wall space. You can use shelves for books, toys, and clothes. You can also use shelves for decorative elements, such as photos and artistic objects. DMCI Community has a lot of condo design ideas that you can adopt, from making your space nature-themed to creating sometime more eccentric. Creatively work with the space you have, and you can make it the best space for you and your baby.


11. Bring the Room Alive with Great Lighting

Bring the Room Alive

Photo courtesy of PurpleKisses1110 via YouTube

Bring your condo nursery to life with great lighting. Lamps are fantastic to make the space feel calm and relaxing. Overhead lighting is also wonderful, especially if you choose a cover that can disperse light beautifully. Lighting also serves an important purpose: allowing you to see clearly for those just-out-of-bed and middle-of-the-night tasks.

Indeed, making the best nursery for your baby is a serious responsibility for many parents. And why won’t they? After all, they’re creating an environment for their most precious bundle of joy. With these tips to design a practical and beautiful nursery, you too can create that little slice of heaven you and your baby truly deserve.


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