Weekend Condo Project: Getting Creative With Duct Tape

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It’s been another tough week in the office. Relax and recharge for another week of traffic, production quotas and reports. Stay in your condominium and do something worthwhile that doesn’t involve batteries or Wi-Fi connection. For your weekend condo project, try arts and crafts. Previous researches have reported that knitting, quilting and other similar tasks cut down that impact of stress-related diseases. A recent study by researchers at Mayo Clinic suggests that

For your weekend condo project, try arts and crafts. Previous researches have reported that knitting, quilting and other similar tasks cut down that impact of stress-related diseases. A recent study by researchers at Mayo Clinic suggests that engaging in mind-stimulating activities such as arts and crafts, home repair, music and reading can help prevent dementia or cognitive decline.

You can invite friends within the DMCI Community and do crafts together. One interesting tool is the inexpensive and highly flexible duct tape. Duct tapes are not only for emergency home repairs. These household items now come in various colors and designs. Here are 12 fun duct tape crafts you may try at home.


Duct Tape Tote Bag

There are other uses for duct tape aside from sealing packages. You can actually create your own bag with it. Get a fabric (preferably with a measurement of 10×18 inches) and choose a duct tape that coordinate with your fabric. Fold the fabric in half vertically and cut 1×1.5-inch squares out of the bottom corners. Cut larger squares for a fabric bigger than 10×18 inches. Layer strips of duct tape over the inside of the fabric, overlapping each strip. Once the fabric fully covered, trim excess tape.

For the handle, mark a 4×1-inch rectangular shape near the top edge of the fabric. Carefully cut along the marks, fold back the flaps and secure with tape. Fold the fabric with the right sides together and staple the sides. Trim raw edges.


Duct Tape Messenger Bag

For a DIY duct tape messenger bag, you need colored tapes and a pair of scissors. Get two 11×16-inch Priority Mail envelopes. Decorate both sides, the right sides, of the envelopes with colored duct tapes. For a flat messenger bag, simply tape each edge of its inner corners.


Duct Tape Beach Bag

Another easy DIY duct tape craft is a waterproof beach bag. Tape a garbage bag onto a cardboard and draw a rectangle (preferably 16×30 inches). Cover the surface with alternating colored duct tape, overlapping with each strip. Seal the ends and trim raw edges. Staple the sides. To add a cord, flip the bag onto the “wrong side,” lay the cord an inch below the edge, fold the edge and tape it.


Duct Tape Wallet

The duct tape wallet is a favorite among duct tape crafts. It can be done in less than five minutes without any tool except for colored or printed tapes and a pair of scissors. To make your own waterproof wallet, stick strips of duct tape (preferably 8.5 inches in length) over another until the width measures at least 7 inches. Trim the edges.

To create a pocket for your bills, fold the rectangle in half lengthwise and tape both sides closed. You may fold your wallet in half and flatten the crease with your fingers.


Duct Tape Belt

Do you know duct tapes can also be part of your wardrobe? Get a strip of colored or printed duct tape of a length of your choice. You may use your standard belt as basis for the measurement. Fold one side of the tape towards the middle, then fold the other side overlapping the opposite side. Make sure you’ve covered all the sticky parts. Add two D-Rings—one on one end and the other on the underside of the belt.


Duct Tape Hair Bows

Massive bows are in, thanks to millennials’ daring fashion sense. Make you own duct tape hair bow and barrettes using colored and printed tapes. Feel free to add laces, cloth ribbons, etc.


Duct Tape Flowers

Handicrafts can do wonders to your condo interior design. Create duct tape roses and tulips for your condo living room. These decors are perfect for your center table or even in your bathroom (they’re waterproof!).


Duct Tape Apron

There’s so much weekend activities you can do in your condo. You can experiment with recipes, come up apartment design ideas and create your own home items. The kitchen apron is a fun subject for a duct tape project.


Duct tape Table Cloth

The condo community in the Philippines is expanding, thanks to the increasing number of millennials and young families choosing condo living. Hold simple get-togethers on weekends with family and friends. You can also visit your neighbors for an afternoon chat over tea or coffee. No need to worry about finding suitable linens for these simple events. With duct tapes, you can have a no-sweat chic table cloth. Get a plain tablecloth, preferably white, and place six stripes of silver duct tape along the center.


Duct Tape Fancy Floor

Here’s a crazy idea for your floor: duct tapes! Ditch the tacky linoleum and high-maintenance carpets. Simply lay down colored duct tapes on the floor in various ways. You may have colored squares to lift existing elements in your small kitchen design or a psychedelic-styled bedroom floor.


Duct Tape Décor Boxes and Wrappings

Maximize condo living by making your space a mini craft station. Using simple house tools, you can conceptualize new elements for your home design. You can have fancy floors decorated with colored duct tapes, waterproof flower ornaments and creative tablecloths. All of these are possible with a magical roll of duct tape.

Designer duct tapes may be used for creative wrappings. Instead of boring grey tapes on boxes, you can now have colorful bands on boxes. You may also use duct tapes as ribbons on presents.


Duct Tape Decorations

Stretch your inner interior decorator’s creative muscles without spending much by creating your own decorations. Think of creative ideas for your room design. Brainstorm with your family while relaxing on a warm afternoon at the sky lounge.

Condo living in the Philippines is changing the way we live. The facilities are in line with the demands of a fast-paced lifestyle. Taking time off to recharge no longer requires you to drive out of town. Stay in your resort-style condo and do worthwhile activities with your family and condo community peers. Share home design ideas, do arts and crafts, and let your artistry ease away the pressures of your daily grind.

Duct tape is just one of the many items in your home that can help transform objects into design pieces. You just need a speck of imagination and a little of innovation.


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