How Condo Living Helps You Achieve Work-Life Balance

Health and Wellness.

People have never been this stressed and tensed in all their lives. At a time of connectivity, work can hunt you down in your sleep. As you drift away, a boss emails you about “urgent” matters that in truth can wait until the next day. The culture of never-ending workday is damaging not only to sleep and general health and well-being, but also strains relationships and overall happiness.

It is no wonder that the millennial term work-life balance has been redefined. A Harvard Business School survey showed that 94% of professionals work for more than 50 hours per week while nearly half reported working for 65 hours per week.

When it comes to achieving work-life balance, it is never “one size fits all.” It does not also mean equally balancing hours throughout the day. It will vary over time and sometimes on a daily basis. It depends on your priorities and the things important to you. But at the core of the idea are achievement and enjoyment. How do you have a sense of both while trying to make a living at the same time?

Among the popular solutions is embracing condo living. Condo communities in the Philippines are themed developments that are strategically located and provide amenities that let you enjoy life more. Here are other ways on how to achieve work-life balance in a condo.


Less time for commute, more time for family

more time for family

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Here’s a common story scarier than horror movies: three hours in traffic. Is that also the story of your life? People who live in a condominium refuse to make that their story.  Condo living in the Philippines means you live in the heart of the metro, most probably very near Makati, BGC, Eastwood or Ortigas. This also means public transportation is easily accessible. When your commuting hours are shorter, you will have more time for family or hobbies. When time spent stuck in traffic is converted to time spent at home or dinner with friends, life becomes less stressful and way more fun.


Friday night date with the family

Friday night date

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As soon as the kids say, “Dad, let’s go see a movie,” the instinct is to look at your traffic app and calculate in your head how long it will take you before you reach the mall. There’s gasoline expense, parking fees, budget for snacks, and time in traffic all being considered. Then you just say: “Maybe next time.”

When you live in a condo, you can never be too far from a mall or any other place of interest for that matter. It should not take you more than a few minutes to get to a mall. Now, date nights and weekends with the family can be hassle-free. If you want some quality time with just your spouse, you can pull it off with less effort. It would also be easier to meet up with friends.


It’s game time

It’s game time

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Condo amenities often include play courts and gaming rooms. They especially cater to busy dads who need to wind down after a tough time at work. Aside from helping you with physical fitness, they also encourage building a sense of community. Busy dads can have their own condo tournament and have room for healthy, fun competition. This is a good way to balance work and fun.


Just for kids

Just for kids

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Parents often feel guilty that they don’t spend enough quality time with their children because of the demands of work. Sometimes, work even takes their weekends. Feel guilty no more by stepping out of your condo unit and spending time in the community’s playground or kiddie pool. No travel time needed or entrance fee to be paid. Arrange play dates with other kids in the community. This is one way of making yourself more available to your kids and more supportive in the development of their overall well-being.


 Work it out

Work it out

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Is going to the gym too time-consuming? Condo living means you can scrap that gym membership. One of the condo advantages in achieving work-life balance are free amenities such as a fitness gym, sometimes open for 24 hours. Never again will you say that the workload is taking your gym hours away. Now, you don’t have to drive and brave the traffic just to get to the nearest gym.

Aside from the fitness gym, there are also jogging paths and walkways in most condos such as DMCI Homes. Open spaces encourage you to breathe fresh air and get fit at the same time.


Channel your inner Martha Stewart

inner martha stewart

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According to the American Psychological Association, simple décor changes around the house can help you de-stress. You can channel your inner Martha Stewart with some condo interior design ideas to give your place a fresher look and let you flex your creative muscles. Create a focal point in your condo that highlights what you love such as traveling or baking. Use soft, calming colors and decorate with potted plants. By making your home more calm and dreamy, it would be easier to relax and take your mind off work.


Taking it slow and easy

slow and easy

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At times when traffic is so horrible, most workers consider leaving early for work. They leave home without eating breakfast and their hair still wet. When you live in a condominium, you take it slow and easy. You can have a few more minutes to snooze off and actually enjoy your coffee. You can spend more time singing in the shower. You can even run errands before going to work. You can do more if you live in a condo that is close to work.

Achieving work-life balance is a struggle for most people. With more sources of stress these days, it’s harder to find time to do what you love and make time for the people you love. Living in a condo can make things easier and simpler. When you live close to your workplace, you will have less time in traffic and more time for what makes you happy. With all the amenities available in a condo, you can enjoy life more fully.



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