Incorporate Health And Wellness Into Your Condo Space

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You may have noticed it in home depots, interior design magazines and even in your neighbor’s condominium living room: everybody’s into healthy home spaces. Calming colors, home plants and eco-friendly appliances are among the hottest trends today.

The demand for healthy condo ideas was inspired by our aging population. Dr. Atiya Mahmood, associate professor of Environmental Gerontology at Simon Fraser University, says that one in four persons will be 65 years or older by 2036. “…and 90% want to age in place,” she adds. However, Dr. Mahmood cites barriers toward healthy aging including inflexible home design and financial limitations.

In the Philippines, DMCI Homes uses green architecture that allows natural light and ventilation to circulate freely around its buildings and common areas. This is not only good for your health but also to your pocket as energy-saving methods can help bring down electricity rates and association dues.

Turn your condo space into a health and wellness abode through simple and affordable ways. You may consider the right color palettes, the proper furniture and appropriate ornaments that can be beneficial to your overall wellness. Here are five ingenious ideas on how to design condos for healthy living.


Paint “calm” in your home

Paint calm in your home

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Do you know that colors have significant impact on your mental health? Chromotherapy, or color therapy, is not a new concept. Ancient civilizations in Egypt, China and India have used it as an alternative medicine. “Chromotherapy as a system of treatment can benefit people because of its harmony with nature,” researchers at University of Balochistan in Pakistan wrote.

Connecticut-based color consultant Leslie Harrington suggests that you choose color palettes for each room that produce the right physical and emotional responses. You may paint your workout room with reds and oranges to stimulate activity since these shades can also increase your heart rate. Greens and blues are perfect for your condo bedroom and study area for their calming impact. “Green is the color of concentration. It’s one of the best colors to be surrounded by for long periods of time,” Harrington says.


Choose ergonomics

Scientists warn that sitting for long hours can lead to obesity, heart problems and other serious medical conditions. However, this is unavoidable given the demands of modern living. In the office alone, we tend to sit in front of our computers for at least two hours without even noticing. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends incorporating ergonomics in spaces to reduce stress and eliminate injuries due to bad posture and repeated tasks.

Add ergonomically-designed furniture in your condo design ideas. There are chairs that are able to support your body, eliminating muscle strains, as you sit for long periods. For your lounge chairs, choose those without hard edges or 90-degree angles to accommodate various sitting positions. You may also opt for sit-stand table tops in the kitchen and living room.


The right kind of bright

The right kind of bright

Photo courtesy of Unsplash via Pixabay

One benefit of living in the DMCI Community is access to natural light and air through the buildings and common spaces. Inside your condo unit, remove obstructions from your windows and use light curtains to allow natural sunlight.

Carl Jones, principal at Kasian Architecture Interior Design, says, “As we age, we need more light. We’re more sensitive to glare.” Choose anti-glare LEDs for your living room and bedroom. The newer LED innovations provide excellent light output while consuming about 50% less energy compared traditional bulbs.


Have lots of greens indoors

Have lots of greens indoors

Photo Courtesy of janeb13 via Pixiabay

Condo living in the Philippines offers reprieve from the stressful lifestyle in the metropolis. Most condo developers infuse nature into their designs not only to stir calming emotions but also to purify the air.  A study conducted by Pennsylvania State University researchers found that certain houseplants—snake plant, spider plant and golden pothos—are able to reduce indoor ozone levels as well as other air pollutants.

“Because indoor air pollution extensively affects developing countries, using plants as a mitigation method could serve as a cost-effective tool in the developing world where expensive pollution mitigation technology may not be economically feasible,” the PennU researchers noted. Other recommended greens for your condo design include aloe vera, gerbera daisy and cactus.


Create a workout area

Create a workout area

Photo Courtesy of jeviniya via Pixabay

It’s not enough that you’re eating good and sleeping well. For holistic wellness, you need regular physical activities. Harvard University researchers say that an adult should be getting a minimum of 2.5 hours of moderately intense exercise per week. Many choose condo living because of free use of top-notch amenities such as a fully-equipped fitness center, swimming pools and spaces for yoga and aerobics.

Make regular exercise, especially weekend workouts, part of your lifestyle by creating a workout area in your abode. You don’t need to buy yourself a treadmill (your condo gym has that covered!). Purchase a quality yoga mat, a pair of dumbbells or kettlebells and comfy gym outfits. You may also explore various gym equipment that can be easily installed in your living room or bedroom like pullup bars and resistance bands.

Healthy spaces is a growing trend worldwide. One compelling factor is the rising cost of public health care. Diabetes, which can be caused by unhealthy lifestyle choices, records a global cost of about $825 billion each year. “The enormous cost of this disease—to both governments and individuals—could otherwise go towards life essentials such as food and education,” researchers say. Thus, it is imperative for public and private sectors to encourage people to adopt healthy habits. Creating spaces conducive for exercises and meditation is a good start.

Living in a condo community in the Philippines have beneficial impact on one’s health. The proximity of these residential projects to business districts and commercial areas cut travel time that can be allotted to wellness activities. Moreover, most developers use eco-friendly technologies not only good for the environment but also to human health.

Explore health tips for condo spaces that you can integrate into your own home. Whether it is using the right wall paint or buying ergonomic chairs, taking steps towards healthier living should begin with you.



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