11 Must-Try Food Spots to Try in Pasig City

Food, Pasig City.

Any foodie would know that Pasig City is a place to satisfy all your food cravings. From the chain of malls to hole-in-the-wall gems, Pasig has it all. Whether you’re a shopaholic, a weekend warrior, or just a chill kind of person, there are so many things to do.

For people already living in Pasig, or looking for the best condos in Pasig to start a new chapter in their life, one of the important things you should consider is where the best places to eat in Pasig are.

And of course, the answer is Kapitolyo where all the best restaurants in Pasig are located! Whether you are in the mood for wagyu, Angus steak, burgers, pizza, or local street food, expect Pasig to deliver and please the palate. Kapitolyo’s got you, fam!

The growing food community in Kapitolyo caters to a diverse range of taste palettes, making Pasig City the ideal place for young professionals, especially those who want to immerse themselves in the bustling metropolitan life. The accessibility of restaurants, cafes, bistros, and eateries in the city has also made it perfect for condo living.

Much like the food culture, condo communities also continue to conquer Pasig, one development at a time.

The diversity of restaurants is what makes living in Pasig great, and here is a list of the best places to eat in Pasig that every certified foodie should try:

Let’s dive in and see what each place has to offer.

1. Start the day right at Kanto Freestyle Breakfast

Kanto Freestyle BreakfastPhoto courtesy of Kanto Freestyle Breakfast via Facebook

All-day breakfast places are a hit, especially in a city that does not seem to sleep. What’s better than ordering with a juicy meal of tocino or beef tapa at any time of the day? Kanto Freestyle Breakfast is the best place to eat in Pasig if you’re craving breakfast food at any time of the day.

The restaurant is set up garage-style, giving an elevated version of a carinderia. But don’t be fooled! Despite its hip and simple ambiance, they serve gourmet breakfast dishes such as eggs benedict, French toast, berry cupcakes, fish and chips, milkshakes, etc. at a very affordable price.

2. Try something new with Señor Paco

Señor PacoPhoto courtesy of Señor Paco via Facebook

Speaking of great places, you should definitely try Señor Paco located along C. Raymundo Avenue.

Señor Paco combines familiar Filipino cuisines while still incorporating its own innovations such as its signature Peruvian Roast Chicken. The aroma and flavor of their chicken are a symphony of Filipino and international flavors. This particular dish is perfect for large groups, or even if it’s just you and your partner.

Try something new while keeping familiar flavors close to you at Señor Paco.

3. Enjoy the ambiance at Locavore Kitchen and Drinks

Locavore Kitchen and DrinksPhoto courtesy of Locavore Kitchen and Drinks via Facebook

Locavore Kitchen and Drinks proves that nothing beats Pinoy cuisine as they make their mark as one of the best places to eat in Pasig City.

Locavore serves only locally-grown and produced Filipino dishes, with a modern twist. Besides their unique presentation style such as Nilagang Baka, there are also other must-try dishes such as their Sizzling Sinigang and/or Oyster Sisig.

The open kitchen where you can see your food being prepared blends well with the industrial interiors

Located at Brixton Street, it is a few minutes away from Brixton Place condominium, a two-tower vertical community rising in Kapitolyo.

4. Grab a cup of coffee at Café Juanita

Café JuanitaPhoto courtesy of Cafe Juanita via Facebook

If you’re looking for an elevated dining experience in Pasig in terms of ambiance and interior design then Café Juanita is the perfect place for you.

The vibe makes you feel like you are in some old movie with chandeliers, antiques, furniture, and even utensils. They serve traditional Filipino food such as kare-kare and Filipino ratatouille. The vibe is a bit odd and eccentric, but still very familiar.

Presentation is as important as the taste itself. Cafe Juanita’s dishes are great to share and post on social media such as Instagram.

Those who are interested in getting condos such as the Allegra Garden Place in Pasig will have this cafe in their backyard.

Cafe Juanita offers a curated dining experience with four tasting menus. They are open for service on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 5:00 – 9:00 pm, and Fridays and Saturdays from 5:00 – 9:30 pm

5. Taste oriental flavors at the Haru Sushi Bar

Haru Sushi BarPhoto courtesy of Haru Sushi Bar & Restaurant via Facebook

Pasig is the best place to satiate your cravings for oriental cuisines. Among the top restaurants which give you an authentic taste of Japanese cuisine is Haru Sushi Bar & Restaurant.

Japanese nationals visit Haru Sushi since they provide the closest taste of their home. The all-Filipino kitchen staff was trained by Japanese chefs so you can be sure that everything is authentic, with no fusion or twists.

Another plus in their restaurants is that women dressed in geisha attire will serve your food for a more authentic experience.

Find and visit Haru Sushi Bar at 8-30 West Capitol Drive, in Pasig City.

6. Dining with your oppa at Kko Kko

Kko Kko foodPhoto courtesy of Kko Kko via Facebook

Have you also been bitten by the Korean bug? You’re probably craving bibimbap, samgyupsal, kimchi, and Korean BBQ. Good thing that Pasig City has lots, and we mean lots, of Korean restaurants everywhere.

Kko Kko is a modern Korean chicken house owned by Korean TV host Grace Lee. The restaurant uses traditional and contemporary recipes from Lee and her mom, so you can be sure you are eating authentic Korean cuisine.

Try their Korean fried chicken, snow chicken cheese, and the glorious chicken cheese fondue.

Kko Kko is located at the Sapphire bloc, the newest foodie destination in Ortigas, near the newest condo communities such as DMCI Homes Properties.

7. Lovin’ the street vibe at Three Sisters

street vibe at Three SistersPhoto courtesy of Three Sisters’ Restaurantof Pasig via Facebook

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in the hip and bustling life of Pasig at night, then visit Three Sisters’ Restaurant of Pasig.

Three Sisters is one of those that set the groundwork for Kapitolyo to be a food destination. This is the reason why it’s very dear to the heart of condo owners near the area, particularly those from DMCI Homes’ Prisma Residences.

Three Sisters sell local street food at Php50 per stick. The environment, much like the local flavors they sell, is humble and unassuming. The location provides a conducive place for your barkada to hang out and catch up, especially during the weekends.

8. Have some drinks at Tipsy Pig Gastropub

Tipsy Pig Gastropub Photo courtesy of Tipsy Pig Gastrohub via Facebook

Where’s a good place to just chill and grab some booze with friends around Pasig City?

Tipsy Pig Gastropub will certainly be on the top list of recommended places. They offer a wide variety of food selections that you can enjoy with booze. Their serving size suits a large group such as their Spinach and Crab slice pizza which is good for 4 to 5 people.

They also offer a range of desserts to neutralize your palate after drinking their signature drinks and dishes.

Visit Tipsy Pig Gastropub at Ortigas Capitol Commons.

9. Feel on top of the world at Sky High Bar

Sky High BarPhoto courtesy of Sky High Bar via Facebook

Dine up in the skies (literally) at Sky High Bar where you can enjoy their food and drink with friends with an open 360° view of Metro Manila and all its glory.

Dress up with friends and take photos with the view in the background. Enjoy their diverse menu which caters to both casual diners and large groups.

Their crispy pata and crispy pork belly pair well with booze. There are also their bestsellers such as their pan-seared salmon with dill and lemon butter which your date will enjoy as you sit back and bask in the view.

Visit them at Penthouse, 21st floor of Ace Hotel Suites and Hotel, located along Brixton St. in Kapitolyo.

10. Find Pasig’s sweet spot at Mom & Tina’s Bakery and Cafe

Mom & Tina’s Bakery and CafePhoto courtesy of Mom & Tina’s Bakery and Cafe via Facebook

Everybody loves sweets! Mom & Tina’s Bakery and Cafe is here to satisfy your sweet tooth with its local and international selection of confections and pastries that is perfect for people of all ages.

Their famous cupcakes are a must-have if you’re planning for a small gettogether with friends and family. These cupcakes also make perfect gifts for your loved ones.

If you’re health-conscious and are avoiding sweets to get that summer bod, they also offer sugar-free oatmeal cookies that are definitely guilt-free in every bite.

Be near all your food cravings in Pasig!

There is no denying that Pasig City is a mecca for all the foodies out there who want to try something new or are just looking for a place to hang out with friends to unwind over the weekend. This is why you’ll never go wrong if you’re planning to invest by purchasing a condo in Pasig because all these restaurants will increase your property’s value.

Make sure to visit at least one of these places whenever you’re in Pasig!


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