Weekend Getaway Ideas That Will Help You Recharge Without Filing VLs

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Living in a busy metro can easily wear anyone out. This makes out-of-town vacations necessary. Unfortunately, we only have a limited amount of paid vacation leaves in a year. This leaves us skimping on much-needed breaks. This does not have to be the case, though. Not when you live near travel destinations that you can easily visit on weekends. Why file a vacation leave when you can leave on a Saturday and be back again for your Monday work? Here is a list of destinations that are within easy reach from the metro. They make for great overnight summer getaway ideas.


Antipolo, Rizal

hand statue black and white

Photo courtesy of Atlantios via Pixabay

Head over to Antipolo, Rizal and visit the Pinto Art Museum. Entering the museum’s doors is like stepping into a different world, with its display of Filipino art and culture, particularly that of Cordilleras. You will find ritual and functional objects, jewelry, textiles, and other remarkable indigenous work. Featuring a Mediterranean-inspired architecture, the museum is set in a garden that offers reprieve from the bustling city life.Whether you are a professional photographer or an Instagram enthusiast, you will find just about every corner of the museum a perfect place for taking good shots. As a matter of fact, the museum has become a photographer’s mecca, frequented by amateurs and professionals alike since it opened its doors in 2010. Antipolo is teeming with bed-and-breakfast accommodations that will keep you close to nature. You’ll find just the right place to have a restful sleep after a day of exploring.


Angono Petroglyphs, Angono, Rizal


Photo courtesy of Carlossoy via Pixabay

Satiate your love for the arts by heading to Angono, the “Art Capital of the Philippines.” Dating back to the late Neolithic period, the Angono Petroglyphs is a must-experience. This archaeological marvel was discovered by the National Artist Carlos “Botong” Francisco in 1965. There are only a handful of such archaeological treasures in the world. Luckily, you only have to take a short trip outside of the metro to experience it. It’s definitely worth a weekend getaway!

While in Angono, make sure you drop by at the Balaw-Balaw Specialty Restaurant and Art Gallery where you get to experience good food and art all in one place. Finish the day with a relaxing stay at one of the vacation rental homes in Angono, Rizal.


Tagaytay, Cavite


Photo courtesy of Sponchia via Pixabay

A popular choice for weekend getaways, Tagaytay lets you enjoy cooler climate without driving too far from the metro. A popular thing to do in the area is to dine in one of the restaurants along the ridge that overlooks the mystifying Taal Lake. Taza, the specialty restaurant of Taal Vista Hotel, is a great place for experiencing the fresh farm cuisine Tagaytay is known for. You will also love the cultural shows offered at the resto. You can also try other great restaurants in Tagaytay before driving back to the metro the following day. Balay Dako, Josephine’s Restaurant, and Sonya’s Secret Garden are just some options.


Tanay, Rizal

waterfall splash

Photo courtesy of eak_kkk via Pixabay

Tanay, Rizal is another destination worth a drive from the city. A scenic destination that has been catching the attention of movie producers, the Daranak Falls in Tanay is a gift of nature that’s worth experiencing. Fast becoming a favorite tourist attraction, the area’s tropical vegetation is as pristine as ever. A weekend visit from the metro will have you washing the stresses away in its refreshing turquoise waters. You may also chill at nearby picnic sheds and tables, simply enjoying the beautiful view. You can bring your own food to cook at the grilling area or simply order at the small canteen in the area. Finish the day of fun and relaxation with a restful stay at one of the specialty lodgings in Tanay.


San Fernando, Pampanga

ferris wheel

Photo courtesy of StockSnap via Pixabay

If you are itching for a bit of an adrenaline rush, the Sky Ranch is the place to be. A family-friendly amusement center, this theme park features 22 rides. One ride you must definitely experience is “The Eye,” a giant Ferris wheel that stands 200 feet tall. Currently the tallest in the country, this Ferris wheel offers the best views of Mount Arayat. You’ll also love the sunset views from this vantage point. The Sky Ranch is open everyday, and is a great getaway not only for you but for the whole family as well. After the fun day at the park, take everyone to a hotel where they could take a dip in a pool.


Baguio City

outlook ridge residences baguio city roof garden

Outlook Ridge Roof Garden. Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

Speaking of marvelous views, head over to the Mines View Park in Baguio. The place offers a great view of the Ibaloi tribe’s old copper and gold mines. The Kennon Road, which is the shortest route to Baguio City, is also famous for its stunning view of the surrounding lush mountains and long stretches of the highway. A favorite tourist destination, the city has several other spots worth a visit, including Burnham Park, Orchidarium, Baguio Cathedral, Wright Park, and The Mansion. There’s much to explore so it’s best to establish your base at the Outlook Ridge Residences, a boutique leisure DMCI condo, and devote the whole weekend to experiencing the Summer Capital of the Philippines. The Outlook Ridge is so scenic, it’s a tourist spot all on its own. Drive to Baguio City for the weekend, and enjoy the clean air and cold weather.


Taal Volcano, Talisay, Batangas

Taal Lake Philippines

Photo courtesy of Rexbengil via Pixabay

Join the many wary souls taking short trips to Taal Volcano to unwind and recharge. The place will leave you in awe. Taal Lake fills the caldera that resulted from the violent eruptions that happened 500,000 to 100,000 years ago. Still one of the most active volcanoes in the Pacific Ring of Fire, Taal Volcano attracts tourists in droves with its natural grandeur. Beyond just the magnificent views, visitors get to enjoy trekking, camping, horseback riding, and boat riding.

Don’t allow stress to wreak havoc on your body. Engage in leisurely activities that will help you unwind. Take a weekend getaway now and return to the city renewed and ready to face another work week.



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