7 Standout Features that Make Outlook Ridge a Baguio Vacationer’s Dream

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Who can resist Baguio’s cool weather, crisp air and lush greenery? Whether you want to commune with nature or embark on a mountain adventure, Outlook Ridge Residences offers a tranquil space for you to fully enjoy the beauty of Baguio. Rich in culture and heritage, Baguio is a quick and easy escape from the scorching heat of Metro Manila. With recent road developments, you can travel by land from Manila to Baguio in 4 hours or even less.

Because Outlook Ridge combines the rustic charm of Baguio with the luxury of condo living, it can be the perfect vacation home for you and your loved ones. Here are 7 standout features that make Outlook Ridge a Baguio vacationer’s dream.


1. Get a healthy dose of nature

Outlook Baguio Healthy Dose of Nature

Photo courtesy of nuzree via Pixabay

How do you want to wake up to the sweet and refreshing smell of pine trees? Nestled amidst the lush greeneries of Baguio, Outlook Ridge is designed to highlight the natural beauty of the city. The relaxing scent of pine trees permeates the air, and it has the amazing feature of smelling like butterscotch, vanilla, cinnamon or even baking cookies. A green place like Outlook Ridge provides its residents with plenty of serious health benefits. Numerous scientific studies have shown that spending time with nature can improve memory, alleviate stress, reduce inflammation, and even prevent cancer. The trees and landscaped gardens of Outlook Ridge have natural therapeutic benefits that are hard to find in other condo living arrangements in the Philippines.


2. Resort-like amenities for a luxurious stay

Outlook Baguio Resort-like Amenities

Photo courtesy of kathrina5 via Pixabay

In search of a charming home away from home? Today’s competitive real estate market has given vacationers the great option of staying in a condo to enjoy upscale hotel-like amenities at a fraction of the cost. Consistent with the world-class standards of DMCI Properties, Outlook Ridge provides residents with luxurious amenities for a relaxing experience. The three mid-rise buildings of Outlook Ridge offer spacious one- to three-bedroom units, each promising dwellers a comfortable and delightful stay. Apart from its well-appointed function rooms, roof garden, and fire pit, Outlook Ridge features a fitness gym and a sauna. With Outlook Ridge’s topnotch amenities, your stay in Baguio is sure to be comfortable and satisfying.


3. At the heart of all the attractions

Outlook Baguio Heart of All Attraction

Photo courtesy of Jeffrey B Jallorina via Wikimedia Commons

When deciding where to stay in Baguio, location is an important consideration. Baguio is best enjoyed if you stay in a place that is close to the major attractions. Outlook Ridge is perfect for any Baguio itinerary because it is in close proximity to the central district and tourist spots. Its strategic location allows you easy access to The Mansion, Wright Park, and Mines View Park. It is also only minutes away from Camp John Hay and Baguio Country Club as well as the popular Baguio Public Market. Likewise, institutions like the Baguio General Hospital, St. Louis University and University of the Philippines can be reached in no time.


4. Amazing food options for all budgets and tastes

Baguio Outlook Food Options Budgets and Tastes

Photo courtesy of Free-Photos via Pixabay

A nice vacation is never complete without good food. Outlook Ridge is ideal for vacationers who want to satisfy their tummies and dine with their loved ones. Café Adriana by Hill Station is just beside the deck of Outlook Ridge. It’s a chic Spanish café with a majestic view of Baguio’s natural scenery. The restaurant serves delicious food and caters to travelers looking for a heartwarming place to enjoy good food with their loved ones. If you’re the type who wants to prepare home-cooked meals, shop for fresh ingredients at the nearby Baguio Public Market and make good use of your condo’s kitchen. High-quality food is relatively cheaper in Baguio. You’ll find that the price of fresh ingredients like fruits and vegetables are significantly less than their price in Metro Manila.


5. The cozy atmosphere is good for the mind

Baguio Outlook Cozy Atmosphere

Photo courtesy of MamaVida via Pixabay

Sometimes you just want a break from your modern life. But what if you want to relax while enjoying a modern life? Sounds too good to be true? Well, at Outlook Ridge a modern cozy space is yours to enjoy. Each condo unit is designed to showcase the picturesque beauty of Baguio. It’s a place for quiet moments while providing you with modern comfort. The stressful urban setting of mega cities like Metro Manila can sometimes take a toll on your physical and mental health. With the cozy and green setting of Outlook Ridge, you can relieve yourself of stress and worries. Go ahead and spend a cozy moment by the fireplace. Even the elevator provides a scenic view of Baguio’s natural appeal.


6. Financial benefits of a property investment at Outlook Ridge

Baguio Outlook Financial Benefits

Photo courtesy of kdsphotos via Pixabay

Many people dream of owning a vacation home in Baguio. One of the biggest advantages of a condo investment is you get access to desirable amenities that would not be practical or affordable in a standalone house. For example, it will be very expensive for a standalone house in Baguio to have a sauna. If you’re a vacationer who has an eye for investment, a property investment at Outlook Ridge is a smart choice because the price of the unit is likely to appreciate considerably over time. Likewise, you can earn a lot by placing your unit in a rental program.


7. Secure and safe community for your family

Outlook Baguio Secure and Safe Community

Photo courtesy of dhanelle via Pixabay

Apart from experiencing a good sense of condo community, safety and security are top priorities of many vacationers. At Outlook Ridge, you can have a worry-free vacation because of the property’s security and safety features. The property has 24-hour security, provisions for CCTV, and a fire alarm and sprinkler system. There is also a standby electrical generator and a perimeter fence. Baguio in itself has a low crime rate, but the safety and security features of Outlook Ridge still provide a peace of mind. Whether it’s an outdoor picnic with your kids or a relaxing walk amidst a breathtaking natural backdrop, a safe and secure vacation at Outlook Ridge will allow you to fully enjoy each moment.

Who says that a perfect vacation in Baguio is a distant dream? At Outlook Ridge, spending time with loved ones and doing fun Baguio activities can feel like a dream come true.


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