Weekend Condo Project: Transform Your Condo with Washi Tape

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For people who love color, fun, and everything adorable, the washi tape is your soulmate.  You’ve seen them before in craft shops and bookstores—the decorative Japanese tape that comes in all prints and patterns worthy of every crafter’s obsession. If you’re looking to transform your condo living room design into an endearing and charming space, start small with washi tape.

Washi tapes can make everything to look cute and adorable. It is bound to make the interior design in your condo living room truly fun and delightful. If you dream of coming home to a place that can make you smile almost instantly, you should try to spend a weekend bonding with kids and family to create some washi tape crafts.


Frame art and photos

Those expensive frames are overrated. You can ditch them and frame your favorite art piece or photos with washi tape. It is easy, cheap, and removable without damaging your walls. This is a perfect washi tape idea for condo renters who are not discouraged from drilling or mounting anything.

 You can create a collage or a gallery by framing photos of different sizes. Don’t limit yourself with plain square or rectangular frames and explore other border designs using colorful tapes with different prints.


 Update your kitchen cabinets

If you find a repaint job expensive and too much work, you can still update your kitchen with washi tape. Line your kitchen shelves or cabinets with washi tape to give it a new look. You may also make your cabinet doors less boring by sprucing it up with a pattern of your choice. For open shelves, you may also line the inside or cover it up entirely. Even just covering the knobs with fun washi tape designs would make the cabinets look more interesting.


Stick it on the wall

If you want to go all out, there are washi tapes you can turn into a wallpaper. If you do it right, it could become your very own masterpiece. Make your condo living room look fun by carefully choosing a pattern that will fit your style. You can choose classic stripes to make your condo size seem bigger or taller. You can choose simple lines or prints or you can go hip and funky. You may also choose to create an accent wall for special corners in your condo.


For kids only

Turn your child’s room into his/her own kingdom with washi tape crafts. Decorate your kid’s wall with fun shapes and characters, or let them design on their own. Accent their toy boxes and storage with washi prints. Frame their drawings by making borders out of washi tape. You may also encourage creativity by designing a fun workplace for them.


 Beautify cords and switches

Cluttered cords and cables are a major eyesore in any condo. They are small but seeing them all cluttered in one corner or scattered everywhere is simply painful. Find a way to add character to those cables by wrapping them in colorful washi tape. You may even pin them on the wall so much so that they are part of the interior design. Washi tape can also be used to label cords and beautify your condo’s  light switches.


Personal touch in the bedroom

If you plan to decorate the bedroom with washi tape, choose a personal design. If you are into traveling, incorporate washi tapes with planes or luggage bag prints. If you are the sentimental type, use it to spell out the words of a favorite quote. If you are into magic and fairytales, you can decorate the wall against your headboard with a castle pattern. You can also use geometric shapes and patterns for a more contemporary feel.


Transform boring furniture

For fun and modern condo interior design ideas, you can creatively use Japanese fabric tape to upgrade your boring furniture. You can decorate your storage cabinets, work tables, and even your lamps with washi tape. In fact, you can also decorate your door to make it more inviting and stylish.


Put fun in work

When figuring out your work area during condo space planning, consider how it’s going to look. Home offices are usually in boring corners with a dull table and chair. Put some fun into it with washi tape. Decorate your table and the storage for your pens and other supplies. You can also mount a corkboard for your to-do’s and schedules, then use washi tape to mark them.


 Customize personal items

One of the easiest yet satisfying washi tape crafts you can do with your kids is customizing personal items. You can decorate your kids’ notebooks and pens, the back of your phone, or even your makeup brushes. You can also make personalized gifts, luggage, and key tags with washi tape. You may even cover boring boxes with colorful tapes so that they can be used as storage for knick knacks.


 Be inspired

Beautiful things inspire. Use washi tape to add beauty to your passions. There are washi tape ideas for your planner to inspire you to stay organized. For people who love to write, decorate your pens and notebooks or even personalize your laptop keyboard. If you’re into crafts, make washi tapes a staple. If you like reading, wrap your bookmarks in colorful tapes.

 Turn your condo into a fun and quirky home with washi tapes. It is cheap and very easy to use. They come in different colors and sizes to match everyone’s specifications. Fun patterns and prints also make it easy for every crafter or designer to put some spunk into her/his creation.



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