Let’s Get Physical: 7 Fitness Trends for You and Your Partner

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Whether you’re a new couple who’ve only been living together for a few months or longtime lovers, spending leisure time together is key to strengthening your relationship. The go-to option for many is to go out for a meal and maybe a movie. But after a bit of repetition, even the most exciting excursions can turn into a boring routine. If the idea of going out is losing its appeal, you and your partner can get physical and share quality time through a weekend workout.

There are plenty of good reasons to exercise together. Maybe you each have personal fitness goals, or maybe you want to look good for a trip out of town. Whatever your motivation, the following condo exercise tips and new fitness trends for 2017 will help you and your partner get into a healthy rhythm.


Do the locomotion

fitness do the locomotion

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The great thing about condo living is that it gives you access to a lot of great amenities. Aside from function halls and entertainment rooms, the best condo communities have gardens and jogging paths. You can stroll along the jogging trails, holding hands as you go. But if you want to get some good cardio, then you’ll want to run or jog instead. Breaking into a healthy sweat is more fun than you think, especially if you’re burning calories in the cool morning air. That can be a good preparation as well for running events that you can join together.


Wearable fitness for her and him

fitness wearable fitness

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One of the hottest fitness trends to try is wearable fitness trackers. Those with serious dough can get specialized watches that measure your pulse and speed, as well as count the number of steps and miles you’ve gone. But even if you don’t, no worries; there are plenty of fitness apps you can download onto your smartphone. Just find an armband or a running belt that can fit your device and you’ll be good to go. Certain apps let you set up accounts that not only record your performance but also let you connect with others as well. You and your significant other can share progress or have fun challenges, letting you motivate each other more effectively.


Go no-tech

fitness go no-tech

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What if you aren’t a technologically-inclined couple, or you don’t have a lot of room to run in your condo residence? Not to worry, because you don’t need gadgets to get fit. All you really need is to subject your body to healthy stress, something bodyweight exercises are perfect for. Since free-body exercise requires no equipment, you and your partner can do it in the condo living room, the bedroom or any space. When you consider that even prisoners in the old days could work out in the confines of their cells, you’ll realize that the average condo size provides more than enough room. Lunges, squats, burpees, and planks are just some of the routines you can try, and a partner who can watch and correct your form will be very useful.


Better weights than never

fitness better weights

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There’s nothing like having someone to help you out of your comfort zone. That can mean persuading you into a new routine, which is what it takes for many women to try weight training. Aside from breaking through the self-consciousness that prevent them from going to a gym and try its amenities — something that great DMCI properties have — they also need someone to spot for them, to give them support while they’re still getting used to the routine. Many women are also discovering that, contrary to popular belief, weight training won’t necessarily make you bulky. Both men and women can lift weights, and the exercise can be very effective in boosting your metabolism so you burn calories better.


Bend into something new

Just as many women can be uncomfortable with strength training at first, many men can feel off about doing yoga. With its emphasis on balance and harmony, yoga has an undeserved reputation as a not-very-masculine exercise. But don’t be fooled; many yoga positions are quite challenging and can build strength in key muscle groups, aside from developing flexibility and discharging toxins from the body. Traditional yoga does not require equipment, so it’s suitable for a wide range of condo sizes. Women can help their male partners ease into the exercise, which can help improve communication, intimacy, and trust. And there are positions that are meant to be done in pairs, so couples can have fun trying those out too!


Go with the flow

fitness go with the flow

Photo courtesy of keijj44 via Pixabay

One of the best benefits of condo living, particularly among premium developments, is easy access to a pool. Not only can you burn calories without getting too hot, but the right pool exercises are high-intensity but low-impact, decreasing the chances of injury. One of these is swimming, which is also a great cardio. But you and your loved one can consider more unconventional workouts too: aquajogging, timed sprints, and noodle exercises are just some alternatives. Don’t forget to put on sunblock and do stretches before taking a dip.


Fitness and chill

fitness and chill

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Perhaps the most sought-after positive effects of condo living is being able to just relax and enjoy yourself. Couples who choose not to go out will often resort to Netflix, or basically just binge-watch a series that they both enjoy. With the right exercises, you can break a sweat and still enjoy movie or TV series marathons. Elliptical machines are a good way to go, but those with less floor space can do step training, workout with resistance bands, or use a variety of other small-space workout solutions.

Of course condo living in the Philippines shouldn’t be stressful, and couples should still have the option to sweat it out once in awhile. While doing things together is important in any relationship, that’s even more so for condo exercises. Self-motivation is key when it comes to fitness, but the emotional support and push that you get from a partner is invaluable. Some of the latest fitness trends to try with someone are very difficult to do without a partner. By acting as a coach and cheerleader to each other, partners sharing a condo can grow closer than ever.



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