Dressing for Summer: Fashion Tips for Every Condo Dweller

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This summer, it’s tempting to lounge around all day in your pajamas… or is it? Do you really want to spend your summer looking like a couch potato? Summer is the perfect season to spice up your wardrobe, and dressing like you’re always about to hit a resort is just one of the benefits of condo living. With a condo in the Philippines, there are many ways to live up to a tropical lifestyle without leaving your home. In fact, your summer fashion plan can continue to reflect your home style.

But perhaps the best thing about guide to summer fashion for condo living is that it’s the most convenient lifestyle for finding whatever you need for your wardrobe, work, and leisure within reach.

With your fashion source just around the corner from your home and work, read up and get ready to learn how to dress this summer!


Shady Summer

This season, keep it trendy and safe with a pair of sunglasses that never goes out of style. Some trustworthy shades will not only complete your fashion statement, they’ll also give you the much needed protection.

By this time, you’ve probably already heard that the sun’s rays are harmful to your skin. However, they can also hurt your eyes. For example, UVA can cause your skin and eyes to age prematurely, while UVB can also cause cataracts.

For the best protection, choose wide sunglasses to protect your eyes and the skin around them as well.


Pretty in Print

When playing around with prints this summer, why not use the tropical life for inspiration?

A great way to get started is by choosing one part of your outfit to carry the heavy print. Go for bold colors that really make a statement, with pieces such as tropical pants or shorts with patterns which you can then pair up with a simple tee or sleeveless top in white to exude coolness this summer. You can also choose whole ensembles with tropical prints.

Fun prints are a great way to liven up your summer, especially when you’re planning to frequent the pool at DMCI Homes. There’s no need to keep wearing the same boring summer outfit when you can grace the poolside with loud, vibrant prints.


Sandal Savvy

Of course, no summer outfit is complete without the right footwear. Forget about your old bedroom slippers or worn out flip-flops and choose some sandals for your on-the-go needs this summer.

Who says you need to look boring while you lounge around or hit the mall with your friends and family this sunny season? For a pop of color, choose embellished sandals. If you want to maintain the added height without putting on heels, you can also opt for wedge sandals to pair with the rest of your outfit.

Even better, you can wear these when you have people over at your condo; they’re definitely one of the trendiest and useful fashion finds for home.


Shake It Up with Sneakers

If you think dressing up for summer is only for the girls, you’ve got it all wrong. This is the perfect time for keeping your boots in your closet while you bring out your sneakers.

One great way for guys to stand out is to match a simple outfit in darker colors with sneakers that pop with neon shades. It’s a popular trend that has inspired runners, too, and it hasn’t quite died down! So if you want to head out for a quick jog or your regular run under the sun, make sure to put on a pair.

Afterwards, you can change out of your running clothes but keep your sneakers as you head out for an alfresco dinner nearby or for a movie night with the kids. By offering you condo living that’s near all these great spots to hit in your summer sneakers, DMCI Homes makes sure that you always have the best—and trendiest—summer experience.


Denim Days

Who says denim is dead? With the right mixing and matching, denim pieces can become a stylish summer dress for men.

Instead of the same old long-sleeved shirts or vests for work, you can opt for a simple, light denim jacket. This helps transform your denim wear from just another layer to an unconventional piece that gives you a different look this summer.


Creative Cover-Ups

Now’s the best time to experiment with different cover-ups for when you’re taking a break from dipping in the pool. Sure, having a stylish one-piece or trendy bikini is important, but having a cool, fun cover-up can really complete your look.

Try different styles from chiffon cover-ups to a more traditional sarong. You can even use pour-scoop blouses for that extra oomph.


In Love with Lace

For ladies who want a laid-back summer, whether they’re traipsing around the pool or meeting their friends for brunch, short, white-laced dresses are perfect.

Such a look is perfect under the heat as it gives a breezy feel while also giving off a heavenly allure. They can also double as formal wear this summer when accessorized with the right jewelry and blazer.


Comfy in Cotton Trousers

Still need to catch up on a gazillion appointments this summer? Why not make it that much more fun with colored cotton trousers? The cotton fabric ensures that you stay cool in this crazy heat, while fun, pastel colors can give you a wide range for mixing in matching.

What’s more, with condo living, it’s that much easier to hit the stores and pick out different colors of cotton trousers, so you’ll never run out of design inspirations for how to dress this summer.


Nice and Nautical

Go ahead: keep it exciting with nautical wear to battle your greatest enemy this summer: boredom. Wearing a fun ensemble can often lead to a fun day, so outfits inspired by the nautical uniform make for a perfect travel outfit this summer.

Besides, who says you need to book a flight to enjoy the sun this time of year? Invite some friends over and dare them to come in their best nautical attire so you can enjoy summer life at the condo, sharing drinks and soaking up the sun. Best of all, this is definitely a trend that both men and women can pull off, just by playing with blue, white, and red accents, so no one gets left behind!


Go Hippie in the Heat

There’s nothing like a carefree, breezy dress this summer. If you want added protection from the sun without adding too many layers, why not try some flowing dresses that best embody the laid-back, hippie look.

Best of all, you can wear these dresses when heading out for errands under the unforgiving heat. And with just a stylish blazer or jacket, you can also wear these long-skirted, flowing dresses to your meetings, and then relax on your balcony or by the pool after a long day—definitely one of the unique advantages of condo-living on your summer work!

With these tips, summer at your condo will never be the same. You can pair up any of these hot trends with the fashion finds for home that you already have and enjoy all the benefits of condo living, too! Use all these great style ideas not only for adding to your shopping list, but also for enjoying the resort life that only DMCI Homes can offer you—one that also keeps you close to all the benefits of city living that reflects your personality.




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