How To Achieve A Longer Spotlessly Clean Condo


It keeps coming back. That’s just so true of perennially unwanted household dirt – from dust, grime, stains, grease to cobwebs. No matter how you rid them, you find yourself face-to-face with them again at some point.  With the high price of real estate as in condo living, there is a great urge for property longevity whether from a resident’s or investor’s perspective.  Cleaning your condo may not be the relevant task at hand; but rather, how to keep your condo clean becomes the more ultimate concern.  Below are some practical, helpful household cleaning tips towards spotlessly keeping your condo clean for a longer time.


1. Ready With Home Remedies

You need not go far anymore since useful tidying up solutions may be found right from your pantry. DMCI Homes lines up several cleaning alternatives for greener living derived from natural ingredients and household essentials.  From cleaning, deodorizing, polishing to sanitizing, these handy home remedies surely have the answer to all cleaning problems. So next time you visit the supermarket, you may want to consider buying extras for baking soda or vinegar for its effective and longer-lasting cleaning action.


2. Use Quality Cleaning Materials

Admittedly, it is so tempting to grab old t-shirts or torn-out towels when you’ve run out of fresh rugs to use.  If you aim for a spotless clean surface, go for  microfiber which boasts of superior cleaning action.  Up to 96% of bacterial elements can be effectively removed by microfiber with water alone.  Using microfiber each time you clean will definitely keep your home clean longer as no residual dirt is left behind which bacteria can build on.


3. Keep Near The Feather Duster

Pave way for regular, spot clean-ups to avoid piling up of dirt.  This certainly  contributes to making your condo clean longer.  In hand for this task is the ever dependable feather duster which makes wiping out the dust from furniture, walls, decoratives, etc., just light and easy.


4. Get Scratch-free

For scratch-free flooring, consider having wheels for frequently used furnitures such as the mini-bar cart or attaching furniture protector foot pads onto the ironing board. This reduces tendencies of scarring the floor, and assists otherwise in preserving tiles longer whenever items are moved around.  Try also to care for your condo furniture by erasing marks from wooden pieces with a walnut to keep that country appeal.


5. Set Out Trash Bins

Placing trash containers at severala reas of the condo like in bedrooms, kitchen and restrooms can turn waste collection easier and faster.  By prompting everyone to throw in the clutter from its point of origin, this will absolutely make your house stay clean a lot longer.


6. Filter the Windows

Another way to diminish dust permeating into your condo is with window filters like curtains and blinds.  These household items serve a great way not only acting as barriers to dust entrance into the rooms, thus keeping your home clean for a longer time, but also in adorning the home with attractive designs and patterns of your choice.


7. Bar the Cracks

Don’t miss out also on unnecessary openings in your home like gaps, holes and crevices that serve as gateways of dirt or tiny animals from outside.  Secure gaping areas by sealing them off permanently with cement or wood as needed.


8. Maintain Crystal Clear Shower Doors

House Logic recommends coating of shower room’s glass door with rain-repellant intended for car windshields to banish accumulation of soap residues.  When used with glass, rain-repellant produces concealed coating that makes water and other debris to solidify and peel off. Fitted for effective cleaning of car windshields, you can definitely expect glass shower doors to stay clean longer.


9. Organize, Store, Declutter

Household pests, particularly rats, are also filth carriers. They swiftly move around bits and pieces of paper, plastics, food particles and other waste elements they could scour around with.

Hence, it’s best to target waste from the source.  Keep your stuff organized into groups of similar use and store them neatly in hanging wall cabinets or wire racks where they can be least reached.  Or consider putting things such as children’s toys in storages with removable lid covers so pests can’t jump in.  Lastly, dispose of old, idle boxes and other knick-knacks no longer used.

Decluttering your home from rubbish eliminates possible breeding grounds that can be built upon by these tiny yet destructive creatures.  In the end,  there will be no mess with no pests around.


10. Make It Collective Effort

Your condo will stay clean longer if everyone partakes.  Engage family  members to always keep clean by posting worthwhile reminders at back doors or wall frontages, especially in most dynamic areas like kitchen and restrooms, where they can be easily seen.  Hygiene-conscious messages like “Flush After Every Use” and “Clean As You Go” are just little deeds but come a long way in helping cut out stubborn stains and dirt built-up. Churning out room cleaning assignments for everybody also helps infuse responsibility into the task.


11. Tuck-in The Wires

Loose wirings serve like waste in nurturing household pests.  They serve as bridgeways or walkthroughs to spots rats aim to reach.  Hence, get hold of those dangling wires and tuck them into walls with casings to finally put off those tracks.


12. Bust The Dust

Sometimes you wonder why there’s always dust in the house, don’t you? Even while you perform a daily sweeping in the mornings, dust may be brought in each time someone comes in. It is said that about 80% of house dirt steps in from the outdoors. Real Simple suggests placing a floor mat at front and back doors to decelerate dust transport and keep your carpets and floor clean longer, as dust is shaken away from everyone’s shoes entering into the house.


13. Clear The Waters

. Loose water outlets become sources of yellowish stains common with rest room or kitchen tiles. Even roof leaks can leave prominent water marks at the ceiling which could attract unsightly moth when left wet for a long time.  Hence, attending quickly to these water nuisances with the service contractor could avoid formation of water blemishes on exposed surfaces and thus, help keep your home looking clear and clean longer.


14. Locate a Receiving Area

Getting things scattered all over your condo will take much longer time for clean-up.  Designate one part of the house where you and your family can wind down and leave small stuffs upon arrival.  Personal belongings like keys, wallets, jackets, shoes, bags, etc., are frequently taken for granted when you get home due to immediate need for rest or refreshments, and also the most hard-to-find essentials when hurrying to leave.  Confining all these items in just one location will make your home quick-to-clean and hence, clean for a longer time too.


15. Play Along with Kids

Although they’re adorable, kids can be the biggest mess contributors! They scatter toys around, drop food crumbles, splatter water on the floor, etc.  Stopping them is easier to say, but one trick to getting them do what you want is by role playing. Getting their hands up like a doctor can lead them to first wash their soiled hands after eating before touching the walls.

Regular, effective cleaning is the key towards achieving a longer spotlessly clean condo. Putting it off aside for a single, all-day schedule will only result to dirt accumulation, making your home look filthy.  But when cleaning is shared by everyone at home, you can expect to get desired results easier and faster.


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