11 Perfect Plants For Your Condo Bathroom

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Living in a condo in the Philippines does not mean that your condo unit, especially your bathroom, has to be bare. Décor may not be an essential need in your bathroom, but it does a good job sprucing up your bathroom interior.

One of the best ways to liven up your condo bathroom without putting a hole in your pocket is by adding plants. Adding plants in your condo bathroom not only beautifies your bathroom, it also freshens the air. In addition, condo plants are eco-friendly décor that does not need much maintenance.

If you have always wondered how to green up your condo, then adding a plant or two in your bathroom is a good way to do so. You just need to learn the ways to put up a garden in your condo and then choose the best plant that fits your condo bathroom, and you’re ready to go.

To help you choose, here, we give you 11 of the best plants for your DMCI Homes condo bathroom.


1. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a stemless succulent plant with thick and fleshy leaves. Commonly, the leaves of this plant ranges from green to grey-green in color. However, some varieties have white flecks on their stem surfaces. This plant species has been widely grown as an ornamental plant.

Aloe vera needs a moderate amount of sunlight, but not too much. This characteristic of aloe vera makes it a great plant for the bathroom. In addition, aloe vera does not need much water to survive.


 2. Bamboo

Bamboos add a zen-inspired style to your bathroom. However, take note that bamboos are one of the fastest growing plant species, and it may grow too much out of proportion. Nonetheless, there are methods to stunt the growth of bamboo. For instance, you can use a physical barrier to stop your bamboo from growing.


 3. Orchids

Orchids come in a variety of colors so it is a good choice to liven up your bathroom. Orchids also thrive well in warm and humid environments. Most orchids prefer plenty of light so you might need to place it near your bathroom window. Nonetheless, they do not need much water. You only have to water them at least once a week. The downside of orchids, however, is that they are perennial plants, so you will only enjoy their flowers for a certain part of the year.


 4. Snake plant

The snake plant, also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, is a flowering plant that needs a minimal amount of light and water to live. Despite it being a low-maintenance plant, the snake plant is a wonderful air purifier. It is also a good choice for a corner plant because of its colorful flowers.


5. Spider plant

Chlorophytum comosum, commonly known as “spider plant,” is a flowering perennial herb. It is considered the most adaptable indoor plant and is the easiest to grow.

Taking care of spider plants is easy. Because they are low maintenance, spider plants are an excellent choice for newbies. If ever you choose this plant for your bathroom, you can use a container garden to house your spider plant.


 6. Chinese Evergreen

The Chinese Evergreen is a bathroom plant that does not require much attention. It requires minimal sunlight and does not need too much watering, making it a perfect condo bathroom plant for busy homemakers. This plant grows into a little bush and will make your room look like an evergreen forest.


7. African violet

The flowers of African Violet come in six different beautiful colors, adding much exquisiteness to your condominium bathroom. However, African Violet requires medium to bright sunlight. In addition, this plant needs a more dedicated watering schedule compared with other houseplants. If not watered daily, the African Violet may wilt quickly. Despite this, this plant flowers all year round, so it is a perfect bathroom ornament if taken care of.


8. Dumb cane

One of the most popular bathroom plants is the Dumb Cane. Dumb Cane can survive even in moderate watering conditions. Moreover, Dumb Cane does not need too much sunlight and can survive with artificial lighting. However, the sap of this bathroom plant is poisonous and may cause swelling of the throat, so make sure to handle this plant with caution.


9. Rubber tree

The Rubber Tree needs low sunlight, making it a perfect bathroom plant. However, this plant requires lots of watering. The Rubber Tree has shiny, dark green leaves and is perfect to be used as ornament together with other plants. The Rubber Tree can tolerate abuse, but it may die if not given proper drainage.


10. Queen palm

With its slender stock and bushy top, the Queen Palm is a majestic looking bathroom plant. When grown in the ground, Queen Palms can grow up to 40 feet high. Do not worry though that this plant may not fit your condo bathroom because Queen Palm planted in a pot will hardly reach 10 feet tall. This houseplant can thrive even with indirect sunlight and requires regular watering. The Queen Palm is a perfect indoor plant.


11. String of hearts

The leaves of the String of Hearts resemble upside down hearts, thus its name. Its leaves come in a variety of colors, ranging from green to purple. The String of Hearts will look best when it hangs from a pot. This bathroom plant requires little water, making it perfect for condo units.

Adding a plant to your condo bathroom not only beautifies your bathroom, it also freshens the air in your condo unit. Condo plants are eco-friendly décor that does not need much maintenance. Choose among the 11 best plants for your condo bathroom and start sprucing up your bathroom interior.


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