Redefine style with fashion finds tailored for life on and off work


Whether it is hell day in the office or a boring hermit weekend living in condominiums, you have to dress the part. You don’t want the fashion police to arrest you for humiliating your body in front of yourself and tons of people, do you?

Fashion trends get a whole lot trickier as time goes by. Every professional have that morning ritual of choosing what outfit to wear in a world of smart and fashion-forward people. More than just a utility, fashion is a status symbol which reflects and expresses your individual identity. So, whether you are at your office working, out for fun, or consuming the ideal condo living, you should do it in style! Here’s a chic guide to help you unlock that hidden unique fashion style.

Wear to Work and Work to Wear

Whether you like it or not, first impressions count. Remember the movie The Devil Wears Prada? One look and Miranda Priestly knew that Andy Sachs had no sense of fashion. However, if you choose to change that impression as to your work style, then do as what Andy had done, change your style and check out the appropriate fashion for work.

Keeping your work wear trimmed to your work style and to the current fashion trend is challenging for most people. However, with the proper fashion finds or clothings that are both professional and stylish gain you the confidence and comfort to go to work. To get the best clothing, you have to be certain about the workplace style imposed and expected from you in your office. Some opt for strictly formal wear while others do not even care at all. Once known, you should select garments that show off your assets, not that it should show some skin or some cleavage, but they should simply fit well.

Consider getting a pantsuit and a jacket for women, and get at least one tailored suit for men. In elitist environment, wardrobe is your personal investment. Though corporate colors mostly mean black and white, keep your wardrobe fashionable and play with cool colors to match your coats. Remember the rule of thumb to contrast the minimal with the oversize to create balance.

Learn to cope with the fashion trends, especially with fashion involving work through magazines and fashion websites. Hacking up with the latest style  do not require one to keep throwing out old clothes and replacing them with new ones every season, your garments should be of good fashion finds that could last a lifetime without being out of style, like black tank tops that could go with just about anything. Skirts, coats, and suits are some of the classic yet enduring style that you should have on your wardrobe.

Style for Condo Days

“It’s sort of comical how you think that you’ve made a choice that exempts you from the fashion industry when, in fact, you’re wearing the sweater that was selected for you by the people in this room from a pile of stuff.”

– Miranda Priestly

You might think that fashion is only applicable outside the premises of your own home or condo unit, but that is never true. Style and fashion is crucial to your everyday condo living but admittedly, it is a breeze as compared to choosing the proper fashion for work. Unlike the elitist environment, dressing up in your condo requires comfort and decency in the clothes you wear. PJs or pajamas may be the perfect representation of comfort and casual wear at home, but if you are living in a condominium, say a condo in the Philippines, you would understand that PJs are a no-no. Condominiums abode a large number of families open to guests almost every day. As such, wearing your PJs in the highway with your tattered shirt is just not the proper clothing when staying outside your condo unit. Opt for comfortable tank tops that are clean and not tattered, loose shirts, sweaters, sweatpants, and shorts.

You do not have to go all flashy or formal during your relaxation time enjoying the condo life, but you have to be clean and presentable as a sign of respect to everyone you will meet.

Your Fashion Reflects Your Home Style

You are what you wear and what you wear reflects your home design style. Fashion is personality and individuality. It defines who you are so even if you do not notice, in all the things that you do, you leave a mark of your signature. As Aaron Walter puts it, “personality is the mysterious force that attracts us to certain people and repels us from others and because personality greatly influences our decision-making process, it can be a powerful tool in design.” Going back to history, we have seen the personalities of numerous scientists and inventors through the product or output that they have done. In all these things fashion is presented through the personality of one’s self.

Fashion can be mirrored with the way they style their homes or living structures, home designs can be seen as an outlet of one’s personality and experience. In decorating your condo, allow room for creativity and imagination. With each living space corresponds a home design with a specific personality, so be sure to take that risk and find ways to have a timeless home design at par with your emotions, experience, and attitude. Here are some of the design styles and the corresponding personalities for each:

1. Traditional Design style

This style caters to a formal home setting that had gone through numerous period of time creating a sense of timeless tradition and matching the traditional decorations at home. Colors include the jewel tones in coordinating pale hues. Silks, brocades and satins are the prevalent fabrics used in this style of decorating. This type of decorating style falls under the sophisticated classic personality. These people hold a different attachment to tradition and elegance.

2. Contemporary Design style

This design style centers on either straight or beautifully curved lines. Through the name itself, it literally relates to the current trend in design as reflected in the current fashion design in the market. Colors are usually dependent on the trend but are more of blocks of saturated color. Geometric or abstract patterns and Pop Art–inspired accessories are also featured in this design style. People who opt for this design are modern graphics who love to always be in trend and are mostly risk-takers.

3. Eclectic Design Style

The Eclectic decorating style, on the other hand, means variations and may resemble any number of the other decorating styles. Colors are up to the taste of the person who will live with the interior décor but mostly cover jewel tones mixed with washed-out chalky shades. Home design styles such as these include a mix of fabrics and antique and modern pieces. Most people who choose this style do so because they enjoy certain aspects of all the other styles. These people love to mix and match and are definitely lovers of art.

4. Minimalism Design Style

Based on the term itself, minimalism design values simplicity at its best. This design is certainly chic when put together well. The best colors to design this look upon are earth tones that are warm and uplifting. The clean lines and open spaces allow you to enjoy simplicity at its very best. People who opt for this home design are usually shy and timid but are pleasing to the eyes as they know how to mix and match.

5. Garden Design Style

Homes design with this style usually gives a relaxing family time with the sun room and the plants surrounding the house. Landscape pictures and large windows allow for sweeping views of the exterior landscape. Colors are vibrant and natural to bring the outdoors into each living space. People with this style have a knack for a chill and breezy view on life.

Finding your own personality and style is on a trial-and-error basis. Sometimes, you even land on two opposite personalities or mixed personalities depending on the mood you are in. Whichever the case, once you are able to connect with your inner passion for fashion and style, you have to constantly push yourself toward projecting that persona in everything that you do, in what you wear, and even at the condo that you live in. It is a journey that almost everyone takes. So don’t worry, in time, you will pull off the style perfect for you.


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