Your Ultimate Guide to Economical And Classy Condo Living


Now that you have your own unit, it’s time to give your own touch to your beloved home. Home upgrades should not always be expensive; creativity, cleverness, being economical and tightfisted are the keys in achieving a budget-friendly home design. Owning a condo unit in the Philippines often gives the connotation of being well-heeled but that’s not always the case. Every home design project you make doesn’t have to break your bank and your every buck. Learn how to achieve a classy condo design without killing your wallet!

Go for a Theme

Before anything else, deciding what you like and what you don’t like is important. Looking for design inspirations over the internet are ideal but make sure to input your own ideas and personalize the designs for your own living space. Agree with other family members your design plan and consider their suggestions. If you have a baby or kids, better dig more of a playful and colorful interiors.


Image via at Flickr

Image via at Flickr

Just be Minimal

The minimalist design is one of the timeless home designs. This doesn’t get outdated and old-fashion rather it gives a sophisticated vibe to your room.Using uniform, light, and simple colors like white or black, for your walls and decors, can give a calming effect for the eyes and the illusion of a bigger space.

Image via jorma at Flickr

Image via jorma at Flickr

Lights on For a Classy Gloom

Before choosing the type of light to use for your home, you should know first which lighting works best for your home aesthetics. Suitably, harmonize the lights and colors with the classic feel you want to achieve. If you are gifted with an artistic thumb, you can further make the room lights more attractive. By using colored pens, you can draw different designs on your light bulb which when turned on casts a neat shadow. Poking holes on a dark lampshade gives your room a starry effect and in order to achieve this, you’ll be needing:

1 piece of dark-colored cardboard or cloth

1 energy saving LED light bulb

An old lamp

Thumb tacks for poking the holes


Think of a design that you like, in this case, it’s a building with stars (holes). Outline your design on the cardboard. Poke dots to your outline using the thumb tacks. Replace the shade of your old lamp with you design. Voila! Your room has now filled with stars. You can play with different colors, shapes and designs and try placing this in your bedroom, living room or outside your window balcony.

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

You can look online for more DIY ideas for your lamp that are definitely easy and cost-effective.

Walls beyond Walls

Asking permission from the management before you personalize your condo unit is essential to avoid future problems between you and the management. You do not want to be the least liked tenant in the building, do you? Wallpapers are often the solution for this problem. Curtains also work great as it can act as a divider or room separator. Have you ever heard of fabric wallpaper? Not only that is removable, you can also create your own design just by using a marker, fabric, water, and cornstarch.

Image via Wickerfurniture at Flickr

Image via Plage Vinilos y Decoración at Flickr

Multifaceted Storage Stall

Since you are looking for budget-friendly home designs, opting for double duty storages is a smart move. Not only that it is cost-effective but it also maximizes the space. Double duty seating, storage couches and using an old chest as coffee table can inexpensively classy.

Image via Wickerfurniture at Flickr

Image via Wickerfurniture at Flickr

Hang in Style

Spiced up that exposed closet or clothing rack by using colored tapes or hop along the trend of the infamous washi tapes which comes in different design. It is functional and of course pretty which makes decorating more fun.

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

 Just Like the Movies

If you’re an art or just art-appreciative who loves watching classic and foreign films, you should try installing white screens and hang it on your window which can later be used as a projector screen.

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

You don’t need to sacrifice your whole savings just to achieve a classy and trendy home upgrades. Being creative and imaginative is often the key in achieving a condo design that is low-cost but is elegantly classy.


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