Stunning Purple Color Schemes For Your Condo Space

Condo Design.

In school, we were instructed to always color within the lines. In life, we were made to believe that less is always more. But should you follow the same conservative approach when it comes to choosing the color scheme for your condo? Traditional design principles dictate that soft, safe, and neutral tones are the way to go. They look cleaner and make any condo space look bigger. But by sticking to safe, you could be missing out on the many opportunities that a bolder or sharper color can bring your condo design ideas into life.

There are no rules as far as condo color schemes are concerned. You can go from sweet and charming to wild and rustic. If there is any rule at all, it should be that you are allowed to go outside the lines as you aim for a space that makes you feel good. And make sure you to put comfy first when it comes to condo design, of course!

Purple, the color of an eggplant, could be that color. It is daring and brave, and yet can be soft, cozy, and romantic. Of course, it is fairly unusual, but if you were to give a hard, second look at the color palette for your condo’s interior design, you should spend a little more time on this color.


Zen and calm

zen and calm

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The light shades of an eggplant color can help calm you down. According to, purple is a good combination of blue and red. And most people view this color as imaginative, mysterious, spiritual, rare, and intriguing because purple rarely occurs in nature.

If you want your condo to be a haven of peace and quiet, this shade can help. Using a light shade of purple such as a soft lilac or orchid in your bedroom could help you relax. These colors evoke serenity and they motivate you to slow down. They are easy on the eyes because they are not too imposing. The muted tones can work well with white, nudes, and silver.


Royalty and elegance

royalty and elgance

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The color purple is widely associated with royalty. There was a time when only aristocrats, rulers, and influential men could wear purple fabric.

So if you want to feel grand and royal, a dark shade of this color deserves a spot in your modern condo’s interior design. It doesn’t have to be an entire wall if you think you are not ready for it. It could just be the background of your living room couch or that wall where you hang elegant paintings or mirrors. This kind of purple is meant to overwhelm and neutral-toned pieces of furniture can make it stand out even more. If it is royalty that you want to achieve, never do it half-baked. Go the whole hog.


Mysterious and sexy

mysterious and sexy

Photo courtesy of decozilla via Pinterest

Imagine a garden of very dark-colored eggplants on your ceiling and you’ll mistake it for the midnight sky. That’s how this home décor color scheme could be made to appear: mysterious and sexy. It is a very exciting color with a bit of sophistication largely because of its richness and texture. This could especially work in the bedroom to kindle exotic flair and drama. Balance the soothing element of darkness with white sheets and glowing fixtures.


Crisp and edgy

crisp and edgy

Photo courtesy of Architecture Art Designs via Pinterest

If you want to take it to the extreme, go for neon-purple walls. If this doesn’t make your condo space edgy, we don’t know what will. Sharp tones can open up a space because of its brightness. If you are hesitant to paint your living room walls a neon-purple, you may just create a focal wall. Painting one wall differently can work wonders for a small space according to Libby Langdon of HGTV. This unexpected accent can bring depth and excitement to a room. Don’t forget to match it with equally superb interior design ideas.


Splash of purple

splash of purple

Photo courtesy of Architectural Digest via Pinterest

If you don’t want to paint anything, you can still achieve the level of sophistication and elegance that the color purple brings through furnishings and fixtures. Bring your condo interior design to life with splashes of purple. It could be throw pillows, a rug, a painting, a lamp or a couch. This is a good way to be accustomed to bold colors. In the bedroom, you can start with sheets or the night table. Giving your condo rooms just the right pop of purple would make it brighter and more vibrant.


Two-toned perfection

two-toned perfection

Photo courtesy of Delta Faucet via Pinterest

The rich eggplant color scheme is one of the richest palettes for exciting combinations. The soft and subtle shade is soothing and can be mixed with creamy whites for a feminine feel. The radiant orchid would find harmony in fuchsia and pinks. The grape shade is best with silver to anchor a contemporary design. The dark eggplant hue can stand out when paired with dark brown and splashes of silver. Even the different shades of purple can be paired and mixed with one another to create a seamless modern condo interior design.


Just for fun

just for fun

Photo courtesy of Mobile Home Living via Pinterest

The eggplant color scheme is rich and fun. It could be used to make certain rooms in your house look even more vibrant. Have you ever thought of a purple bathroom? You can combine different shades and patterns, and mix them with other strong colors for accent. How about a purple nursery? Choose a light shade to illustrate calm, while keeping the room fun and playful. By using it as the color of girls’ rooms, you can turn spaces into fairytale havens. You can even use this color scheme in the kitchen. Just add a few shiny elements and you’ll surely get away with it.

Love it or hate it, the color purple is undeniably stylish. It is easy to use because of all the colors embedded in it such as blue, red, and green. The key here is to not be afraid. Choosing the perfect color scheme for your condo space can be overwhelming, but that doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to traditionally safe tones. You should allow yourself to be surprised.



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