Condo Living Etiquette: Navigating Common Areas With Courtesy

Condo Living.

One of the most exciting prospects of living in a DMCI Homes property is the availability of the best, most luxurious condominium amenities. From sparkling swimming pools to gorgeously landscaped gardens, you can enjoy the thrills and benefits of these lavish features – especially when you share them with the rest of your condo community.

It’s important to note that these luxury amenities are shared. While you have full access to these spaces, you also need to know how to share common condo areas and take care of them. Without the right condo rules and etiquette to navigate your use, you run the risk of disrupting or conflicting with neighbors – resulting in a less harmonious condo living environment for all.

Discover top tips and guidelines for sharing condo amenities through this quick and easy guide. Learn how to use common areas and features courteously with the help of your DMCI Homes community.

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General tips for shared condo amenities

You can easily maximize your living experience when you follow proper conduct and familiarize yourself with the right guidelines for using these shared spaces. Here are some of the most common tips you should remember for respectfully using these areas, found across almost all DMCI Homes properties:

  • Swimming pools – To ensure excellent condo living conditions across all the swimming pools on the property, remember to wear proper swimming attire, shower before entering the pool, and keep it and its surroundings clean. Observe safety protocols as well by not running around the slippery pool deck. Take note of the times when the pool is open for use; if it’s closed, avoid entering the pool area.
  • Landscaped gardens – If you’re walking or jogging along the paths in these landscaped gardens, give way to fellow walkers and joggers. Avoid littering or leaving trash in these areas to maintain their clean and verdant qualities too. If you have a pet that poops in these areas, always pick up after them and throw their poop in the designated trash bins.
  • Sky Deck and other lounge areas – You can easily maximize your experience at the Sky Deck and other lounge areas by using them to work, eat, host guests, take pictures, or relax at the end of the day. Do your part to maintain the serene environment of these spaces by keeping noise to a minimum and cleaning up after yourself as well.

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  • Fitness gym – At DMCI Homes’ fitness gym, you can utilize all the awesome equipment during all open service hours. So remember to take care of these features by wiping down the equipment after use, observing time limits when applicable, and sharing the space courteously with others.
  • Lobbies and hallways – Avoid condo living mishaps in these common areas by observing proper behavior; that is, keeping noise to a minimum, observing cleanliness, and respecting neighbors’ personal space in lobbies and hallways. If you have kids, make sure they don’t play or run around in these areas either, to avoid untoward accidents.
  • Elevators – This tight space can be awkward to share with fellow residents. To ensure a better experience for everyone, always keep noise levels low inside the elevator and give ample space for everyone in it. Also, if you’re coming from the pool, don’t enter an elevator while you’re still wet – dry off before entering this space to keep it clean for everyone’s use.
  • Parking lot – As a resident, you may opt to get a parking space for your car in a DMCI Homes parking lot. So if you use this space, remember to stick to your designated spot, avoid using the PWD parking slots unless applicable, and observe speed limits for everyone’s safety.

By following these general condominium rules and keeping the venues in tip-top shape, you and your community can enjoy using these spaces for a longer time. To create an even bigger positive impact within these features for your community, check out these next few tips.

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Creating a positive impact in shared spaces

Sharing a living space, albeit in a condominium complex, can still be a challenge for some condo-dwellers. Arguments can still occur among neighbors, so you need to know what you can do to de-escalate such conflicts accordingly.

To foster friendly relationships and create a positive impact with fellow homeowners in shared spaces, remember to follow these simple tips:

  • Familiarize yourself with the rules. As a homeowner, you should be able to familiarize yourself with condominium rules via your homeowner’s manual. Take it upon yourself to go through this manual before moving in, so you’ll know what to do to maintain a good living environment for the community.
  • Be mindful of your behavior. While the whole complex is your living space, you still need to be mindful of your behavior, especially around fellow homeowners. Remember to reduce noise levels when necessary and to show respect to other neighbors so that you can enjoy your surroundings as much as everyone else.
  • Follow pet policies. Always check to see if condo pets are allowed before moving into a new home. If you’re already settled, remember to maintain cleanliness in your unit and all areas by picking up after your pets. Lastly, try and train your pet to keep their noise to a minimum.

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  • Clean as you go (CLAYGO). No matter where you are on the premises, you must always observe the CLAYGO practice. By cleaning as you go, you ensure that your surroundings are always clean and in tip-top shape – both for your community and your own benefit.
  • Be responsible for your guests. Whether you’re planning a party or simply inviting guests over to the property, you are responsible for their behavior towards the complex and your neighbors. So remember to remind your guests of the general rules so that they can follow them as well.
  • Don’t be afraid to say hi. If it’s your first time to meet new neighbors or fellow homeowners, don’t be afraid to approach them and say hello. By initiating conversation and encouraging a genial relationship with them, you’ll end up fostering a more positive environment overall, while also gaining a brand new friend.
  • When in doubt, call for help. Still having trouble resolving a dispute with your neighbor, like when using the fitness gym or sharing a Sky Deck lounge space? Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your respective property management office to settle the dispute.

One last tip – the best way to create a positive impact in your complex’s shared spaces is to always communicate with respect and to seek compromises in resolving disputes. With these tips, you can foster good relationships with your neighbors and enjoy a harmonious living environment for everyone.

Speaking of fostering a good environment, check out the next section for one last way to show respect for your condominium home.

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Eco-friendly practices at condo amenities

One last way you can show respect and courtesy in a shared living space like your condo complex is to always practice eco-friendly behavior.

Eco-friendly behavior simply means enacting practices that are good and sustainable for both your fellow residents and the environment around you. From CLAYGO to ensuring the upkeep of common areas, you can do a lot of simple tasks to reduce negative impacts like wastage in commonly used spaces.

Avoid using up resources unnecessarily by putting into practice simple acts like turning off the lights before leaving an empty gym, or taking a short shower before entering the pool. Make it a habit to follow condominium trash segregation policies too, to ensure your trash is not misplaced.

As a whole, your partners at DMCI Homes always want to highlight the importance of eco-friendly living. That’s why many of its properties are developed with Lumiventt Design Technology in mind. With this engineering feature, you can enjoy architecture that enables natural light and fresh air to diffuse through all shared spaces, wasting less energy for a better living space for all.

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Key takeaways

Being courteous isn’t just for the benefit of your community – it’s for your own benefit as well. By respectfully using common areas in your complex, you can ensure a happier and healthier environment, leading to the condo living experience you desire and deserve.

So to ensure the upkeep of your shared home, remember to take these final reminders away with you:

  • Familiarize yourself with building policies. It’s as simple as reading through your homeowner’s handbook and taking note of signs around the property, to ensure you’re following policies properly.
  • Practice respect for everything. By respecting the space you live in, you also end up respecting your fellow homeowners – thus leading to more courteous neighborhood dynamics.
  • Always defer to your property management team. Not sure what the latest policies are for your property? When in doubt, ask your respective DMCI Homes property management team for help and guidance.

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