Cozy Condo Design Ideas For To Enjoy Your Stay At Home


When the weather outside is frightful, so the song goes, stay home. It’s that time of the year again when even Godzilla will probably have a hard time knocking you out of bed with the sheets so soft and pillows so warm. But wait: what if they’re not? What if you step out of the room and everything seems bleak and drab?

As the cold weather is perfect for fashion, it’s also perfect for a cozy condo home improvement project. Just the thought of plush, softness, and warm colors will have you excited for the rainy days.

Cozy Condo Design Ideas

  1. Plunge in bed heaven
  2. Go for a handy nightstand
  3. Slouch in the couch
  4. Warm up windows
  5. Let the sunshine in
  6. Step into comfort
  7. Play with colors
  8. Blooms and greens
  9. Scent of winter

Shun those condo blues away and check out our warm and cozy decorating ideas to prepare your condo for the cold, rainy days.

Cozy condo design # 1:Plunge in bed heaven

Plunge in bed heaven

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There is nothing like sinking into a bed of softness and comfort. If a new mattress is out of your budget, just top it with a mattress topper or thick pad. Slide between smooth and soft sheets. Decide how thick you want it or what material feels best on your skin like cotton or knit. A warm, down comforter or quilt plus soft plush pillows all around you will make a cozy condo bedroom.

Aside from the warm bed, add lighting to your condo design ideas. Get a bedside lamp for a more dramatic effect. Place a thick shag or soft sheepskin rug to hug your feet before you climb your bed.


Cozy condo design # 2: Go for a handy nightstand

Go for a handy nightstand

Photo courtesy of Rochelle Read via Pinterest

Place a small nightstand beside your bed. Cold mornings are lazy mornings so the nightstand will be a great place to put a bottle of water, a thermos for a cup of tea, and a book for early reading. If you don’t feel like getting up right away (which you probably don’t) and want to curl up in bed longer, at least you have what you need. You may place a nice lamp on it too if you want to read late at night or just a place to put down the remote control when you are watching TV.

A nightstand is perfect for your condo bedroom because it doesn’t take much space but can serve as a side table and storage at the same time.


Cozy condo design # 3: Slouch in the couch

Slouch in the couch

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The couch is the perfect movie and lazy pit during the cold months. A leather couch may not exactly be what you need so go for those with fabric and natural upholstery. Linen, cotton, and wool are popular choices.

A cozy couch is inviting and like begging for some snuggling and curling which are what makes the rainy weather nice. Plush pillows are a must so generously pile them up in the couch. A cozy throw to wrap around your feet when it gets cold completes the ensemble.


Cozy condo design # 4: Warm up windows

Warm up windows

Photo courtesy of Lindsey Finch via Pinterest

Choose warm colors for your window drapes and curtains. You may also layer them for more visual pleasure.

It would also be nice to have a nook near the window that you can dress up with soft cushion and pillows. An expansive bench or a comfortable solo couch (put a foot rest, too) will also do. This is a good place to sip a cup of coffee and stare outside while watching the downpour. Reading a book in a window nook is also pleasurable. Comfortable and casual decorating ideas like these instantly make the rainy season a bit warmer.


Cozy condo design # 5: Let the sunshine in

Sunshine makes us happy and improves our mood. In the morning, slide the drapes to the side and draw some light in. You may also open them if it is not raining. It is that time of the year when the early morning rays of the sun give us just the right amount of warmth, not feverish.


Cozy condo design # 6: Step into comfort

Step into comfort

Photo courtesy of buzzfedd via Pinterest

Tiles and wood feel cold on your feet so add a fluffy area rug or runner in your living room. You can choose shag or sheepskin. You may also layer them for that more casual and vibrant look. Sliding and sweeping your bare foot on a warm and soft rug will make condo living in the rainy and cold season a delight.


Cozy condo design # 7: Play with colors

Warm up your condo by infusing happy and cheery colors. A bright and patterned pillow or cashmere throw on the couch, a vibrant side table, and colorful framed artwork will wash away rainy day blues. Consider filing your living room with warm colors as a condo hack for the rainy season.


Cozy condo design # 8: Blooms and greens

Blooms and greens

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Plants and flowers never fail to give us that warm feeling. They provide a contrast of colors in your condo that are striking yet fragile. They also give a vibe of freshness and relaxation. In other words, they make you feel good and alive.


Cozy condo design # 9: Scent of winter

Winter Scent

Photo courtesy of richesforrags via Pinterest

Cozy home decorating ideas go a long way but what will take you there sooner is the scent of everything nice and relaxing. Display a bowl of potpourri in prominent rooms in your condo. For this season, choose a wintry scent like cinnamon and pine needles. You may also use essential oils like lavender and grapefruit. Avoid strong and polarizing scents. You may also dip cotton balls into these oils and hide them by the sink in the bathroom or shelves in the kitchen. What’s cooler? Add a few drops to your lamps’ bulbs so when you turn them on, the heat will release the scent and fill the room.

The cold months are a good time to snuggle in our own nest. Doing some improvement to keep your place warm and cozy should not hurt your budget. After all, it’s just some sheets, pillows, and a pop of warm, cherry colors. You could even save up by not getting the urge to go out much because a cozy and warm condo is so irresistible, you’d never want to leave home.


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