14 Cheap Ways to Keep Your Condo Warm This Cold Season


Since the cold wind is starting to be felt nowadays, it also ushers in the signal that the cold season is already here. As we enjoy the chilly feeling, especially at night, it is just natural for us to keep ourselves warm. We need to do this in order to avoid common diseases that are occurring during cold days, such as flu, colds, and migraines. Elizabeth Heubeck of WebMD even points out that the cold weather can even provoke an asthma attack. Therefore, keeping warm is not just an act to keep us free from the chills, but it is also a way to stay healthy during the season.

Of course, as we keep ourselves warm, we should also do the same for our condo, since this is our sanctuary and home after a tiring day. For a hassle-free and warm condo living, you can absolutely perform some condo hacks this cold season without the need to shell out cash from your savings. How do you do it? Here are 14 frugal ways to warm your condo this season.

1. Close The Doors

Especially when you’re coming from outside, you need to develop the habit of closing the door to prevent the cold air from rushing in. Also, for those rooms that you don’t regularly use, remember to close its doors too so that the warm air remains only in those places where you usually stay. This will further prevent the cold air from scattering in the entire space of your condo.

2. Turn Off the Air Conditioner

Turning off your air conditioner is one of the economical ways to keep your condo warm this cold season. If you plan to use it, set a time so that you can save on electricity as well. A helpful tip: if you want to use it while sleeping, set the temperature and adjust the timer to set the time it will be turned off, say after two or three hours. This is practical since the cold will linger much longer even if the aircon is turned off.

3. Allow The Sunshine To Come In

If you’re an early bird, do not miss out on the warm feeling provided by the sun. Always open your window curtains in the morning to let the sun’s natural heat to be distributed in your rooms. During night time, close your windows and curtains to minimize cold air from coming in. If you’ve kept your thick curtains in your closet, now is the perfect time to bring them out and use them fully to keep warm everyday.

4. Keep Calm, Warm And Redecorate

Thin is out and thick is definitely in this season. For you to keep warm inside your condo, replace your thin blankets and bed sheets with thick ones such as a good comforter. If you’re feeling a little bit in the mood for extra work and home design for cold season in your condo, you can reposition your furniture in such a way that it gets the maximum sunshine in the morning so you can feel warm.

5. Go For Warm Colors For Your Condo

As you keep your condo warm, you keep in mind that your colors can also affect your feeling of warmth. According to Apartment Therapy, warmth is sometimes a matter of perception. You need to incorporate warm colors such as light red or orange in your condo decors in order to really feel warm every time you are inside your unit.

6. Light Up A Candle

Lighting up a candle inside your condo can give you the instant heat that you are looking for. You can place it strategically on your bedside table, or living room table to give an added aesthetic appeal to your condo. If you have kids or small pets, make sure that the candles are located in a place where they cannot accidentally bump into it. Also, do not leave your candles unattended. You can use candles in glass containers to avoid the hassle of cleaning up melted candle wax on surfaces. Candles can help you in preparing your condo for the rainy days, especially during instant brownouts.

7. Keep Warm Using Rugs

Rugs or carpets can also help you keep warm inside your condo. It helps you to have a warmer floor surface and it also prevents you from feeling the cold surface, especially when you get off from your bed. Have some rugs in your bedroom or in common areas inside your condo where you usually stay, such as in a living room. These rugs and carpets of yours will serve as your floor insulation and will keep your floors and feet warm.

8. Take A Hot Bath—And Make Sure It’s Warm

Aside from allowing you to keep warm by taking a hot bath, the hot water provides moisture to the air and leaves a lasting warm feeling because of the evaporated hot air. Leave the door open after taking a bath so the warm air can transfer to other spaces in your condo. If you plan to take a warm bath before bedtime, you may do so to have a cozy and comfortable sleep at night.

9. Cook, Instead Of Eating Out

One of the condo living tips on a tight budget is to cook in your condo’s kitchen instead of eating out in restaurants or fast food chains. The same holds true in order to keep your condo warm, especially during the cold season. Cooking will indirectly warm your condo through your stove and the smoke coming from the pots that you are heating. Make the experience more memorable by letting your family join you while cooking a hot chicken soup that is perfect for enjoying inside your condo during rainy days.

10. Hot Water Bottle + Blankets = Warm Feeling

Hot water bottles might be your solution to those nights that you still feel cold even if you’ve covered yourself up with a thick blanket. Immerse the water bottle into boiling water inside a kettle, and put it in your bed 15 minutes before you go to sleep. This will make your bed warm before you even hit the sheets. You may put it under the covers towards the part where your foot is located. Instead of buying an electric blanket, you have a solution that saves you money, thanks to the hot water bottles.

11. Check For Wall Cracks

Closing windows and doors will keep cold air from coming in, but you need to

be aware of the cracks too. You can use a gap filler for wall cracks to seal the opening. This is one of the basic condo repairs you can do easily.

12. Get Moving While Cleaning

The cold season should never hinder you from cleaning your condo. Bring out your cleaners and enjoy maintaining your space spic and span to better enjoy the cold season. Since cleaning is very physical, you’ll get to exercise as well and you’ll feel warmer after accomplishing your cleaning tasks.

13. Drafts Need To Be Blocked

Drafts refer to winds that can creep in spaces between windows and under doors. You can use cheap door and window draft stoppers which are creatively designed to block cold air from coming in. You can have a DIY draft stopper by rolling up a thick blanket to keep your rooms warm.

14. Snuggle With Your Loved Ones

Nothing beats the company of family and loved ones to keep you warm during the cold season. Spend time with them sharing a single, thick blanket or enjoying a cup of hot chocolate while playing board games. This will help you develop a more closer bond with them while keeping yourself warm.

Keeping your condo warm need not be expensive. As your developer partner, DMCI Homes ensures that you are safe and sound in your units. Follow these steps and you are sure to save money while keeping you and your loved ones warm this cold season.



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