10 Ways You Can Celebrate Love Month If You’re Single


Valentine’s Day is a holiday that couples or those who are in love celebrate every February 14. Sadly, not everyone is in a relationship during this sweet day. If you’re single again on Valentine’s Day, don’t worry, there are other special days in February 2019 that you can celebrate such as the ones on this list.

February 5: Kung Hei Fat Choi! Welcome the Chinese New Year

fireworks chinese new year

There’s another reason to wear the color red in February – the Chinese New Year. Welcome the Year of the Pig with your family and friends in your DMCI Homes condo unit. Take the time to have your home checked by a feng shui master for good fortune, wear your best red clothing, and feast on traditional Chinese food like tikoy. And if your unit is high enough, you can watch the beautiful fireworks from the balcony or the rooftop, and have the time of your lives.

February 5: What will you prepare on World Nutella Day?

nuttela day cooking

What’s sweeter than love? Nutella, of course! Did you know that you can buy a whole tub of Nutella for just over a thousand pesos? Mark your calendars and call your friends for a Nutella party. Celebrate this gooey hazelnut-flavored spread and prepare it in every way you can think of in your condo. It’s a fun way to fill yourself up with sweetness even if you’re single on Valentine’s Day.

February 9: Order up! It’s National Pizza Day

vegetables italian pizza restaurant

No better reason to gather with your barkada than National Pizza Day. Instead of spending hundreds to thousands on a date on Valentine’s Day, why not buy a few boxes of pizza and go for a movie marathon in your condo. Get mixed flavors, have it sliced in a party cut or in the traditional pizza slice, and eat until you drop. You can even have a few ice cold beers to go with that. The best thing about this is that if you can’t finish all of it, you can eat the remaining pizza the very next day cold or reheated.

February 15: Party like it’s your birthday because it’s National Singles Awareness Day

Being single doesn’t mean you can’t be happy. Celebrate being free during National Single Awareness Day. Think of it as Valentine’s Day for singles. Go hiking, shopping or binge watch a series in your condo – just plan a day dedicated all to yourself. Do whatever it is you’ve wanted to do, but you can’t for whatever reason. Never forget to make yourself happy first, before you even think about cheering up other people.

February 17: What will you do on Random Act of Kindness Day?

Aren’t we blessed with an awesome life? Even though you may be single now, there are plenty of things to be thankful for such as the condo you live in, your job, your family, and more. Why not pay it forward on Random Act of Kindness Day? It can be anything from holding the door for someone to even going all out for a surprise outreach program. There’s no limit on this, it just has to be from your heart.

February 18: Time to get tipsy on National Drink Wine Day

drink wine day

Call your friends, bring out the cheese and cold cuts, and pop the wine bottle – it’s National Drink Wine Day. Be it red or white – you don’t need to be in a relationship to enjoy good, aged wine. Have a glass of wine over good food and great stories with your friends in your condo. National Drink Wine Day is a good excuse to let loose and drink the stress of life away.

February 20: Take time for your furry pals this National Love Your Pet Day

two dogs national pet day

Do you have pets in your condo? If you’re lucky to have pets in your condo, it’s time to show your appreciation for your fur-babies this National Love Your Pet Day. You can buy them a brand new toy, feed them their favorite food, have them groomed, or take them out to the pet park. What matters here is that you show your pets that they’re special in their own little way and that you’re thankful that they make your condo living even better.

February 21: Practice your native language on National Mother Tongue Day

Did you know that if you know more than one language, you are protecting yourself against Alzheimer’s disease? With that in mind, the National Mother Tongue Day would be the perfect occasion among the February holidays to practice speaking your native language. Attend a class, read something in your native tongue, or spend the day talking using your country’s language. You can even go watch some Tagalog movies on your local cable channels in your condo.

February 22: Call your amigos/amigas this National Margarita Day

If you love partying, then National Margarita Day should already be on your calendar. It’s a good excuse to call your amigos and amigas out and head to the nearest bar serving this classic drink. Who knows, you might even meet someone who can change your single status after a few drinks. Or if you’re not into loud music and know how to make one at home, then you can hold a house party there.

February 28: Turn up the heat on National Chili Day

pile of chili

Are you into spicy things? Turn up the heat this love month on National Chili Day, even if you’re single. Put chili on everything you eat or go to a restaurant that specializes in spicy, hot dishes. There are also a few restaurants out there that challenge you to eat chili, gradually raising its kick. Just make sure there’s a glass of milk somewhere near in case you can’t take the heat. You can also try chili ice cream if you have an adventurous tongue. Bring some in your condo and challenge your family.

There are many ways to spend Valentine’s Day even if you are single. Don’t let your relationship status stop you from being happy and spreading love to everyone with these self-dating ideas and other holidays.


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