33 Things Every Single Person Can Do on Valentine’s Day

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The month of hearts is upon us. Valentine’s Day, to a lot of people, seems like the day for lovers to concretize their affection for each other through dates, movies, stuffed toys, flowers, and chocolates. To a handful of people who still haven’t met The One, that day is a glaring reminder of their being single, a deadline of some sort.

However, there are a couple of things you can do for yourself on Valentine’s Day 2015. It’s a day for love after all, and as the cliché goes, who better to love yourself than you. Celebrate self-love by celebrating Valentine’s Day single!


1) Drink Some Brewski… With Friends!

Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you’re alone. Go out with a couple of your friends and drink the night away (responsibly, of course). Valentine’s Day should not be a sob fest for single people. It’s not a reminder that you’re alone. Use the day to remember to find love in different places.


2) Plan A Condo Home Improvement Project

Why not make a perfect veranda through glass verandas and plush seats that give you the perfect venue to just lie down, gaze at the stars, and hopefully wish for your perfect person. After all, this may also be a great setting for your first kiss.


3) Spend A Little Extra Time In The Kitchen

This is one thing you can do on Valentine’s Day that allows you to be creative and helps you learn new things, culinary-wise. Cook for yourself, discover the flavours that attract you and the spices that excite you. Cooking can be a very good outlet and it helps you relax and release tension.


4) Celebrate Some Green In The Middle Of The Red Valentine’s Day

Don’t be upset that no one gave you flowers. If you really want them that bad, you can buy a bouquet for yourself or go full-on with the passion for the green. Discover fast growing crops or flowering plants and trees. Take in container plants and set them up on your tables, plant trees or flowering plants around your home. If you wield them properly, you don’t just get an abundant supply of flowers for Valentine’s Day, you get to receive them all year long!


5) Throw A Party

It can mean a lot of work but fortunately, there are tons of websites that give tips on throwing a party enumerating everything you need to know, from best party venues, to top-class drinks and necessary party goods. Throw a party for all single people where they can meet and talk to fellow singles. Make it a night where you and your friends can dress up and have fun while getting the chance to meet other people, too.


6) Do Things Nobody Wants To Do With You

One of the perks of being single on Valentine’s Day is making all the decisions on what you will do on the day. Pick a movie that only you wanted to watch, order the pizza flavour that only you want to eat, visit that place that only you want to go to.


7) Celebrate With Your Parents

One of the things you can do on Valentine’s Day is to celebrate it with your parents. Again, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love. Celebrate it with people whose love for you is as pure and as eternal as you could ever wish for.


8) Have A Date With The Weights

Spend a portion of the day in the gym. Its effects are two-fold: you get a healthier and fitter body and since exercise releases endorphins and endorphins make you happy, you get happier. Spend your Valentine’s day alone while still feeling healthier, fitter, and happier. Now that’s a win-win situation.


9) Get A Pet

Although adopting an animal is viewed as the first step to a snowball effect leading to your perpetual singlehood and a hundred more animals than you initially started with, getting a pet can actually be fun! For one thing, you won’t be alone and second, cats and dogs are adorable. They can easily light up your day.


10) Watch A Scary Movie With Your Friends

Go all-out rebel on Valentine’s Day and go against the traditional romantic movies. Watch thriller, suspense or horror movies that will keep you and your friends at the edge of your seats. A fun time is inevitable with friends and randomly scary movies.


11) Indulge Yourself With A Forgotten Hobby

Go back to the things you used to love and indulge yourself in them again, now that you finally have the time to do so. Play that video game you used to be good at. Anything that you would like to do again, now you can.


12) (Re)Read A Classic Romantic Book

The grandest, yet cheapest escape you can take on Valentine’s day is through your favourite novel or a novel you have yet to read. Let these books transport you to a place where love always prevails to remind you to be hopeful at all times.


13) Why Not A Classic, Yet Tragic Romantic Book

Get that same escape but let it remind you that not all love stories end well and that it’s normal to be sad about such endings. Let the sad ending bring you to a realization that even in the world of fiction, sometimes, things just don’t go your way.


14)  Celebrate A Do-It-Yourself Valentine’s Day

Use your singlehood as an excuse to spend some alone time at your condo on Valentine’s Day. Instead of wistfully watching chick-flicks or rom-com movies, why not be productive and do some DIYs? Install DSC home alarm systems. Burglar alarm systems are so easy to install on your own and they help you avoid unwanted visitors, thereby keeping you safe while spending alone nights at your condo.


15) Brighten Up Other People’s Valentines

If you can’t have the Valentine’s Day of your dreams, why not help other people get theirs? Little things like giving a bigger tip to the coffeehouse staff or sending out cards to your neighbour will help brighten up their day. And the accumulative effect of these gestures will surely brighten up yours in return.


16) Get Out Of Town

Although not one of the cheapest things you can do on Valentine’s Day, it can sure be fun to visit a foreign land on your own. With just you and a whole other culture to explore, how can anything be lonely?


17) Try Something New

Since you’re practically on your own, better make the most of it and try something you’ve always wanted to do. Expand your horizons by trying new hobbies. Try rock-climbing or sky-diving.


18) Re-arrange Your Perspective

One of the biggest reasons why single people are upset on Valentine’s Day is because they let their status define them. Don’t fall into the same trap by falling into the pit of despair just because you are not in a relationship. Remove such perspective and know that being on your own simply means having the time to exercise you independence and self-worth.


19) Buy Yourself Chocolate

Chocolates are a staple during Valentine’s Day festivities. And although tradition dictates that you wait to receive it from other people, it’s up to you to dictate who these sweet treats should come from. Go and treat yourself to a chocolate and remind yourself of the simplest sweet things that life can offer the single you.


20) Buy Yourself A Good Wine

Make yourself feel good by treating yourself to a glass of good wine. Let yourself in on the luxury of this drink. Relish in your singlehood and know that good things are yet to come.


21) Don’t Feel Sorry For Yourself

With all the couples that you will see celebrating Valentine’s Day, it’s easy to become self-criticizing. Don’t! Instead, just think of how well-adjusted you are to have fun on your own and not depend on another person to get what you want.


22) End Your Singlehood On V-Day

Unknown to a lot of single people, Valentine’s Day is becoming more about the singles than the couples. As years go by, single parties have also been as popular during Valentine’s. With a lot of people actively searching for their other half, you just might increase the chance to find your own.


23) Celebrate With Your Siblings

Nobody said Valentine’s Day cannot be family day. Celebrate it with the people whom you have a hate-love relationship. Go out, enjoy each other’s company.


24) Do A Make-over

You may want to rethink your look and try-out a new haircut or new, trendy clothes. Valentine’s Day can serve as the day for your transformation. Do a makeover to find that better-looking version of you.


25)  Watch A Classic Romantic Movie With Your Girl Friends

Watch your and your girl friends’ favourite chick-flick or rom-com movie. Scream your hearts out over your favourite heartthrobs or classic love teams. Relive your favourite love story but do it with your girl friends so you are not alone.


26) Watch A Classic Action Film With Your Buddies

Watch some testosterone-inducing film with your buddies to distract you from the sappiness of Valentine’s Day. Allow explosive scenes and amazing gunfights to remind you that there are more to an exciting life than just love.


27) Play Some Sports

Team sports are more advisable since you can spend it with friends, but any sport that interests you will be fine. Sweat some while enjoying yourself, all the while keeping you busy from the business of V-Day.


28) Write

Do not underestimate the power of the written word and what an incredible release writing can be. Write a poem, write an essay or write a story. Let your inner romantic flow through pen to paper. Put your dream love story to words, and soon, you might realize them.


29) Pamper Yourself In A Spa

Make V-Day, You-Day! Get manicures, pedicures, foot spas, facials or whatever makes you feel good. Just because you’re alone doesn’t mean you can’t feel good about yourself.


30) Go Out With Yourself

If no one’s asking you out, then you can do it. Go on a date with yourself. Don’t be that person who can’t eat out in a restaurant alone. Be that independent, secure person who can have a good time with or without a partner.


31) Save Money

Keep in mind that most of the things you can do on Valentine’s Day cost you money. The next day, you might feel worse about yourself just because you overspent. If these things aren’t really going to help, you better just save the money.


32) Don’t Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Completely go against the celebration by not acknowledging it. Go on with your day as if it’s just like any other regular ones. You can’t feel bad if you don’t believe in the spirit of the celebration.


33) Read This Again (With Feelings) On Valentine’s Day

If you find yourself alone on Valentine’s Day and wondering what you can do to uplift yourself, read this list again and know that there are countless ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day alone. Remember that it’s a celebration of love. It’s not a day specific to lovers alone. Anyone who is capable of love can celebrate Valentine’s. Believe that love is present in almost every place, in almost every person. Trust that you are loved enough and that with the billions of people in the world, you are never alone.



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