You, Your Pet And Your Roommate: A Guide To Blissful Condo Living

Condo Living.

Condo living offers benefits you can’t find in other rental accommodations. There’s 24/7 security, eco-efficient facilities, and free access to lifestyle amenities. Aside from these features, do you know that you can keep pets in the condo? There are numerous studies suggesting that taking care of pets have positive effects to one’s well-being.


Why pets are good for your well-being

good for well being

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According to studies, pet animals can help lower blood pressure and promote heart health. It was also suggested that children’s exposure to dogs or cats can ease their anxiety. Researchers further recommend living with a pet to help adults feel more relaxed and decrease their stress levels. Moreover, pet ownership can be an important source of social support, especially among elders. You can boost the benefits of condo living by living with a companion animal.


Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy

Photo courtesy of via Pexels

Photo courtesy of via Pexels

If you’re still scheduling your trip to the pet shop, there are a few important things to consider if you’re living with a roommate. First, does your roommate mind having a pet inside your home? Second, does he/she suffer from any type of mental condition concerning animals such as phobias? Third, does he/she have allergies on animal fur? Even if there’s no health implication of any sort, it’s necessary to ask about your roommate’s thoughts about your plan. Being a good roomie means encouraging a conducive living environment, and honesty is a key step.


Dog, cat or parrot?

dog,cat or parrot

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Choosing a pet is nothing like getting a new furniture. We’re talking about a living creature that has unique needs. In deciding the type of pet you’ll have, you’d need consider the size of your living space, your lifestyle, and your budget. Dogs, unlike cats, need room to move around. Moreover, not all breeds of dogs can survive in Manila’s scorching weather. You may need to install a living room air conditioning system. Regardless of the type of companion animal, your commitment and time are required to make sure they’re fed on time, they visit the veterinarian regularly, and are cared for. Your busy schedule may prohibit you from taking outdoor walks with your dog. Finally, having pets means you need to spend on their food, medicines/vaccines, etc. Are you financially equipped to care for another living creature?


Pet-friendly condo homes

pet-friendly condo homes

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Most condos allow pets, but there are still that don’t. At DMCI, tenants are not prohibited from keeping companion animals, subject to certain rules. Your choices may be limited to domesticated animals that can be well-managed in a condo community. DMCI tenants are encouraged to spend quality time with their beloved pets in some common areas such as the open lawn / picnic grove, the outdoor gardens and the playground. Just make sure to be on alert for untoward pet behavior to avoid accidents or damage to other people’s property.


Create a conducive living environment

conducive living environment

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How do you create a conducive living environment? Aside from understanding your roommate’s needs, you should also take initiatives to prevent any problem. Create a dedicated sleeping area for your dog or cat. You can have a large basket with soft cushion. Teach your pet where to pee and defecate. Clean after them. Bathe them regularly check for signs of ticks. Bring them to the veterinarian as often as necessary. Keeping pets is beneficial to your health, but if you can’t manage them well, you might end up fighting with your roommate, or worse with no roommate at all.


Remember the importance of privacy

importance of privacy

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How do you manage your pet if you have a roomie? If you have a caged parrot, the only thing you should think about is feeding it properly and keeping its house clean. Having a dog is a slightly different story. Depending on its breed, you mutt may either be subdued or insanely energetic. Make your condo home dog-friendly by keeping away items such as shoes from your dog’s reach. Your roommate’s privacy include his/her personal belongings. Always keep your bedrooms shut to keep your pets away, unless your companion animal shares the bedroom with you.


Keep your home tidy

kepp your home tidy

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It’s easy to know if a home houses an animal. Many households that fail to bathe their pets regularly have to deal with the stench of unkempt animals. Make sure the pets in the condo you share with your roommate take baths regularly and are free from ticks and other parasites. This is not only for your roommate’s sake, but also for the health of the entire household.


Kill the stench with air purifiers

kill the stench

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Sometimes, even if pets are take baths regularly, their fur are left on the couch, throw pillows, and the carpet. Don’t wait for complaints from your roommate. You can keep your home smelling good by placing houseplants that purify indoor air. Scented candles and essential oils can also help. There are vanilla, cinnamon, and apple flavors. Ditch air fresheners that produce harmful carbon. Go natural!


Get rid of fur

get rid of fur

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Get rid of fur by scheduling regular house cleaning. It’s also important that you wash your pet’s sleeping cushion and toys. Take note of the areas where your companion animal usually stay as these need
to be disinfected. Bring out the throw pillows, carpet, and rugs. Let the sun kill microscopic germs that can cause skin irritation and diseases.


Make sure your pet’s vaccines are updated

pet's vaccines are updated

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Cleanliness is not the only thing you should take note of. Pets need to be vaccinated against infectious diseases such as rabies, parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis, and tetanus. These must be up-to-date. Set a regular visit to the veterinarian’s clinic. You can also ask about types of products like powder to prevent flea and tick infestation. Keeping your pets healthy is for your protection. Don’t let the
positive effects of condo living be undermined by a disease.


Encourage your roommate to bond with your companion animal

bond with your companion

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Your roommate may be partial about your plans of getting a pet, but his/her mind can change over time. Let him/her bond with your pet. You can invite him/her to your afternoon walks or frisbee game in the open lawn. These simple acts can help build a relationship between your pet and your roommate.
Keeping a pet has a lot of advantages to our physical and mental health. For introverts and elders, the emotional support of a companion animal is a relief. Bring a dog or a cat to your condo home, but make sure your roommate is okay with it and that you take measures in caring for your pet properly.



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