Classy-Looking Low-Cost Simple Kitchen Designs


Cooking can be therapeutic – especially if your kitchen is complete with ingredients and cooking equipment. But it will add more motivation to cook if your kitchen is pleasing to the eyes! There are lots of low cost simple kitchen designs you can try, contrary to the popular opinion that your kitchen needs to be expensive to remain classy.

With just easy low cost simple kitchen design techniques coupled with cost-effective furniture from your local market, your kitchen can already be a food lover’s dream! Play with your colors and explore creative storage ideas. Not only will you enjoy renovating, but you’ll also be saved from unnecessary spending!


Basics of Budget Kitchen Design

Chopping Boards Near Oven Under HoodPhoto courtesy of Dmitry Zvolskiy via Pexels

Low cost simple kitchen designs are not just about the colors or the textures of everything you use. It must be a combination of high-end-looking yet affordable furniture, interesting and appropriate aesthetics, and bold yet fitting decorations.



Your furniture’s main function is to help you prepare that tasty dish, but it will also keep you motivated if these will complement the overall design and feel of your kitchen!

1. Use inexpensive brushed nickel or chrome knobs

Chrome knobs and pulls look classy and alive, as their bright silver color reflects lights and their surroundings like a mirror. You can use this if your kitchen cabinet design uses marble and some polished finish for a modern look. This is also best for cool colors like white, gray, and black.

Brushed nickel has a more matte finish that also will also look elegant despite being simple. If your kitchen follows a more traditional design, this will be the fitting type of knob. Brushed nickel is also best paired with wood painted with light colors, especially white.

Cheap brushed nickel and chrome knobs can easily be found in your neighborhood hardware. These two can both last for a long time unless deliberately destroyed or neglected.

2. Install customizable cabinets and shelves

Your preferences for low cost simple kitchen designs can change from time to time, especially as trends also change over time. This marks the importance of having customizable cabinets and shelves.

When planning and organizing your condo kitchen, choose furniture that can be easily modified, especially for cabinets and shelves. This will give your kitchen a more unique look without having to spend too much every time you would want to redesign.

3. Buy discounted or refurbished appliances

Having a low cost simple kitchen design can be all about strategy – like when to buy and from whom.

It is always tempting to buy the newest releases from top appliance providers, but you would always need to go back to how much you’re willing to spend. With discounted and refurbished appliances, you can save some pesos and spend it somewhere else.

Aside from saving some money for your kitchen design, this will also allow you to have an upgrade in the near future if needed. When irresistible furniture becomes available to you, you have already saved up for it, thanks to choosing a refurbished version years prior!

You wouldn’t have to worry about these appliances suddenly stopping in the middle of your cooking. After all, these appliances usually still have their warranties to save you from anxiety.

4. Use creative storage solutions

It’s not about how much space you have – it’s about how you use it. The best kitchen design ideas will help you make the most of what you have..

You will be surprised how every inch of your kitchen can be turned into a storage space. Use drawers under the kitchen sink for low cost simple kitchen cupboard designs. Consider the sizes of plates and kitchen fixtures you will use to have as many drawers as possible.

If you do not have enough space based on your floor plan, consider hanging storage above your kitchen island. This will not only give you additional space to work with, but it will also make cooking easier since you can easily get the materials you need!

5. Look for functional and affordable kitchen furniture and appliances

Planning your low cost simple kitchen design can save you time and money. When doing so, include a list of appliance stores that offer cheap yet quality items.

It can be tempting to look at these materials’ brands. While that is perfectly understandable, you wouldn’t want to prioritize the name over functionality for your kitchen design. Always choose those that fit your budget.

Spend time benchmarking and comparing before you buy anything. Your future self will eternally thank you for this.



After choosing the right furniture and organizing your kitchen’s contents, the next aspect you should focus on is the design. This includes your colors, layouts, and decorative touches.

1. Paint your cabinets a bright color.

Choose a color for your condo kitchen to be the basis of everything you’ll be choosing. Stick to this palette so it wouldn’t feel like your kitchen design is all over the place. Visual harmony among your kitchen components can help you relax.

For your kitchen cabinet design, it will be better to choose bright colors like whites and yellows. This will give your kitchen a fresher look. And a fresher and younger vibe will make you just want to cook!

2. Use colorful foam adhesive tiles for your walls

Often not prioritized when designing, but your walls also deserve the attention your countertops get!

Instead of settling for a simple paint color, why not try to inject some foam adhesive tiles? This will break the monotony of your kitchen, add some personality to your kitchen design and fill it with the spark it might have been lacking!

Just remember to consider the overall color palette of your kitchen design when choosing the tiles. You wouldn’t want them to stick out!

3. Choose a simple, streamlined kitchen design

Kitchen Island and BarstoolsPhoto courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

You probably have an idea of how your kitchen should look by now. But, even if you have already achieved your dream Filipino kitchen design setup for foodies it is still important to consider how its design will fit the rest of your house.

Other than being more affordable, simple kitchen designs are easier to complete. They have a lesser tendency to stick out like a sore thumb or overwhelm your entire house. Harmony inside a kitchen is as admirable as harmony outside.

4. Add decorative touches

Of course, low cost simple kitchen design ideas won’t be complete without your personal decorative touch!

There are lots of easy-to-follow techniques and tutorial videos online that you can follow. Modify these suggestions the way you see fit. Do not be afraid to do experiments, just keep it safe!

Before you know it, your kitchen design is not only comfortable but also reflective of your personality as its owner – and designer!



For some final touches for your low cost simple kitchen design, add some fitting decorations! Just make sure that the ones you will choose are not overwhelming and are still sticking to your theme.

1. Add a new kitchen rug

Colorful rugs had been added to the list of growing trends for simple kitchen designs recently, It’s easy to see why! This kitchen essential can easily brighten up any space while helping you maintain your kitchen’s cleanliness!

If you’re up for it, you can even be the one to design your own rug. Aside from saving money, you might have just found a new hobby!

2. Use inexpensive pendants or track lighting

Kitchen and Dining AreaPhoto courtesy of Mark McCammon via Pexels

When talking aesthetics, pendant, and track lighting are always on top of the list of kitchen design ideas. Having either of these as your kitchen’s light fixture will surely add more taste to the room.

Pendant lighting, or those lights suspended by cords to the ceiling, illuminate your table or countertops brighter. These are perfect for those Instagrammable shots when you post your meal of the day!

Another light fixture that can fit almost any aesthetic is a track light. If you want to highlight a certain portion of your kitchen, this is also perfect for that! Using this lighting will move your visitor’s attention to the spot it illuminates.

3. Install tile backsplash

Although not necessary, you can add more texture to your kitchen design by creating fun patterns through tile backsplash.

This design technique has been going on for a while, but it still doesn’t get out of style. You have the choice to just put this behind the stove, above the sink, or throughout your whole kitchen. Whichever you prefer, this move can easily level up your kitchen design without costing too much.


Expensive-looking Affordable Kitchen Design Ideas

You don’t have to spend much for your kitchen to look classy and elegant. With these design ideas, you’re already one step closer to achieving your dream kitchen even under budget constraints.

1. Open Kitchen Shelving

Kitchens with a more natural and refreshing look usually have open shelves instead of closed cabinets. These hanging storages add flair to the room while allowing you to maximize space. You can also save money by opting out of cabinet doors!

2. Unique Lighting Fixtures

Your chosen light fixtures can either make or break your simple kitchen design. You might have picked the most eye-catching colors and religiously maintained cleanliness, but this cannot be showcased without proper lighting! Choose light fixtures that will highlight your design. Better yet, choose those that can pass as decorations themselves!

3. Decor and Wall Accents

While you might want to stick to a few colors, you can also play with accents from time to time. Whether these are little metal accents to your shelves or a wall with a different border shade, this will help you avoid dull repetition. It’s basically adding more to your kitchen design through a little difference!


The Kitchen Design You Love

Having an expensive-looking kitchen can be all about planning and strategizing. Lots of home management tips and low cost simple kitchen designs await you!

Explore ideas, techniques, and shops online! Make it a hobby to also read home improvement magazines for inspiration. Experience designing a kitchen that you’ll be enjoying using!


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