Appetizing Kitchen Setups for the Filipino Gourmand

Condo Design.

How do you want your kitchen to be functional and inviting? With the right design, you can transform your kitchen into a gourmand’s paradise. From color to layout, incorporating captivating kitchen designs will uplift your kitchen, making it more efficient and aesthetically pleasing. For instance, did you know that certain colors like yellow and green can stimulate your appetite? Whatever your kitchen size, there are many effective designs you can work with. Try these 8 kitchen setup ideas.


1. Please your appetite with adequate lighting

Filipino Gourmand Addequate Lighting

Photo courtesy of sean891 via Pixabay

Bad lighting can come in the way of a good meal. Ensuring your kitchen has proper and adequate illumination will make eating more enjoyable. Notice how you feel more relaxed and in the mood in well-designed restaurants? Apart from having good food, many restaurants have nice lighting to create an inviting eating environment. While task lighting is important, remember that you also need accent lighting for a good overall ambience. Whether it’s for home or condo lighting, identify the locations of the lighting fixtures in advance because of their different electrical requirements. Consider installing LED lights because they are more economical and environment-friendly than regular lightbulbs. Sensor-activated LED lights are a good option. They are modern, practical, and perfect for busy kitchens.


2. Beauty and simplicity with a modern, minimalist kitchen

Filipino Gourmand Minimalist Kitchen

Photo courtesy of Skitterphoto via Pixabay

Stylish and delectable indoor kitchen ideas often include minimalist design for good reason. Because a minimalist design champions cleanliness and functionality, a minimalist kitchen can feel comfortable, upscale, and relaxing. A minimalist kitchen is perfect for any type of home because it’s highly customizable. From having sustainable furniture to ethically-sourced food, a minimalist kitchen can create a guilt-free space for eating and gathering. What’s more, a minimalist kitchen is easy and affordable. Score great finds in thrift stores or refurbish old furniture. Feel free to “upcycle” since the idea is to create a green kitchen with the least environmental footprint possible.


3. The right colors for your kitchen

FIlipino Gourmand Right Colors

Photo courtesy of keresi72 via Pixabay

Given the many shades to choose from, selecting the right kitchen color can be time-consuming and frustrating. While kitchen color is a highly personal choice, being aware of how colors affect your appetite can help you make the right decision. It all depends really on your objective. In a recent study published in Appetite, scientists found that certain colors can stimulate or curb your appetite. Green and yellow, for example, since they’re often associated with health and happiness, can make you eat more. On the other hand, gray and brown can diminish one’s appetite.


4. Add natural greens to your kitchen

Filipino Gourmand Go Green

Photo courtesy of laterjay via Pixabay

Any kitchen design for the Filipino gourmand can greatly benefit from an indoor garden. Not only does an indoor garden add vibrance to your space, but it also makes fresh ingredients easily available for cooking. Moreover, an indoor garden improves your kitchen’s air quality, helping in banishing unwanted smell. Whether you have a tiny or huge kitchen, an indoor garden is both a visual and practical thing to have. Consider having herbs like chives, mint, parsley, and basil. These are easy to maintain indoors. Also consider planting citruses and microgreens such as kale, spinach, and lettuce.


5. Enticing effect of mixed materials

Filipino Gourmand Mixed Materials

Photo courtesy of La-Belle-Galerie via Pixabay

From sprawling outdoor kitchen samples to more austere spaces, a growing trend is to combine different materials for an inviting atmosphere. It creates an edgy look while upgrading the functionality of your kitchen. It’s also budget-friendly because you can replace expensive materials with cheaper alternatives. For instance, while wood and stone are great materials for warmth and texture, opting for an all-wood or all-stone design can be expensive and overwhelming. Combining wood and stone with other materials like laminate and Thermofoil will provide flexibility and style.


6. Classic chic with black and white

Filipino Gourmand Black and White

Photo courtesy of GustavoGodoi via Pixabay

Feeling luxurious while having a meal is an experience that you can have in your own kitchen. Easily add luxury with a black-and-white motif. Whether you own or rent your space, a black-and-white kitchen exudes style and a hotel-like ambiance. A lot of kitchens settle with white as the primary color. While white provides a good color base, it can look boring and confining without contrasting colors. Black adds a touch of drama and creates a sense of luxury. For a clean and contemporary look, combine different finishes like matte and glossy.


7. Homey, rustic charm

Filipino Gourmand Rustic Kitchen

Photo courtesy of shadowfirearts via Pixabay

A rustic design conjures up images of the simple, comfortable life. It has a growing appeal today, owing in part to the hyper-modern societies we live in. A beautiful rustic kitchen can be the charming space you’re looking for. A rustic design scheme is not only inviting, it is also convenient and incredibly stylish. Because most of the materials are wood, a rustic modern kitchen will require a little more expense. However, if rustic vibe is your style, the added cost should be totally worth it. Remember that you can reuse old furniture and combine them with newer pieces. This adds character to the kitchen, making it feel more pastoral yet fashionable.


8. The design impact of smart organization

Filipino Gourmand Smart Organization

Photo courtesy of Ella’s Kitchen Company Limited via Flickr, Creative Commons

Clutter is an enemy of a functional condo kitchen design. While it may seem impossible to keep everything in order, a smart storage system makes the job a lot easier. The key is having a couple of kitchen cabinets. This will help you sustain a clean and organized space. Organize your cabinet based on items and function. For example, cabinets near the stove should contain items for cooking such as tools and ingredients. You need not do a major renovation. Small and practical changes like de-cluttering your kitchen can make a huge impact. You can also invest in portable storage like a rolling table for added space.

With these 8 kitchen design ideas, you can create a space that truly reflects your inner culinary spirit. As a busy and vital part of the home, your kitchen should have the design that meets your needs and personality.


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