Countertop Combos for a Refreshing Kitchen Design

Condo Design.

Whether you love channeling your inner Gordon Ramsay when no one’s looking or just a great foodie, you can always use a functional, nice-looking kitchen. It does not matter whether you love ordering take out and eating out of a box, a stylish kitchen that works is always a nice thing to have. After all, the kitchen is not just a place where tasty meals are prepared, it is also where conversations and catch ups usually happen.

It is not surprising why so many homeowners easily fall in love with refreshing condo kitchen designs. The kitchen is where foot traffic is heaviest, stomachs fullest, and hearts happiest. For condo owners planning to refurbish their kitchen design, transforming countertops will do the trick. The countertop usually catches the eye first and is enough to make a first impression. Mixing and matching countertop materials is a big trend right now. The contrast of colors and textures add drama and personality to any kitchen space, not to mention making the budget a little bit more flexible.

Here are countertop pegs using mixed materials that you can use for your kitchen renovation project.

All good with wood

Kitchen Design Good in Wood

Photo courtesy of shadowfirearts via Pixabay

When it comes to a material that is easy to pair up with just about anything, your best bet is wood. Wood is good for combos especially with other natural elements. You may pair it with contemporary composite or stone. Brick for more industrial looking kitchen designs is also a good pair for wood. If you want to pair a wooden countertop with a colored surface, just consider the tone of the wood. Deep gray, green, oak, and walnut are usually good color combos for this very flexible material.

However, it is best not to use wood around the stove or sink. Its quality and color may be compromised when it is always in contact with oil or water. It is best to use a wooden countertop in the eating area.

Add color with laminate

Refreshing countertop colors create a more vibrant kitchen. The best and most affordable way to achieve this is through laminated surfaces. The tough coating applied to a high-density particle board or plywood makes the surface hard-wearing. You can choose to go bold with laminate such as a hot red countertop that will surely be the focal point in your kitchen.

Laminated surfaces can be paired with stainless steel for added shine. Porcelain is also a good match. It can also be paired with wood for an interesting contrast. Consult a kitchen color guide to help you decide on your laminate combo.

Marvelous marble comeback

Kitchen Design Marvelous Marble

Photo courtesy of ErikaWittlieb via Pixabay

Natural marble can be pretty expensive but as they say, beauty truly does come with a price. Modern kitchen designs are seeing a resurgence of this durable and hard-wearing material, thanks partly to its flexibility to be mixed and matched with other materials.

Marble is a perfect choice for mixed material countertops. The bold veins and lines add drama to the surface, and these days, they also come in different colors and patterns. Marble is great with wood or laminate for that classic, timeless look. Marble would also look good opposite walnut cabinets or an island.

Discover the granite edge

Kitchen Design Granite Edge

Photo courtesy of ginsburgconstruction via Pixabay

Granite countertops have a lot of benefits. Apart from its sheer elegance, granite is also a very durable material. It is also heat and cold resistant, repairable, easily cleaned and maintained, and has very interesting natural patterns on them.

At the same time, granite is a good material when you are trying to mix and match kitchen countertops. It naturally looks good when paired with other materials. Dark granite over a white or beige wooden kitchen island warms up the space. Granite will also look good when paired with a walnut butcher block, which you can use to extend the dining space in your kitchen.

Beauty of concrete

Kitchen Design Beauty of Concrete

Photo courtesy of landersb via Pixabay

Concrete may not seem like a common choice for a kitchen renovation. But it is like a diamond in the rough if you pair it with the right materials. Concrete is a perfect match for colored tiles for an industrial, edgy look. For a more modern flair, pair up concrete with stainless steel. A butcher block and some hint of marble would also look good on a concrete countertop.

Experiment with shape

Kitchen Design Experiment with Design

Photo courtesy of kirkandmimi via Pixabay

When pairing materials for a kitchen countertop, it is also best to experiment with shapes and angles. This is a good way to make sure the materials will be appreciated individually and as a duo. An asymmetrical kitchen countertop is a bold renovation that pays off really well. It adds boldness and drama. For example, you can raise a wooden dining area at the end of a marble or granite countertop. You can also explore rounded and angled countertops to make it stand out more.

Double the contrast

Mixing countertop materials add to the visual impact of the kitchen. The contrast of material, color, and texture is an interesting mix. Concrete paired with bright marble or combining a material with a rough surface with that of a polished one gives subtle contrasts that are impactful but do not overpower. The coolness of stainless steel when paired with a warm material such as wood creates a rustic yet modern look. The idea is to double the visual impact by mixing contrasting materials.

Mixed material countertops are perfect for transforming your kitchen to look more modern, classic, industrial or whatever you want it to be. Our eyes are automatically drawn to countertops, especially beautiful countertops, because they occupy a large part of the kitchen, and it is just fitting to give them a makeover for a visually impactful kitchen design.


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