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Condo Design.

A popular term in interior design parlance, “eclectic” refers to decors that comprise heterogeneous elements. This style entails a mixture of colors, trends, styles, time periods, and textures. There is a fine line between beautifully eclectic interiors and one that is merely chaotic and haphazard, with no unifying motifs or themes. Ideally, interiors of this type need to be able to bridge styles and sensibilities from different decades. That is, they have to be able to marry serious and fanciful, antique and contemporary, and the old and new. For instance, a Lucite coffee table may be paired with a heavy velvet Victorian chair. The contrast they create will emphasize the beauty of each piece. Eclectic condo design is especially appealing for those who have wide-ranging taste and whims.


Pan-Asian, African, and Moroccan flavors

Electic Design Pan-asian AfricanMoroccan

Photo courtesy of Unsplash via Pexels

Sabrina Artadi, beauty queen-turned-TV chef and host of Sabrina’s Kitchen, takes pride in her home that beautifully combines pan-Asian, African, and Moroccan flavors. She bought her front door from a local antique store. It features a style similar to carved wooden doors found in 16th-century Indian palaces. In her veranda, you will find two antique narra chairs that you would usually find in old Ilocos homes. Her coffee table is made up of two rectangular slabs of Mactan stones sitting on old wood. On one side of the veranda, you will find a set of grass-woven table and two chairs she bought for only Php1,500. Sitting on her foyer is an animal print chaise lounge. Her dining room features hardwood table and chairs she bought from a secondhand furniture shop in Bangkal, Makati. Sabrina got several of her centerpieces and other decors from second-hand shops and garage sales.


Asian Maximalist style with French details

Eclectic Design Asian Maximalist

Photo courtesy of Tookapic via Pexels

You don’t have to do something as drastic as changing your front door to improve your condo design. Upgrading the aesthetics of your home can be as simple as replacing some of the furniture pieces. Dr. Rommel Caballes spruced up his 82 sqm condo by getting rid of some of the pieces and condo decorations, while maintaining its Asian Maximalist style. He replaced the intimidating Buddha figures in the living room with a huge aquarium for a more calming effect. He also chose a new beige and white color motif for a more polished look. A huge mirror adorns his foyer, together with a deer trophy head that was hunted by a friend’s father. An Ifugao low stool, a tray table for Asian scents, and a Buddha figure complete the look. His living room is furnished with two French-style armchairs and a divan. Large antique filing cabinets house Rommel’s shoes. The dining area features metal stools from Tiendesitas, as well as a Jonathan Olazo masterpiece hanging on the blue wall.


Contemporary Bohemian home with eclectic touches

Electic Design Contemporary Bohemian Homes

Photo courtesy of WikiImages via Pixabay

Don’t let your small space stop you from having your personality shine through your home. Writer and poet Mabi David’s has made her 30sqm a reflection of who she is. With the help of her interior designer friend Wilmer Lopez, she turned her bare unit into a contemporary Bohemian home with an eclectic touch. Her interesting eclectic pieces include an ornate mirror painted a bright neon hue, her mother’s old chairs reupholstered with new fabric, and a solid narra table she purchased from Bangkal St, in Makati. Adding an industrial touch to her dining area, she chose a cool gray shade for her accent wall. This is complemented by Marc Gaba paintings hung on the wall. She was drawn to the artworks because they depict a part of Cubao she used to live in. A 1950s antique narra dining table is surrounded by mismatched chairs, including a bright yellow, wooden solihiya chair, a plain red-and-houndstooth print chair, two metal folding chairs, and a wishbone chair adorned with a Shakespeare pillow.


Scandinavian design elements spicing up the Modern Oriental interiors

Eclectic Design Modern Oriental Interior

Photo courtesy of jamesvaughan via Pixabay

Your home should evolve along with your hobbies and interests. Interior designers Thor Balanon and Wilmer Lopez made changes to their 72sqm condo after having had traveled to the Netherlands, Denmark, and Sweden. The experience made them decide to give their Modern Oriental interiors a makeover. They added Scandinavian design elements and some quirky and fun details. Novelty wallpaper from Amsterdam replaced bare white walls. Floral patterns and two upholstered vintage chairs were also added in the foyer, and a cartoon skull print in the dining area. Egg chair and a Papa Bear armchair went to the dining room. All these add more character to the two-bedroom unit. A collection of toys from Thailand and Hong Kong, and framed Hans Christian Andersen and Andy Warhol prints complete the look of the eclectic interiors.

A wallpaper with psychedelic white, black and red flower print greets the homeowners and their guests at the foyer. The delightful blooms are complemented by the Andy Warhol poster with “All is Pretty” written on it. The phrase perfectly describes the place.


Exotic details from around the world

Eclectic Design Exotic Details

Photo courtesy of Ridderhof via Pixabay

Interior designer Frenjick Quesada used souvenirs from the homeowner’s work-related trips to Africa, Amman, Jordan, and Afghanistan to give a two-bedroom condo in Makati an eclectic makeover. The furniture and furnishings made from natural elements add even more international appeal to the bachelor’s pad. They also give the place an organic, earthy feel. The den has the most international feel to it, with a wall covered by prints of vintage, hand-painted maps. A gray seamless daybed leans against the wall, made even more interesting by mismatched pillows with varying patterns.

Frenjick took the challenge of drawing inspiration from the homeowners’ finds like the cardboard city cut-outs from Japanese Muji, colorful rugs, and a towering Afghan cabinet. More than just highlighting these items, he looked for the perfect pieces with right patterns, textures, and colors for an eclectic vibe that works. He compares eclectic designing to improvised acting. There is no prepared script and you work with what you have as you go. The result is a space that effortlessly charms.

Condo living has become increasingly popular due to the conveniences and efficiency it provides. The caveat is that condo room designs usually come in limited spaces and bland layouts. With the right dose of creativity, you can easily make your space as interesting as it can be. Even small condo spaces can bring out your many quirks. Eclectic condo design is especially ideal for people who have a wide range of interests. If you cannot choose a theme to focus on, going eclectic will allow you to get creative as you add in all the varying elements that catch your interest.


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