No Space, No Problem! Furniture on Wheels How-To for Your Home

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There is no doubt condo living offers a long list of benefits—from convenience when commuting within the metro—to availing of the complete amenities. The close proximity of condos to commercial establishments also makes them a practical choice for a residential enclave within the city. 

The only downside is the limited space available, hence the need to maximize the space given. Design experts, however, don’t see this as a problem. They came up with a quick fix by giving birth to the concept of furniture on wheels.

If you’re a condo homeowner who loves to rearrange things around the house often, you can never miss this as part of your home designing projects. While most of these furniture pieces fit the contemporary style, you can also refurbish some of your vintage pieces with DIY furniture ideas to create a more classical look.

In this article, you will learn how to convert your home’s essentials to furniture with wheels for more interesting condo DIY crafts to style your home and keep you busy. ]

A Step-by-step Guide on How to Add Wheels to Your Furniture

1. Determine the style you prefer

determine prefer stylePhoto courtesy of Terje Sollie via Pexels 

The wheels for the furniture are attached through a metal plate or stem. There are different types of casters to choose from, be sure you know what’s right for you and your style. There are casters such as those that come with a lock. You can use this if you want a piece of furniture to be stationary if you need it to be, and portable if you want to transfer it to another area. 

Check the bottom of the furniture to determine what type of wheels is suitable to use. Caster wheels with a metal plate style are appropriate to use on any piece of furniture with a flat bottom such as a solid trunk used as a table. Those with legs, such as a sofa or a chair, will function well with wheels that have stem-like plates. 

There are also casters for plastic furniture that run well on carpets but are also light-duty. More durable wheels are made of hard rubber wheel casters, which swivel in any direction for better mobility. 

2. Estimate the load capacity

estimate load capacityPhoto courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

The weight of the furniture with moving wheels is equally important in assessing what type of caster wheels are appropriate to carry a certain piece of furniture. You can check the weight capacity of the wheels on its packaging. If you’re wondering how to weigh pieces of furniture such as a sofa, you can call the manufacturer regarding the shipping weight. There are also weight estimators available online for you to use.

You can also calculate the weight, but go for the highest estimate, as you need to include additional weight. This includes the number of people who will use the furniture and the number of items placed on it such as electronics, tools, books, etc. 

When you have decided on the weight of the furniture, divide the number into four. Go for casters that are sturdy and support the divided weight to ensure safety for you, your family, and guests.

3. Attach the wheels with metal plates

attach wheels metal platesPhoto courtesy of Vecislavas Popa via Pexels

Turn the furniture upside down (bottom-up) and determine where to place the wheels. It is advisable to place them near the edge, preferably in the corners, to prevent it from tipping over or rocking. Placing them near the center will make the furniture unstable. 

Once you have decided on the location of the wheels, mark the spots by placing the plate with the screw hole. This will be your guide when pre-drilling and avoiding breaking or splitting the edge of the furniture. 

If you plan to drill on metal, use a special metal drill bit. For wooden furnishings, you can use a wood bit. Then fasten the metal plates with the screws that came in the package. They have to be appropriate to the material, to make sure they are securely attached.

4. Attach the wheels with stems

attach wheels with stemsPhoto courtesy of Huseyn Kamaladdin via Pexels

For the last step, you might want to do this outside your condo unit or even in your parking garage since this may disturb your neighbors. Other than that, you also need to know how to use a power drill or at least call someone who does know to do this last DIY step.

Since these wheels will be mounted through the stems, you will need pre-drilled holes in the appropriate mounting spot. They are usually at the center-bottom of every leg of sofas or chairs.

There are caster wheels that come with a two-part rod. One part is a separate rod sleeve while the other is a rod attached to the wheel. Start drilling the holes with the same size as the diameter of the rod sleeve, and the holes have to be 1/4-inch deeper than the actual length. 

The rod sleeve will then be tapped for every hole, and the rod with the wheels will be fitted onto it. If the rod doesn’t have a sleeve, drill holes in the appropriate part of the furniture. The hole has to match the diameter of the rod or the screw. Then tap every piece of rod for the wheel in the corresponding hole. 

Best Type of Furniture to Add Wheels

1. Coffee Tables

Painted coffee tables are a classic DIY condo trend you just can’t miss out on. Because of their versatile functions, you can move these to anywhere you like whenever you need it. They are used to display any type of decor and crafts, depending on the design of your choice.

2. Kitchen Furniture

kitchen furniturePhoto courtesy of Milly Eaton via Pexels

The kitchen will benefit a lot from movable pieces of furniture. It requires more furniture ideas, however, since most of the kitchen furniture pieces are built-in. If you want more versatility, you can opt for DIY projects, instead. A kitchen island with wheels can be a suitable option for your indoor and balcony design ideas. This will come in handy during indoor parties. 

3. Daybed

daybedPhoto courtesy of Victoria Borodinova via Pexels 

Your home decor must never miss a daybed. It’s an excellent addition to your home’s essentials, especially when entertaining guests. You can move it around to give yourself or your guests the privilege of witnessing nice sunsets or views from your home. It can also function as an additional bed during sleepovers.

4. Cardboard Storage Boxes

This can be a piece of DIY furniture in which you customize each box with multicolored designs and various prints. You can move these around to amp your bedroom’s decor or your living room. If you are moving out, this will help you save all the trouble from carrying heavy loads of items to your car.

Benefits of having furniture with mover wheels

  1. You can easily vacuum, sweep, and mop underneath the furniture.
  2. Floor plan versatility becomes endless, which is very important when you want to use a specific room for different social functions.
  3. Moving different sets of furniture around becomes hassle-free, even if they contain heavy loads. 
  4. Plywood walls on wheels is a perfect piece of furniture if you own a studio unit and yet want to divide portions of the room for privacy.
  5. You can maximize every nook in your home and save more space, anytime you need to. 
  6. Furniture with wheels for moving can also be transferred with ease to an outdoor setting for your small balcony. 

The design strategy of having furniture with wheels for moving offers countless possibilities for your home decorating needs. You don’t have to buy new pieces of furniture every time you want to change the look of your home. With caster wheels, your furniture projects are all doable while helping you save more money, time, and effort.


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