Interesting DIY Crafts to Keep You Busy in Your Condo

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Keeping yourself busy during your free time in your condo plays an important role in stimulating your brain and mind.

In fact, Arti Patel of The Huffington Post Canada cited an article from The Guardian attesting to the significance of an active brain. Patel wrote in The Huffington Post that a study revealed brain degeneration starts to occur at the age of 45.

So, how do you cleverly make the best out of condo living? As a DMCI Homes resident, where can you get interesting ideas for your boring condo weekend?

Condo DIY crafts can make you find ways to kill rainy day boredom.  Level up your brain power as you think out-of-the-box in making easy, yet interesting DIY projects in your condo.

Bookends as Bookshelves

Include your books as one of your materials when checking your list of condo DIY crafts. Have you ever looked at your books as more than just things that satisfy your quench for knowledge?

Indeed, it is possible for your books to hold another set of books, too. Use a screwdriver to put a book holder firmly on your living room’s wall. Have your bookends hold the other books that may be lying in disarray in your condo.

This DIY project will save you from having the need to buy a new bookshelf. If you’re not the hardware type of person, this project will be a new and practical concept that you can add to your storehouse of knowledge.

Nail Polish Colored Shoe Soles

Come up with colorful DIY ideas for your home . Make your old shoes look brand new. Paint the soles of a pair of old shoes with white and sky blue nail polish. Use a paint brush when painting the soles of your shoes to spread the color evenly. Surprise your friends by showing them shoes they never would have thought that you’ve had for ages.

Make a Lamp out of Plastic Spoons

Recycled spoons can be useful in letting you conceptualize unique condo DIY crafts you can do. Keep old plastic spoons you’ve gotten from your trips to fast food restaurants. Recycle a used sizable water bottle, too.

Assemble bulks of plastic spoons on the outer part of the water bottle. Attach the light bulb and an electrical plug in the interior and on the outer spots of the bottle, respectively. You’ll have a pretty lamp to keep you company in no time. Additionally, you do your part in making a contribution to save mother earth by recycling useful materials.

A Chipmunk Glove

When you can’t go out of your condo, why not get engrossed in making DIY crafts that can be done on a step by step basis? Doing this is better than sleeping all day in your condo while it’s raining.

Boost your memory skills by practicing turning a glove into a chipmunk. Level up your brain power by training yourself to remember complex step-by-step procedures.

An Extraordinary Stool

Making simple do it yourself home crafts gives sensational benefits, too. If you’d like to make a DIY stool within 5 or 10 minutes, take out your old magazines, belts, and a couch pillow. Assemble your magazines high atop each other. Afterwards, put the pillow on top of them. Then, strap all your magazines and pillow with two belts, and you produce a stool in an instant. Let your kids marvel on this extraordinary and handy stool while sitting on it.

A Purse Beyond Your Imagination

You’ve got it all wrong if you think pop tabs from empty soda cans are useless. Be the fashionista your friends will admire, without spending a fortune. Collect tons of pop tabs. Connect them together to form a purse you never thought can exist.

Tell Time on a DIY Clock

Don’t spend a fortune buying a clock, if you can help it. Instead, buy a DIY clock kit. Assemble the materials together to produce your personalized clock that works as great as if you bought it from a store.

A Candle Holder for Convenience

Candles come in handy during a power outage while the storm rages on. If a storm shuts down stores, running out of a candle holder becomes a problem. If you light up a candle without placing it in its holder, you put your condo at risk of catching fire.

Prepare in advance for the possibility of running out of a candle holder during a storm. Light up even when power is out. Use a glue gun to put the twigs on a transparent container to produce a candle holder.

Beautiful Memories Etched on a Pillow

DIY crafts come in handy, too, if cross-stitching is your favorite hobby. If you’re a stay-at-home mom in your condo, get a pretty picture of your family. Take it to a cross-stitch making shop to get a project pattern for it. Afterwards, cross-stitch your favorite photo on a couch pillow in your living room. Show your visitors the love you’ve got for your whole family that words can never express.

Fork and Spoon Cabinet Handles

Stir up your appetite for a hearty meal. Attract your visitors to having a cozy meal with you during the holidays. Have your fork and spoon serve as DIY kitchen cabinet handles. Glue will attach these utensils firmly on your cabinet within the day without any problem.

Plant on an Old Book

Don’t throw away an old book. Instead, put it to good use by planting an indoor plant on it. If you run out of an empty flower pot, use a book that’s got old yellowish pages to grow your plant in your condo. Put your tiny book planter easily in your bedroom to breathe healthier air that your plant will produce.

Make Your Cat Feel at Home

Add a personalized touch to your cat’s resting place in your condo. Build a cardboard cat castle creatively. As your pet’s owner, you know your pet more than anyone else. Decorate your DIY castle with your cat’s favorite things. For instance, you can put miniature mouse figures on your pet’s castle to let onlookers take a sneak peek on your beloved’s interests.

Colorful DIY Crayon Rainbow Canvas

Produce crafts to decorate your condo that will brighten up your kids’ mood. Cheer up your children if they’re having a bad mood by giving them a colorful crayon rainbow canvas as a present for behaving well. Let your kids relate the crayons and the rainbow’s colorful concept together to enable them to gain a practical aesthetic knowledge.

Protect Your Light Switch with a DIY Cover

Match the design theme of your condo with the fabric cover on your light switch. Attach the fabric to your light switch using a screw and Mod Podge glue. Create a perky look for your light switch, while protecting it from getting damaged easily.

A Troll Perfect for Halloween

Your kids will find a troll an entertaining toy during the upcoming Halloween season. Let your kids spend their time away from school fruitfully as Halloween approaches in a few days. Encourage them to make a troll in your condo using an empty toilet paper roll. Children will be proud of their achievement after they’ve finished making this adorable work of art.

Throw Pillows from Old Clothes

If you and your children have some old clothes that don’t fit anymore, put them to good use instead of throwing them in the trash. Use your old clothes, sewing machine, and art materials to make Monster Plushies throw pillows. These cute pillows will decorate your condo amazingly in time for the Halloween season.

An Owl Designed Empty Soda Bottle

Stand out from the rest of the condo dwellers. Instead of simply recycling your empty soda bottle, make an owl figurine from it in a span of a few hours. Display the owl figurine in your kids’ room to give it a cozy wildlife and nature environment feel.

A Giant Pillow for a Slumber Party

Liven things up more for your kids when they have their slumber party in your condo. Sew five pillow cases together with them to produce a giant body pillow. Let your kids boast to their friends in the party that they helped in making this excellent work of art. Train your kids to be patient, as this project may take a few days to complete.

Let these DIY crafts that you can do in your condo entertain and educate you and the rest of your family. Get better learning experiences by figuring out how to do these crafts independently. Having an additional knowledge is better than limiting yourself when it comes to learning new things.



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