Interesting Ideas for Your Boring Condo Weekend

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It’s the weekend and you have your condo all to yourself! If you plan to sleep all weekend,  resting sounds fine, but that also spells B-O-R-I-N-G! What ever happened to your wild wicked side? Spend your weekend over things in your condo that can get you high (not that kind of high, if you know what I mean).

Most of the condo in the Philippines such as DMCI Homes offer various amenities for their unit owners like pools, gyms, and even parks to alter the urban living one has. There are tons of interesting things you can do this weekend, go skydiving, pamper yourself, or why not  maximize your condo amenities by trying them all this weekend?

1. Soak and Swim

Have you ever wondered how many times you have swum in that swimming pool? You are paying monthly dues for this pool including its maintenance so go ahead and use it. According to, swimming actually decreases anxiety and depression like any other aerobic exercise. Take the plunge, a few laps and you’ll feel the rejuvenating sensation of water over your body.

2. Be Crafty

Ever heard of loombands? This new rubber band craze could surely turn your dull weekend into something interesting and could even be a source of additional income. Both adults and teenagers have tried been hooked up in this activity saying that it calms them, stimulates creativity, and gets kids off technology. You could buy these stuff in the market and with the help of Youtube, why don’t you try numerous designs and styles. You may also opt for other arts and crafts like making a dreamcatcher which you could use to level up your condo design.

3. Get Out of Your Social Media Box

Put down your cellphone and take away that laptop, it’s the weekend and you should have some fun! Though technology has been helpful to us in various ways, too much of it is bad for our health, mental and social well-being. Relying too much on cellphones robs us of the personal and physical interaction that we have with our friends. So get out of your social media box and start some real live chat with your friends. You may even opt to do some condo home improvement touches like organizing your condo closet or rearranging your furniture at home.

4. Spend Time with Your Family

Your weekdays of work may be as exhausting as listening to your mother scolding you but as you grow older, it should be best to keep your family close. Plan a dinner out with your family or a simple get together at your parent’s house would be great. If you already have a family of your own, try cooking something up like a picnic at the park. Remember, it does not have to be something expensive, it should be sincere and fun!

5.  Turn on Your Legs

Pump up your legs from longs hours of sitting in your office. Use the stairs and avoid the elevator to tone your legs and keep your body in shape at the same time. Other than that, the benefits of taking stairs improves your cardiovascular fitness, strengthens your musculoskeletal system, and even reduces your risk of heart attack, stroke, cancer, diabetes, and obesity. Besides, you have been busy all week and you may have this weekend to get your long overdue exercise. You have all the time in the world and you should make every second count.

6. Work Those Muscles

Most condominiums have their own gym complete with instructors to guide the tenants. Forget about spending a penny on gym subscriptions outside your comfort zone, as a condominium unit owner, you are paying your gym every month. So you might as well use it to your own advantage. Aerobic exercises keep you free from stress and anxiety. Studies have also shown that exercising makes you look years younger.

7. Sweat and Start the Morning Right

Weekends are a lot more fun when you start your day with a run. Research shows that running in the morning allows one to focus better on the tasks set for that day. Running in the morning could also quicken weight loss as it jumpstarts your body into burning calories faster throughout the day.

8. Feed Your Mind

Take that book, newspaper, magazine, and read! Nothing feeds the mind better than educating oneself with tons of books. It may be a boring activity but it stimulates the brain, consider this an activity for your brain and rest for your body.

9. Leave and Discover New Places

Make a list of places you want to go to and set a weekend trip with your friends. Weekends are not by any means spending solitude in a closed box, the world is too big to see and find time to go around them all. Take a hike, surf, or go rafting, there’s so much to see!

10. Grab Your Camera and Go for a Photo Walk

If you are a camera addict then this should be a regular thing but for those discovering new hobbies and interests, this one’s good for you! Take out your cellphone camera and be artsy, take photos of things and people around you. Don’t be mindful of the colors and the angles, not just yet. The purpose is to enjoy and appreciate moments captured on camera. If you have already got the hang of it then it’s time to level up and learn a few color combinations and angle tricks.

11. Food Trip!

If there’s anything one can do on a sunny weekend, it’s food trippin’! Filipinos have been known to have a wide array of  food ranging from street foods upto 5 star buffets. What’s more, there is always something new to discover everyday such as large burgers, spicy hot wings, lechon belly, chicken balls, healthy vegan stuff, and wasabi ice cream. Whatever your taste buds may like, there will surely be one food that you will fall and drool for.

12. Meditate

Meditation is a form of deep relaxation involving both your mind and body. Relaxation increases your immunity, emotional balance, increased fertility, lowers blood pressure, and finally induces calmness. A study at the Ohio State University revealed that progressive muscular relaxation, when practised daily, reduced the risk of breast cancer recurrence. While another study found that relaxation exercises boosted natural cells resistant to tumours and to viruses.

13. Container Gardening

Who said you cannot garden in your condo? Container gardening is gaining popularity all over the country. With just a few plastic pots, seeds, and fertilizers here and there, you are all set to have your mini garden. Some owners even explore vertical gardening since it could keep up with any condo design and is one of the cool things you can do to your condo.

14. Catch up with Your friends

Being too busy at work hinders you from catching up with old and close friends. Make time for them this weekend over a cup of coffee, a movie, or dinner. There’s no worry if they refuse, you could always reschedule.

Weekends should never spell out boring to anyone! It would be a disgrace to spend your weekend home alone sulking in your condo. Hopefully these ideas will give you a hint on how to spend your weekend. Don’t limit yourself to these ideas. Remember to plan ahead, be creative, be resourceful and you will surely have a rewarding weekend ahead.




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