Your 2015 Guide To A Prosperous New Year

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2014 is truly one roller-coaster ride for many.  The year was filled with good and bad days that Filipinos will surely cherish no matter what.  And as 2014 says its farewell, it is only fair to look back and reflect on the things that made the year unforgettable.  You may want to throw out some old habits or settle some overdue disputes with long-time friends.  Either way, just consider these as your preparation to welcome the New Year with a clear mind and a loving heart.  To help you do so, here are some of the things that you may want to consider before 2015 arrives.  You can think of it as part of your New Year plans and resolutions that will help you get through 2015 smoothly.


Green your Lifestyle

As the popular saying goes, “Health is Wealth.”  So in 2015, you may want to live your life a bit healthier and greener, instead of your usual living-by-the-edge routine.  You can start by drinking more water, at least 8 glasses per day.  Eat more vegetables and cut down on your calories.  Get more exercise or even enroll yourself to a gym course with your friends.  If possible, refrain from putting up all-nighters, may it be for work or leisure.  Get plenty of sleep to help your body recharge.  And most importantly, visit your physician once in a while and have yourself checked, even though you can’t stand the idea of going to a hospital.  Doing all of these will ensure your well-being throughout 2015.

Go Outdoors

In 2015, make sure that your body sees more physical action.  Make it a habit to go on adventures with your family and friends every now and then.  Go trekking or hit the beach.  Set camp and build a bonfire.  Nothing beats the feeling of being with your loved ones, after all.  You may also want to travel abroad and appreciate the beauty of another land.  Do something you have never experienced before and create new memories.

But if you only have the weekend to do these activities, you may go for walks in the park or visit the amusement park instead.  Explore the vicinity of your condo and discover new hole-in-the-wall restaurants. Do activities that will force you to move a muscle or two.  Just make sure not to push yourself too much as you don’t want any injuries for 2015.


Heal your Mind and Soul

A good way to welcome the New Year is to grant forgiveness.  You may want to settle that score with an old-time frenemy once and for all.  Forgive the people who have hurt you the most.  Forgive that friend who has let you down.  Just let the anger and hatred go.   Remember that you are not doing this for anyone but yourself.  In a way, forgiving is a healing process that helps you free yourself from all the hang-ups you have from the previous year.  It helps you move forward.


Pay your Respects

When was the last time you went to your grandparents’ house?  Remember when you were little how fondly they hold you in their arms until you fall asleep?  Maybe 2015 is a good year to go see them again.  Always remember to value and respect the elder members of the family.  They hold more wisdom than anyone in the household.  Besides, you’ll surely return home like a sweepstake’s grand winner, not to mention the little take-home treats from your grandma.


Take the Risk

Well not that you have to put your life in danger or what, but 2015 would be more meaningful if you finally decided to go out of your comfort zone.  Learn to play a musical instrument, say a guitar or a piano, or you could even play a new sport with your buddies.  Take that baking class with your sister or go skydiving with your brother.

But on a more serious note, 2015 may be a good year to put up that fruit shake business you always wanted.  Or maybe this is the year that you will finally settle down and tie the knot with your fiancé.  The New Year is filled with opportunities, you just have to seize the right moment.


Be Grateful

Now this is not entirely exclusive for the coming year.  Each day, you have a lot of things to be thankful for.  Maybe you got a perfect score from your Math test, or you got a “Good Job!” note from your boss.  Or better yet, your dad got that promotion he truly deserved.  And no matter how ugly things may turn out, be grateful.  This attitude will surely bring you one step closer to becoming the better version of yourself.  There are gazillion reasons to be always grateful in life, and you just have to see the beauty of it.


Meet New People

Ever heard of the saying, “Tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are?”  Well cliché as it may sound, but that saying holds truth to it somehow.  For 2015, surround yourself with positive, happy people.  Not that you have to forget the old people in your life, but maybe it is time to make spaces for the new ones.

Establish connection with people in your industry.  You may find this difficult at first but you will need to start somewhere, right?



Now this could be the most critical part.  The New Year should be the beginning of your transformation.  The change you can never avoid.  The important thing is that you do this with a plan.  Start by listing all the changes in your life you want to happen for 2015 (or even beyond).  This will help you prioritize the truly relevant things in your life.  Do not be afraid to let go.

Your view on things will be the key to this.  Imagine yourself 5 to 10 years from now.  How do you look? Who are you with? What do you have?  Then get the list and slowly cross out all the things that are not in your vision.  Just make sure that you are rational enough to grasp reality.

As 2015 approaches, may you find hope and joy in yourself.  Welcome the New Year wholeheartedly with no inhibitions whatsoever.  Just remember to keep your calm and focus all the time.  And with the help of this simple checklist, you can definitely greet the New Year with a big blast.



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