Keeping Your Condo In Tip-top Shape


The Year of the Sheep has just arrived. With this New Year comes great opportunities to start anew and begin changes. Of course, one excellent way to kick-off these changes is to personally inspect your homes to ensure that all things are properly functional and in order. You can do this as a means to guarantee the well-being of your family and loved ones.

In the Philippines, condo living has become a popular trend among many. And just like your regular house and lot, it is very important to have your condominiums checked every now and then to make your condo living experience more convenient and safe. Now to help you carry out this task, here are some practical and critical tips that you may consider to keep your home in great shape.

Look Up

Although condominiums are relatively much smaller than regular houses, you still want to live under a good roof (or ceiling for that matter). Always watch out for those tiny cracks that may lead to major problems later on. You can never be too cautious about this since your life and the lives of those you love will definitely be in grave danger if you disregard having those cracks and curls fixed. You can ask professionals to do some repairs depending on the damage of your ceilings.

Check Your Plumbing

This may be a good time to know why your sink is always clogged every time you wash the dishes. Or why the water runs weak each time you turn the faucets on. Remember that changing faucets is not as difficult as it may look, although it may be very time-consuming.

What you can do is to ask the friendly salesman at the hardware some instructions on plumbing, and faucet installation to be specific. You can also search online for DIY guides on house repair and maintenance. There is always a section dedicated to plumbing. But if all things fail, you can always hire a professional plumber to get the job done.

Bathroom Comfort

This time, pay some attention to your bathrooms. Maybe some pipes are already leaking and your toilets and tubs have cracks already. But not only that, you can also do some aesthetic checks on your bathroom design. You may want to replace those tiles, change the bathroom curtains, or even do some repainting. Make sure that you attend to the tiniest repairs to avoid more costly ones in the future.

Wiring And Connections

This is one area that you should give more time attending to. There may already be faulty electrical connections in your condo, or as the popular saying goes, “an octopus connection,” which needs some fixing. Never be too complacent about your wirings, even if everything seems fine. Make sure that the wire cables are not yet damaged from rat bites and scratches. Always remember that most fire accidents are caused by faulty electrical wiring. This should be more than the motivation you need to do some electrical repair.

Ventilate And Insulate

Although air-conditioning is quite trendy when it comes to condo living, you should also consider other means of ventilation. This way, you save more money on your electric bills and practice energy conservation.

One thing you can do is to open your windows once in a while, especially during the night when the air is much cooler. But make sure to be careful doing this since you don’t want accidents to happen, especially if you have kids in your condo. You can also buy more electric fans which consume less electricity than air-conditioning.

Beyond ventilation, you can also check if your homes are well insulated. A well-insulated condominium unit is cool during warm seasons, and warm during cold ones. If you really want to save money on your electricity bills, then make sure you have an insulated home.

Remodel Or Renovate

Depending on the size your family has become, it wouldn’t hurt to do some condo renovation. Your kids may need wider spaces for themselves as they are becoming bigger each day. Or maybe you need to do some major house repainting to match 2015’s lucky color. Just bear in mind that remodeling your home should be in complete necessity and not just for luxury.

But if remodeling your condo seems next to impossible, given the smaller space you can work with, well then you can always improvise. Resort to using bunk beds to utilize more room space. Buy smaller furniture and housewares. Doing these will provide more moving space and comfort for you and your family.

Hire A Contractor

If you do not have the time to personally attend to your home repair and maintenance, you can always hire a professional contractor to do all the dirty work for you.

Hiring a contractor will give you higher assurance that the repair and maintenance of your homes are done smoothly and accurately. Make sure to get a skilled contractor first before signing anything.

Doing some condo repair and maintenance is one priority that everyone must pay attention to. Your home is the sanctuary keeping your loved ones safe and sound. Hence, you must always see to it that your homes are always conducive to promoting a healthy and harmonious relationship among family members.

Do not solely aim for aesthetics and consider comfort above anything else. Create a suitable environment that will hone your family’s overall development. These short but crucial tips in ensuring that your units are well-conditioned can be quite a helpful guide to carry out the task more effectively.


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