Stylish Nostalgia: Going Granny Chic in your Condo

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“Looks like your grandma’s dresser” is not an insult. Not everything chic is contemporary and modern; vintage has always been in. The 21st century homeowner must know that our grannies knew what they were thinking when they bought the handcrafted dresser, knitted runner, and quilted chair.

Modern-day designers call it granny chic—vintage, classic, nostalgic. You can get all granny chic in creating your condo room design and get that pleasant harmony of the past and the present in your own little home. If you are not comfortable with some of the details, you can always recreate and redesign them to suit your personality and your space.

There are many ways on how to incorporate granny chic design in the condo unit. From the pieces, materials, colors, and feel, you can always customize it. Make it so good that your grandkids in the future will think their granny has the best taste in everything.


Flowers on the wall

Do not be so quick to judge that floral wallpaper. You’d think it is too much for any room. But wallpaper is a focal point in the granny chic revolution, and floral patterns are always admired and loved. The question is: how do you revive it?

For the living room, always go for a plain, neutral couch to go up against the floral wall. You may also set up a coffee table against it and put on some modern lamp or vase. Same rule applies in the bedroom. Go plain on your headboard, sheets, and night table. Remember that the floral wallpaper is the star and you should not eclipse it.


Patterns and prints on the floor

Floral patterns and fussy prints are not only for the wall, they can look great down on the floor. Visit a random vintage shop and you are likely to get one of those overly-decorated carpets. They certainly look homey and comforting, which are what you are aiming for when designing for small spaces such as condominiums. Pair it with a modern couch or center table and you are surely going to get away with this all-time granny favorite.


Oh, those precious china 

Do you remember how your granny used to protect her china? She would put them in pretty glass cabinets and won’t allow anyone near them. If she passed them on to you, she must have really adored you. But what are you going to do with them? Well, you can always use them to impress guests, or you can put them up on the wall or in a gallery of sorts where everybody can admire them. Mount them like a beautiful art collection and then decorate with modern pieces to bring out the “chic” in your granny design.


Reviving the antique

Whether it is an antique dresser or a rusty old-looking mirror, you can always mix and match them to fit your place. How about placing that mirror atop the vintage dresser right in your hallway or entry way? A potted plant or a modern knick-knack on the table will balance things off. This will naturally create the granny chic vibe.


Keeping it Roman

Contemporary designs usually go for the modern blinds. But a spot-on guide to granny chic condo design would tell you to drop the blinds for roman shades in dressing up your living room or kitchen windows. Floral patterns and oriental prints are the way to go. You could also throw in a vintage rug for a more authentic granny feel.


Printed upholstery

Granny chic means upholstered furniture. Sofas and chairs come in pretty patterns, which typical contemporary designers may find too much. But with the proper balance of color and texture in the living room, they should work perfectly with every design detail.


Warm with crochet

Granny chic is big on crochet and knitting. Why not dress up your dull sofa with crocheted throw pillows? You may also add some throw blankets for some drama. The baby’s crib is also a good place for those crocheted stuff.


Vinyl and all that jazz

all that jazz

Photo courtesy of Unsplash via Pixabay

Those classic long-playing vinyl records and turntables effortlessly bring back memories of the good old days. Achieving a granny chic condo design is easier if you have one of these. Use an old suitcase as base.


Love affair with books

Stack up some classic books in your living room bookshelf. Your granny surely loved the smell and feel of every page as she turned them. You could also use the books as design pieces.


Candlesticks for dinner

Candlesticks are very common in our granny’s place. Casual dinners are made elegant and special because of them. If you do not feel like putting them on the dinner table, line them up in a décor table somewhere. They immediately add warmth to every space.


Knitted baskets

How about a knitted basket in your bathroom for your towels or magazines? Or a knitted tray for your fruits? Granny chic designs pay homage to old-fashioned decors such as these. Have a place for them in your condo. They are a good balance to the city dweller’s abode.


That old rocking chair

What should you do with that old wooden rocking chair? You can have it upholstered for added comfort and make it a central piece in your living room design. You may also want to repaint it with a bolder and more fun color. You could also use them in the baby’s room or nursery if you want to be comfortable while rocking your little one to sleep.


Keeping knick knacks

Cuckoo clocks, old telephones, old stereos, and vintage souvenir items are always good additions to any chic condo. Their charm is simply timeless. Place them in strategic areas around the condo for a consistent granny chic vibe.


Black and white memories

There’s a reason why mobile camera apps allow you to edit your photos in black and white or sepia. They look so timeless, don’t they? Black and white photos remind us of Hollywood glam. And the truth is that all photos look more elegant using vintage tones. Capture granny chic in your condo by putting those old, black and white photos of your family in modern frames and turning them into conversation pieces when you entertain guests.


Fresh flowers for the win

You could never go wrong with fresh flowers. Back in the day, accents made of plastic and synthetic materials barely existed. People always choose fresh greens and flowers any day. When designing a granny chic condo, do not forget to add a potted plant or a vase of flowers. They make any room look brighter and lighter.

The granny chic interior design trend is likely to stay. After all, designing a home is something personal. And marrying the past with the present is something very ideal, whether at home or with how people live their lives.

There are so many other ways to redesign your condo to match your every mood shift. Explore how DMCI condos can be the perfect palettes for this kind of self-expression.


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