Top 5 Fashion Trends For Your Little Ones


It takes just one look at how Suri, Tom and Katie’s daughter, dresses up to totally question your own fashion sense. One look at her and you know you’re doing something wrong, matching lace and fur or velvet and silk. Kids’ fashion sense today is through the roof, unique, cool, and spot on.

Little boys and girls like to play dress up. And proud parents like dressing them up. The brand of children’s fashion has certainly evolved over years of media and society’s influence. It’s not just all about being cute, fun, and colorful. It’s also about material, mixing and matching, and even making a statement. In so many ways, what children wear also speaks about freedom and a sense of self-awareness. In fact, a University of Leicester study echoes this sentiment. In so many ways, what they choose to wear also frames who they are and how they should feel about themselves. Raising kids in a condo allows parents to immerse their children in a healthy and safe community where they, with their peers, foster a genuine sense of belonging.

 Are you still one of those parents who are stuck with pink-for-girls and blue-for-boys kind of fashion sense for your little tots? Are you still all about cute and colorful dresses for girls and a comfortable t-shirt for boys? Maybe you need to hit refresh and get updated with these 2016 fashion trends for kids.


Just like adults, but cuter

Just like adults

Photo courtesy of pixabay via Pexels

Kids like being adults. It is always amusing to watch little girls wear their mothers’ oversized heels. It is also very adorable to watch fathers shave as their little boys look on or pretend to be shaving their non-existent beard too. And so it is also common for kids to duplicate the fashion trends of adults. Open a little girl’s closet today and you can find a blazer or a cardigan. They have scarves and button-down shirts. They have mini-trench coats and cute boots. They have skirts and dresses that if were made a little bigger could be worn by a typical office girl.

Parents may get a little emotional when their toddlers “grow up so fast,” choosing from a wide selection of grown up clothing that actually look good on them. But it is also somewhat refreshing. When boys dress up like young men with their khaki pants, polo shirts and cool watches and belts, they look like college men, only less ridiculous.

Of course, there are people who do not like seeing kids dressed like miniature adults. But this trend is not going away anytime soon.


Trendy and comfy fabrics

Choice of fabric for the latest children’s clothes is also undergoing a revolution. These days, it’s no longer just elaborate dots and stripes. These days, fabric designs are more thematic. Sea creatures, flowers, and travel can be incorporated really well in children’s clothing.

But while printed and patterned fabrics are still common choices for kids, more neutral designs are also gaining ground. Minimalist fabrics and designs are starting to take over the kiddie fashion market.

Cotton and linen are still the most popular materials as they are the most comfortable. But that doesn’t mean kids cannot sport some lace, silk, embroideries, cashmere, knitwear, and ribbons. Corduroy is also becoming kid-friendly. And leather, too. As most condos are conveniently close to major shopping centers, parents have an easier time to browse for the latest fabrics!


Going classic with denim

Going classic with denim

Photo courtesy of StockSnap via Pixabay

Denim will never go out of style. Fashion trends then and now always included denim, sometimes with some twist and added funk, but it has always been there. Sometimes it’s ripped and sometimes there’s some print, but denim just the same. Whether your style is classic or rock, there’s a perfect denim for you.

And there’s also denim for children. It most probably is the type of clothing they will subscribe to for the rest of their adult life. Aside from denim pants, there’s also the denim jacket that looks really cool on them. There’s also colored denim for a more vibrant and fun get-up.


Finding fun in neutral and warm colors

neutral and warm colors

Photo courtesy of pixabay via Pexels

Every now and then, little girls would like to dress up as Barbie or a fairy. Little boys would be so excited to sport their superhero costumes sans parties. Every now then, girls like to don a rock princess look while boys adopt a sporty look.

But for their everyday, casual look, neutral is becoming even more popular. Parents start to appreciate neutral and warm colors as much as they adore pink and blue. Shades of white and black look really good on kids. Beige, for example, looks very classy and comfortable when worn by little girls. And have you ever seen a little boy in a white long-sleeved shirt or a black coat? These neutral tones manage to look young and fun when incorporated in children’s fashion.


Accessorizing is everything

Popular fashion for kids in 2016 will not be complete without accessories. You would be surprised at how well kids can accessorize. Little girls know how to carry a clutch or a sling bag. Boys have a way with suspenders and belts. And don’t forget the head pieces. For girls, there are headbands, ribbons, and hats. For boys, well a baseball cap or a cowboy hat would look so adorable too.

And boy, do they love shoes. Girls can go from sneakers to low heels. They are also starting to get more serious, with less of those ribbons and patterns. Boys can get comfy with rubber shoes and a little formal with a leather pair. Whatever footwear they choose, children are surely going to rock it.

Little boys and girls can rock the funky look or a layered look, and still look too cute as princesses and little cowboys. Kids’ fashion is fun even when it gets a little serious. Do not worry too much about them growing up too fast. Cherish those dress-up years and have as much fun as you can with your little ones. Spoil them with shopping sprees in malls next to your condo community. Do not limit your imagination and don’t limit theirs. The years when kids are so engrossed with fashion and how their ribbons or bow ties look are the fun years. And you know what’s even more fun? Looking back at the memories of style and craziness years from now.



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